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Hello, I am looking for some help regarding finding a suitable (ideally dry) dog food for my Poogle (Beagle x Miniature Poodle) aged 2.
She has allergies to various foods, professionally tested via vets lab test.

The report states that she is highly allergic to (0 low to 5 very high);

Corn (5)
Beet Pulp (4)
Lamb (4)
Barley (3)
Potato (3) - sweet potato is ok
Rice (3)
Beef (3)
Pork (3)
Soybean (3)
Chicken (3)
Turkey (3)
Venison (3)
Ostrich (3)
Rabbit (2)
Salmon (2)
Cows Milk (2)
Egg (2)
Duck (2)
Tuna (2)
Wheat (2)
Millet (2)

White Fish (1)
Oat (1)

So based on that we are looking for something probably WHITE FISH & SWEET POTATO based avoiding anything with a (3) or above.
It's prooving a little difficult to find an actual dog food, it might be that we need to make meals but hoping we can find a bagged food that has little of the high numbers. Price isn't an issue if we can find something right for her, she is about 10kg and could do with maybe losing 1kg over time.

Can anyone help? We've looked at loads of food and their ingredients and they all somewhere seem to contain something. I understand that most foods are likely to contain something but if we can find something with as low as possible a reaction number that would be a big help.

Thanks guys!


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