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Dog foods / Re: Advice wanted re food for three dogs
« on: Sep 21, 2020, 07:53 »
Hi Dottie! Thanks for responding. Do you know if this type of food
Is available to buy online
Or what shops it can be bought from?
 I think I’m
Going to give it a try x

Dog foods / Re: Advice wanted re food for three dogs
« on: Sep 19, 2020, 10:06 »
Over the last few years I have tried the the wet grain free wainwrights trays which I was tempted to try again. I switched from this to go for raw duck and tripe with 20% bone and sometimes mixed with oatmeal so it was nice and warm for them but again I didn't feel it was giving the dogs what they needed. I have tried the tinned wet tripe which just makes my dogs have the runs. Dry kibble is the one I am looking to go as when I work long days and my sister looks after my dogs it is easier for her to do ( she will be pleased as she wasn't a fan of the raw stuff!!).
I have tried Arden Grange, Skinners but after looking at reviews was put off. In regards to the Eden dog food I have been feeding over the recommended amount because of the condition they have lost! It is the mainly my whippet and saluki I have noticed the weight loss, my cocker spaniel isn't that fussy. She has previously been fed on Ava but I was advised the nutritional content for dogs wasn't that great so changed her onto Eden swell. Again, she isn't underweight but has lost condition. They are fairly active dogs and go on 3 walks a day most days, but are always pottering around at the stables when I am there. I have been giving them scrambled egg and salmon oil in addition just to try and give them extra supplements.

Ideally I want my 3 dogs on the same food. I don't mind dry kibble and some wet food in addition now and again, I just want them to be healthy!!! I find it such a stress with dod food!!!

Dog foods / Advice wanted re food for three dogs
« on: Sep 19, 2020, 09:16 »
I am wanting some advice re: dog foods. I have a 12 year old whippet, 1 year old cocker spaniel and  4 year old saluki greyhound. I have tried numerous foods and not had any luck. I have tried raw, currently on eden however my dogs have lost weight and don't look as healthy as I would have imagined on such an expensive and good quality food. I am really struggling looking for another food. Anybody share any help/advice/ good quality foods for a reasonable price given I have 3 dogs to feed!!!
Thanks guys!

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