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General discussion / Re: Dental Plaque
« on: Sep 24, 2014, 23:36 »
I agree with brushing, however...
Dexter with his manky teeth will not let me get a brush in there, although the day before yesterday I did discover that he is better with a proper dog toothbrush than a finger brush (the rubbery ones), he will now at least sort of chew on it once I can actually get it in the vague direction of his mouth, rather than up his nose or nearly taking an eye out (he is such a little sod!) but it's progress, which I need to encourage. I want to really get him used to the brush, as I have now started him on plaque off, so once the tartar starts to soften up a bit, I want to be able to brush it off, and keep him in a good routine. My other problem is that both of my dogs HATE the toothpaste. If you imagine the face a baby pulls when you give them a lemon to suck on; that's pretty much the face the dogs pull lol!  :o
I've got a sample of LOGIC gel to try, so will see if they find that any better, in the meantime I'll just keep on with a slightly dampened brush.

Dog foods / Re: greenwoods brand
« on: Sep 24, 2014, 23:28 »
I saw this in pets corner the other day when I ran in to grab something else. I took a quick look at the ingredients on one of the bags, and if I recall correctly there was a lot of rice in it. There seems to be some ingredient splitting going on too; I'm fairly sure there was white and brown rice listed separately so it isn't shown as the first ingredient.

General dog chat / Re: Personal Hygiene Problem
« on: Sep 24, 2014, 23:23 »
I have heard of people using bicarb, then brushing it out, but not sure how it would work around such a sensitive area!

General discussion / Re: Dental Plaque
« on: Sep 18, 2014, 11:30 »
If you get a problem with plaque, plaque off seems to be recommended time and time again. I was talking to someone with a very old rottie at a dog show the other week, he was a rescue and his teeth were awful when he got him. He used plaque off, and said it took a few months to really start seeing results, but his teeth were lovely (I had a good look!).
My latest rescue, Dexter, has hideous teeth, I'm going to start him on plaque off soon, he really needs a dental at the vets but because he is a very fearful dog and has a needle phobia they don't want to stress him out that much for the time being. He would have to be heavily sedated before they could even get near him :(
I've got some raw duck necks ready for him, but as he is a resource guarder, it's going to need some serious management to let him and my other dog both have a bone without ructions!

Introductions / Re: Hi from me (and the gang)
« on: Sep 18, 2014, 11:20 »
Thanks for the welcomes :) 
To address a couple of points... I was fostering for our local shelter, but when we handed over a gorgeous terrier pup to his new (wonderful) family, Leila was incredibly depressed so that's kind of how we ended up with dexter! As I can't really foster now with two dogs and Dexter's issues I volunteered to do some holistic therapies for the shelter with the dogs in kennels as an aid to relaxation, just as a way of giving something back. They love it!
When I did my training, I chose to specifically train to work on animals (although I can treat humans too). I do reiki, relaxation massage, crystal therapy, animal communication and EFT/meridian therapy which is a bit like acupressure, but rather than using pressure you use a light tapping motion on the meridian points. I tend to focus on the reiki, massage and EFT side of things, as they really do aid relaxation. Would love to do Ttouch as well, it's that lack of money thing again lol!
The behaviourist I've been working with has a huge range of qualifications in holistic therapies and I find it all fascinating.

The dogs are actually pretty good with the parrot and chickens, the birds were here first, so that might have helped!

I'd also love to set up as a dog bakery, as I am always making treats for my two and their friends, but it all seems a bit of a minefield to be honest!

Introductions / Hi from me (and the gang)
« on: Sep 15, 2014, 22:39 »
My name is Correna, I am owned by Leila who is a rescue: ex-puppy farm breeding bitch, Dexter: also a rescue, long story with him; he is Spanish, was in a pound, brought to the UK by a couple who had him 4 days then decided they no longer wanted him (he has some issues), put into foster care as all the rescues were full and he was going to be put down, then found his way to me.
I also have an African grey parrot and some bonkers chickens, but have kept numerous species all my life) mostly waifs and strays!).
I am mostly a stay at home slave to my animals lol, I cannot work full time due to my health, but among other things I am a holistic animal therapist, and an assistant canine behaviourist. Hoping to further my studies when I can get the funds together to become a fully qualified canine behaviourist, I am addicted to learning about animals!

Raw feeding / Re: Raw Feeding
« on: Sep 15, 2014, 22:32 »
Hi Dottie, the nice thing about using a pre-prepared raw diet, is that all the work is done for you already, which was my main reason for using a brand already prepared. I have two dogs, Leila and Dexter, Leila wouldn't touch natures menu but Dexter would, Nutriment is a bit hit and miss, they will both eat some but not all varieties (salmon is a no-go, as is the beef, although Leila ate the beef at first). I am also using natural pet pantry as I like their ethics; all meat is organic or free range, it also has more texture to it. Dexter is temporarily off raw and back on kibble and wet; he is on new medication which gave him nausea as a side-effect so he wasn't that keen on eating raw.
I know raw feeding is a very passionate subject, and often gets quite heated, but I will say, that as a vegetarian myself, if I can feed raw this way, then anyone can :)

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