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General discussion / Re: Xylitol
« on: Feb 07, 2019, 19:25 »
This one is a real worry with  artificial sweeteners used in so many things these days.  It is so easy for a dog to quickly snaffle an unsupervised sweet treat.

Thank you Jill201, your update is appreciated and  will  hopefully be helpful for others who may be having similar issues.

Introductions / Re: Hello newbies here
« on: Feb 04, 2019, 19:31 »
Hello and welcome to the forum.  Basil looks like he is a cheerful senior.  Dottie has given you some good advice. It would be helpful to know if Basil has any allergies and if he needs to lose, gain or maintain his weight.

Raw feeding / Re: Raw diet for puppies
« on: Jan 26, 2019, 19:04 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. Lots of great advice already. I feed mostly raw and have found that, as with other types of food, some suited my dog more than others. I have always gone for the raw completes. If you try one that doesn't suit, it doesn't necessarily mean another brand wouldn't. I found that some with added things like peas, led to weight loss and excessive elimination. This might be a plus for someone who is watching a dogs weight however.

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Jan 26, 2019, 18:57 »
Yes I agree. I add vegetables to raw food for  exactly that reason. Constipation is a problem without them.

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Jan 24, 2019, 17:17 »
Well they seemed to be back to the usual two today but larger than when on raw. Nice and firm but not too hard. I think the extra portion was mostly to blame for the previous day.

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Jan 23, 2019, 18:08 »
I got some pouches for my dog and will probably feed BB at weekends and holidays. She definitely loves them. I have to remove her bowl as she wont leave it for long after it is licked clean.  I didn't transition because she doesn't seem to be bothered by a change of diet at all. I like to mix it up a bit.  She did have four bowel movements today after one pouch but I think I over fed her. The recommended amount was 200g daily and I thought each pouch was 200g so weighed out half in the morning and gave her the rest in the evening. When I did the same tonight, the evening meal looked big so I checked the weight and it was almost 170gs. I weighed a full pouch and it was 292gs . Not sure if that is because the two week trial packs are bigger and her usual packs will be the recommended 200gs.  I am not complaining but will remember to weigh it. If I switched completely I think I would have one happy dog. Sadly It is a little pricey for me but understandably so.  Downside is she has already become more pesky at meal times and is trying to hide her bowl so I don't take it away to stop her chasing around the room for an hour.

Personally I don't buy into the idea that dogs should eat the same thing day in and day out. Left to fend for themselves, they would not have a complete food available twice daily, so would need to eat a variety of things to get some balance. As Dottie says, as long as your dog has  good digestive function, they should be fine.

Hello and welcome to the forum, The various hills plans are in the dog food directory. If you look in the list of brands and click Hill's you will find them. They don't have a high rating. They have some ingredients highlighted in red which lowers the rating.  There are lots of foods to explore all with pros and cons depending on your dog and personal circumstances. 

Hello. Sorry to hear that your dog is experiencing some digestive issues. You may find some useful information on this thread.

General discussion / Re: Dental Plaque
« on: Dec 28, 2018, 18:19 »
We just use the beaphar toothpaste ( a tiny amount) with a finger brush. She isn't very cooperative so we do as much as we can.  She does have some treats that aren't raw but I try to keep them healthy. I have noticed a little tartar now but the vet wasn't concerned. She is 9 or possibly older now so I would expect some build up. She has a good gnaw on a nylabone at least once a day.

I really hope you find something to suit your dog and help with all the digestive issues. Your feedback is very much appreciated.

Interesting. The apparent improvements made after supplementing with taurine in dogs showing a deficiency and having DCM are promising.
There still seems to be lots of unknowns. Presumably the condition happens over an extended time period so not sure how useful recording treats and other things fed on top of the diet and keeping the packet info would be.  I tend, not to feed the same treats or extras. So what I would record after diagnosis, wouldn't necessarily  be what may have contributed towards the disease.
For anyone reading BEG diet is Boutique, exotic-ingredient, and grain-free. The abbreviations were explained at the end. ???

Another interesting read. The chart showing the phosphorus levels of popular raw ingredients could very useful for those trying to work out a diet plan.

General discussion / Re: Lack of Water in Dog Foods
« on: Nov 30, 2018, 19:55 »
An interesting read, thank you Seaweed. I didn't realise that histamine was produced if water was lacking.  I wonder if the same is true of humans. That may well explain some of the rise of allergies and auto immune conditions.  Fizzy, dehydrating drinks often seem to be the favoured drink for a lot of younger people today. I always worried about the effect on the kidneys of dry food but it seems the problems could run deeper.

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