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Hello and welcome to the forum. Well done for persevering with your dog’s health problem. Hope that he/she remains well.

Thank you for the update. Colitis can be caused by intolerance of certain ingredients but not always. Assuming that your dog has a food intolerance, this thread might be useful to you. There is no best food for dogs with colitis because every dog is different, especially when it comes to food intolerance.

Here are some suggestions:
- Conduct a proper elimination diet with the help of your vet. It takes a while but can have a useful outcome.
- Discuss with your vet whether it would be worth testing  for intolerances.
- Change to a wet food. They tend to have simpler recipes. Dry dog food often contains storage mites in varying numbers and this is a common allergen.
- Add in a good quality canine specific pre/probiotic such as YuDigest. My understanding is that while many dogs are ok with plain yoghurt, some are lactose intolerant. Also, dogs have a highly acidic stomach which may kill off the healthy bacteria found in yoghurt.

If you are interested in trying wet food, use the Dog Food Directory and set the ratings slider to the higher end eg 4-5 stars. Tick no red ingredients.  If you go for grain free choose sweet potato. The ones that contain brown rice might be useful too because it is a good source of fibre.

If you prefer dry food the other option is to look at the cold pressed foods because some of them contain ingredients that are reputed to promote gut health. There are some that don’t contain chicken eg Gentle Fish. They soak very nicely with tepid water and you can therefore easily make it into a wet food which will not dehydrate the dog.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Please can you say which products you have tried and what your dog is currently having? Also, what has your vet said about this? 

General discussion / Re: Ingredient help
« on: Yesterday at 08:24 »
Hello and welcome to the forum. There is an existing discussion about this subject here.  It is sometimes useful to contact the manufacturer of your chosen dog food for further advice and information.

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Apr 17, 2019, 10:41 »
Thank you Petmum. Useful information.

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Apr 15, 2019, 12:09 »
Thank you Petmum. I agree with them about their products not fitting into established pet food categories. Hopefully the staff will come up with a satisfactory description of their food. Different Dog use the description ‘hand-made’.

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Apr 14, 2019, 08:32 »
Hello chloeg04 - welcome to the forum. My understanding is that the new fish variety was due in February but was not sure about the pork one. I enquired about both new varieties earlier this year but the spokesperson just said that they would announce them on social media and their website. 

I agree with you about fish being absent from the range. For now, perhaps consider adding some steamed white fish or sardines sometimes? Another option would be to mix as Petmum describes earlier.  The new Forthglade sardines and sweet potato might be worth looking at. They also have fish and brown rice and salmon and potato. I have previously mixed BB with Forthglade with no problems. From what I read on the Internet mixing BB is not uncommon and perhaps makes it more affordable for some pet owners.

Regarding packaging, I too was not aware that cooking took place within the pouches but I understand that low temperatures are used so perhaps that is less problematic? Not sure tbh.

On the subject of the home cooked claim, I agree with BB in that it is difficult to describe their product accurately. I had the same dilemma myself when I started this thread. I wasn't sure whether it should be in the Home Cooking section of the forum.  In the end I  viewed it as another commercial dog food product and used the Dog Food section. I have seen, and wondered about this 'home cooked' claim many times in relation to human food. It's often made in eating establishments, particularly public houses who offer meals.  Clearly it is not home cooked because the food is prepared in a commercial kitchen and may even be brought in from a factory. Should this judgement by the Advertising Standards Authority have wider ramifications?

Raw feeding / Re: Puppy weaned on raw, transitioning off?
« on: Apr 09, 2019, 17:39 »
Avellana86 - you made a good choice with the cold pressed food. Coaster has given you useful advice and I concur with what he has said. You might find that stools are larger with cold pressed food but they should be firm. It’s easy to overfeed when using this type of food because it is dense. The amount in the bowl can look small. There is a need to be careful in giving the right quantity.  Re the Tails food - I think it’s best to stick with what you have rather than risking upsetting pup with another change. 

Dog foods / Re: Suggestions to stop sloppy poos!
« on: Apr 08, 2019, 11:01 »
I think you are probably right. That is a lot of protein to handle. I am optimistic that if you can get the quantities right it should help.

Dog foods / Re: Suggestions to stop sloppy poos!
« on: Apr 08, 2019, 06:52 »
Possibly Lewie0205  has hit the nail on the head so to speak. Many people have to feed far less than the recommended daily allowance when feeding these high quality foods. Good idea to talk to Akela staff. Perhaps also consider a good quality pre/probiotic. YuDigest has good reviews.

