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Hi, I used this website to find a good food for my new puppy before we got her which I think is working out ok (Eden).
I also came across a ‘puppy pack’ from another company (Forthglade) not found by looking here but it looked very good so bought some to try.
Our puppy is only 10 weeks old but does seem to go pretty nuts and very aggressive after eating any of the forthglade products...wet food, cold pressed and really seems more than just puppy behaviour and we have been quite shocked.
I have tried searching for anything linking this food to any aggressive behaviour but haven’t found anything.
I thought I’d ask here as maybe someone has had any experiences.
She is eating 4 small portions of kibble a day and has treats to help with training.
She has loads of energy. Prefers kibble over wet food. Has a small amount of porridge and scrambled egg for breakfast most days.
Is not a great eater.
The aggression has always happened in the afternoon.
We shall start with holding any forthglade products and would appreciate any advice regarding feeding.

Many thanks for your time.

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