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Dog foods / How to gain weight without over-feeding?
« on: Nov 14, 2018, 19:16 »
Our 18 month GSD is consistently slightly under-weight by approx 5kg.  He's very stable at 35kg and we think 40kg would be about right for his build and ancestry (sire and dam were both very large build)

We've tried various very high quality (high protein ratio) dried foods and none seem to put the weight on him. We're currently on Eden. We feed him 3 times daily rather than 2 as we were told that if feeding above recommended levels this will help digestion. However if I increase the quantity his motions become very soft and still no weight gain, presumably because the increased quantity is not being properly digested.

His energy and activity levels are well above average for the breed. In every way he is extremely happy and healthy, apart from being slightly underweight and with a tendency to loose stools.

The vet has given him blood and fecal tests with no adverse results, and we've also tried exclusion diets without discovering any evidence of intolerance.

Should I increase quantity of kibble by another 10% even though this appears not to be properly digested and loosens motions? Should I try substituting say 20% of his food with some "poor quality" (high carb) but grain-free food as a supplement? Should I add fats/oils to his kibble? Should I just accept I have a scrawny, bony dog as he's happy and healthy in all other respects?

Any advice would be much appreciated as the vet has run out of ideas. Thanks.

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