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Hi All. I'm trying to choose a new food for our 18 month old cockerpoo. She gets some acid reflux and we can't quite get her stools right (sometimes too hard/sometimes too soft) and settle her on one range for long.
I'm very distracted by the protein dial for ratings of each food. But how low is too low? Up to now I've always gone for foods that show a reasonably high protein level. But info online suggests she might benefit from lower protein levels. However looking at some of those foods it seems like you're paying for a load of rice
 or potato and although I've no objection to that in itself, I feel like I've no idea how low you can go on the protein percentage / dashboard dial before you're not giving your dog quite what they need to be healthy. Plus if I'm replacing protein with carbs then is she just going to be bounding with even more energy than now?
Obviously I'm looking at ratings for fat, fibre etc too. Plus considering what meats are used. But thoughts on how low is too low for protein would be appreciated!

Is there a rough guide as to how much oatmeal and how often it might be fed? I realise all dogs will vary but some range to work within for an 8kg puppy would be helpful. I've just looked around for this but can only find people saying 'a little' which is a bit vague for my overly-pedantic mind!

Thanks. That's all really useful.

Hi all,
Our 7 month old cockerpoo got bored with Royal Canin kibble so we switched to Wellness Core Puppy. For a few days she was excited by that but the interest wore off. We can get her to eat by playing games with the kibble, microwaving it for increased smell and at times mix it with a bit of Royal Canin Intestinal wet food. But she's never really excited by meal times, it takes lots of effort to get her to focus on the food and I worry she's not eating enough (her weight is fine but would it be if we didn't make such an effort)?

She loves her treats that we are sparing with - Nature Diet and especially any Fish4Dogs things. On the occasions we've done scrambled egg for her then she's really keen on that too.

I'm wondering about switching to wet food and if people's experience is that their dogs show more appetite with that? But also I've been used to comparing dry food using this amazing website and have looked for foods where the dashboard dials show moderate for fat and fairly high for fibre (to help with good toileting). What's confusing me is that when I look at the dashboard dials for wet foods then they all tend to show 'higher than average' for fats and 'lower than average' for fibre.

Can anyone give me any guidance on these points or other thoughts you might have. As I'd love to feel that meal times were an eagerly awaited treat for our puppy and she would trot over to the bowl full of excitement - rather than look at us as she does now as if to say 'is that it'?

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