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I want to try giving my greyhound raw carrots, as I've heard they can help to keep their teeth clean. I am slightly concerned about him choking on them, as he eats his food without chewing it.

He has had around a dozen teeth removed (greyhounds are notorious for having poor teeth). I know people will say I should brush them, but he hates having his mouth touched. I give him CSJ seaweed and parsley, which is supposed to be good for helping reduce plaque and tartar.

I presume that I would give him a whole peeled carrot, after cutting off the ends. I think that would be safer than cutting them into large pieces. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

Hello all. I have been using this great website recently to improve my dogs diet, and have found it invaluable. I have discovered brands of food that I would never have come across otherwise, that are far better in quality than I used to feed.

My dog, Alfie, is a lovely 10 year old greyhound, and it's an absolute pleasure to be owned by him! He's really friendly, sweet and very happy, and loves everyone, person or dog. He's got a great personality and makes me smile. He's pretty much the perfect dog to "own", as greyhounds generally are. Luckily he seems to be in really good health for his age, and behaves like a much younger dog. He has plenty of energy for an elderly greyhound, and loves his walks (and loves rides in the car even more). I can't recommend retired greyhounds enough, they're so sweet, gentle, loving, lazy and easy-going. He's the fourth one I've had, that's how much I love them. Also there are unfortunately so many looking for homes, so you're spoilt for choice at greyhound rehoming kennels.

Unlike most people who have dogs, my problem is keeping weight on him. I have tried about 14 brands/varieties of dog food, so no-one can say I haven't tried. The other problem is that the vast majority of dog foods cause him to poo a lot, and it is pretty soft so difficult to pick up.

I have realised that chicken doesn't suit him, as his poo is worst on chicken based food. He is better on lamb or salmon, and rice and oats seem to suit him better than corn. I have avoided foods which contain wheat, as I know that's not good. I was feeding him on Skinners Field and Trial Salmon and Rice, and this was one of the best for him, both in maintaining his weight, and in terms of what comes out the other end. In time though, after reading about how important high meat content is, and grains not being good for dogs, I wanted to change him onto something of better quality.

I found Millies Wolfheart through this site, and am very impressed by the quality of ingredients in their food, and the price seems to be about the best for this calibre of food. I contacted them and was advised to avoid turkey based food, as because it comes from the same group as chicken, he is probably sensitive to turkey too. They also told me to go for one of their mixes that is higher in carbs to help him put on weight, in their 50/50 range. I chose the Gundog Mix which has trout, lamb and white fish as the sources of protein. It's £38 for 12kg, so quite reasonable value. I have a slight reservation though that the level of protein should be a bit higher than in this variety, having read on here about the importance of high protein. I thought I might buy one of their higher protein mixes to add to the Gundog Mix. He's been having it for a week or two, and really loves it. He is producing a fair bit less poo, as I hoped he would.

I was wondering whether there is anything else I can do to put weight on him, as he lost a couple of kilos on the previous food I tried. Would it help to add some oil to the food, such as olive oil, or is vegetable oil not a good idea? I read somewhere that lard should help, but as (I think) it comes from beef, I would imagine that it might not be good as many dogs are sensitive to beef.

Sorry for the length of this post, but I wanted to add all the relevant info.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

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