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Raw feeding / Puppy weaned on raw, transitioning off?
« on: Mar 31, 2019, 21:13 »
Hi, so we have a lovely 10 week old cavapoochon puppy who's been weaned on raw food and we are currently feeding him raw complete minces from DAF as per the breeder's advice. He was weaned on a raw diet.

He seems to do well on this food and mostly like it, although I would say he's not super into it - he's generally food motivated and responds well to treats but he's not obsessed with them. Often we'll put his food down (we're feeding him 3 x per day) and he will check it out but won't gobble it up, so after 10 mins we put it back in the fridge till his next meal time

Anyway - as much as we like and support the benefits of raw feeding, we also live in a flat with one small kitchen: one fridge, one worksurface and one sink. It feels really hard to maintain proper hygiene. We keep his food in special containers and only serve his meals in his crate, but he goes in and gets mouthfuls of stuff and drags it out onto the floor, gets blood/juice all over his face and paws, and then patters around the flat, plays with it and then licks us. It's not practical or healthy to shampoo his face and paws twice a day, I think?!

We've been washing our hands and clothes pretty strictly but my partner and I have both had upset stomachs at least once since we brought him home.

We also don't really know how to manage a balanced raw diet beyond feeding him the pre-prepared complete minces. And would love to be able to encourage him training wise by hand feeding his meals (which seems totally impractical with a handful of raw mince) or putting part of his daily allowance in Kongs etc, which would then help with crate training - also impractical with raw minces, and so far he has shown zero interest in peanut butter, goats milk yoghurt, etc.

Should we consider moving away from raw to a high (highest) quality alternative diet eg Orijen or Akela? How should we approach the transition
- phasing new food in or sudden switch from raw to not-raw? I don't want to upset his little tum when potty training is going so well! We just want the best for our pup but it seems like there's pros and cons to everything.

Agh - so hard - all advice welcome!!

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