Raw feeding / Re: Raw bones
« on: Apr 05, 2019, 16:07 »
Hello and welcome to the forum.  In answer to your question of whether turkey necks are safe, I don't think that anyone can say with any certainty that they are from the point of view of choking. You say that your dog is an aggressive chewer so I would be very careful if you do give them and never leave the dog unsupervised. 

Re salmonella, you already know that bacteria can be a risk in raw meat. There is need to take extra precautions, particularly around vulnerable people such as babies, children, the elderly and immunocompromised.  Bacteria can be shed by the dog, particularly around the mouth/saliva and chewing will possibly spread the risk. Some raw feeders doubt this but the evidence is clear.  Vets regularly see dogs who have infected themselves due to licking their wounds.  If you are going to give bones/body parts then it is best to give them to the dog in an area of the house that can be cleaned properly or in the garden.

A lady who was a specialist retailer of raw dog food told me that if a pet owner wasn’t comfortable with this method of feeding (including bones), it was best not to proceed with it. It was good advice. We should enjoy having our dogs, not be made anxious by what we give them to eat.

Many raw feeders give bones and body parts such as wings and turkey necks and are quite happy to do so. You have to read up about the pros and cons so that you can make up your own mind about it. It’s useful to remember that if there are any mishaps it will be the vet who you will turn to for help, not the person who tells you that it is ok to feed this or that.  IIRC the veterinary associations do not recommend giving bones due to the risk of obstruction, peritonitis and dental fractures.

Raw feeding / Re: Puppy weaned on raw, transitioning off?
« on: Apr 01, 2019, 08:09 »
Hello and welcome to the forum avellana86.  From the description of your living arrangements it sounds as if raw feeding is not suitable for you.  As Coaster has said, cold pressed food is a good option if you want to give dry food.  However, assuming that your dog is a small breed, dry food per se might be troublesome because many of them come in larger bag sizes, minimum 5kg so you would have to find somewhere to store it (preferably cool).  It might be worth considering products that can be bought in store, as and when needed.

Convenient to serve raw food: Natures Menu sell raw food nuggets which are ideal for smaller breeds. They require very little handling - you just take out the amount needed for each meal and they thaw quite quickly. They are widely available in pet supplies shops including Pets at Home.

Wet food: Wet food would be a practical option because high quality varieties have a similar composition to raw and should not upset your pup's digestion.  Possibly one that has a low to average carbohydrate content would suit in view of the fact that pup has been on a raw diet.  Here are a few suggestions:
Natures Menu, Forthglade, Naturo, Wainwright's (Pets at Home), Naturediet but there are more.   

You can search for these using  the Dog Food Directory - type of food - wet. I have just done a search using the filter for wet food, clearly labelled and no red ingredients. I set the ratings slider to 4.0 to 5.0 stars because it is equivalent to most raw foods.  The search returned six pages. 

Fresh food: There are a very few fresh food products on the market at the moment but they tend to be a bit more costly. Different Dog and Butternut Box require some freezer space and need to be bought online but the former is available in a few pet supply shops.  Freshpet is available in some Asda and Tesco stores and is sold in chubs.

Introductions / Re: New to forum
« on: Mar 31, 2019, 17:52 »
Hello Ann - welcome to the forum. It sounds as if your dog is not doing so well on dry food and it's a shame that you haven't found any raw food that is suitable. We have a raw feeding section so maybe there will be something useful in there.

Have you tried any of the raw completes that are available here in the UK? If so, which ones and what is the problem that you are having?  I guess that many of us don't know anything about the Spanish raw dog food market so please could you tell us something about it and what features it had that made the food suitable for your German Shepherd?  If you could let us know exactly what you are looking for maybe someone could suggest something similar.  Companies who have membership of the Pet Food Manufacturers Association are listed here.

The Dog Food Directory has a list of raw dog food - you just need to use the filter for type of dog food and enter a tick only in the raw completes box.

Introductions / Re: Hello newbies here
« on: Mar 25, 2019, 10:14 »
Thank you very much for your feedback - it is much appreciated. You have researched it and the cold pressed Tribal seems to be a good choice. I hope the new regime helps. I agree about the appearance of cold pressed food but you soon get used to it. It is dense so you don’t need as much in amount as kibble, which tends to be lighter. If you can let us know about your dog’s progress it would be helpful.

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