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I hope this is the right place for this, apologies if it is not.

Please can someone help my beautiful girl Inca who has had the most horrific start in life and really needs some TLC to make her few remaining days a little easier on her.

Inca has an Intra Hepatic Porto Systemic Shunt of the Liver and suffers from Hyperammonaemia and Addisons disease. But she is the most amazing, loving dog you could ever wish to meet and I love her with all my heart.

We rescued Inca from an absolute hell hole where she had been used as a bait animal and fed on sugar water, unfortunately what we had initially thought to be malnuturion turned into being something much much worse.

Incas prognosis is terminal, the very best dog liver specialist here in the UK (who is 340 miles away from us) has said that the shunt is inoperable and we need to make her as comfortable as possible.

The problem I am having is feeding her, when we got her just a month ago she was 16 weeks old and had never chewed solid food. We taught her how using porridge. Now she is such a fussy eater and just will not eat dry food and only wants sugar rich porridge which is very low in proteins.

When we feed her chicken breast intended for humans she is happier for 10 mins before collapsing with toxic blood from the protiens.

The saddest part is watching her eat knowing in an hour you will lose her for 12 hours and she will just be spaced out and comatose.

Inca deserves a good life, and I am going to move mountains to give her it. But I need some help with the nutrition side of things.

If I feed her a dairy or vegetable based diet very low in protein but high it nutrients I could give Inca a normal life for upto five years. If things carry on as they are I will lose her in a few weeks.

Please can you connect me to any nutritionist you may know, or provide some guidance on the foods to feed Inca.

Thank you in advance for any help you can offer my beautiful girl.

Kind regards

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