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Introductions / new on the forum
« on: May 14, 2019, 22:21 »

Hope everyone is fine today :)

Let me to introduce myself.I am the owner of 1 year-old lively golden retriever.Her name is Clover and she is very important  part my family now.
I would like to ask you straight away about feeding.I changed a dry food and i am not sure what amount of food I should give for Clover.
I used complete dry food from I bought Lucullus cold pressed dry food. I was giving her 3 cups per day till March.After that the company tail recommended 4 cups per day.I think that is too much for her from Lucullus food.This food looks more `rich` for me.I started from 3 cups again.She is about 30 kg now.Please give me some advice guys :D



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