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Hi I wondered if anyone has had a runny bottom on Fish option of The Natural Dog Food Company? I've been trying it for just over a week now and everytime I get up to 40% new food Jack gets a bit of a runny bottom and seems to feel off colour. He was on Trusty for years from the rescue but was fine on it. He then had JWB turkey and seemed OK on that but retches a bit after eating and is very hungry. So I wanted to feed a dry with higher rating and the natural dog food company sounded ideal. Help!

Hello everyone!

OK, this is the score, we had Jack from the RSPCA about a year ago. He was then on Trusty beef which I stuck with because it seemed to suit him and let's face it it was cheap. For a while now he's settled in I've been meaning to upgrade to a healthier food. We needed some this weekend but without warning the RSPCA don't sell Trusty anymore so I have been plunged into a decision urgently.

All I could get within one day was what the Vets recommended, James Wellbeloved Turkey Adult and Fish Adult. Now he loves fish and loves both these foods. Mind you he will eat almost anything! He's totally food mad and we struggle to keep his weight down. Aswell as dry I feed a carrot a day, a small bit of tomato, brocolli and cabbage, along with a tiny bit of cheese/egg. He's 25kg and a collie/gsd cross.

Yesterday I went to our local pet shop, pet and farm place, and they had a lovely looking food called Dr Greens - cheaper than JWB and the ingredients looked top notch. Came home to compare on here and it's not listed. Please could someone tell me if this is better than JWB? I saw the Eden Holistic and wonder whether to order that online too? But now he has 2 new types of food due to us running out.

Please help! Thanks! Woof!

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