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HI, I have just checked with the sole distributor of Naturea and they are out of stock of the Senior/Light version. I hope this is of some help.

Hi, sorry GA is a large dog food manufacturing plant that sell a range of dog food for pet shops to own brand. Again pop the ingredients in the instant review generator and you will get a rough score. Some of the foods are better than others, try the Dr Greens and if your dog does well keep with it.

Hi JacksMum,

Dr Greens seems to be an own brand dog food from GA and some of them are quite good but you don't mention which recipe you have been offered. Something you can always do is copy and paste the ingredients into the instant review generator to see a rough guide to what the score might be. As too any other recommendations there isn't any one food that suits all dogs so the best thing to do is try one that scores well on here and you can get easily within your budget, and if your dog does well on it stick to it.

Hi Dottie,

I think your right.  I think the reason the protein levels are a little low are because they are only using fresh whole chicken which when cooked will loose a lot of moisture (I could be wrong). But I can say for sure my Frenchie is doing very well on it and has been for the last few months (and he still loves it).

I have copied a lot of this from McAdams own website so hear goes. 

Most dry pet food is made using a process called extrusion. This cooks the kibble quickly and at high temperatures using steam and pressure. It is very efficient for cooking carcass and meat meal and allows a neat, shaped kibble.
McAdams is hand prepared and cooked differently. Because we use whole British free range chickens, not carcass and meat meal, we have chosen to slow roast our food in ovens. We then cut in into pieces before warm air-drying it for 3-4 hours.
The result is a uniquely aromatic kibble, different in shape from other foods, made with as little interference as possible in the cooking process. You will smell the difference when you open the bag. (I can personally vouch for the smell it’s like a roast chicken dinner in a biscuit).

McAdams is also the only dry dog food made using whole British free range chickens from DEFRA approved, ethical farms across the UK.
Most traditional pet food is made using grains, stripped carcasses and a powder called meat meal. These are often referred to on ingredient lists as “freshly prepared” or “dried chicken.”
McAdams is different. They believe using whole British free range chickens, no grain or meat meal powder is more natural for dogs and also helps support ethical farming.

One reason I recommend this this product is that I have a very fussy French Bulldog who at times finds eating a chore but with McAdams he wolfs it down.

Below is the ingredient list;
Chicken (50%) Sweet Potato (22%), Pea Flour, Chicken Fat, Pea Fibre, Cellulose, Chicken Stock, Pea Protein, Salmon Oil, Yeast, Minerals, Vitamins, Marigold Meal, Green Lipped Mussel (0.2%), Prebiotics (FOS 0.1%, MOS 0.1%), Citrus Extract, Seaweed, Lentil Flour, Yucca, Spinach Powder, Tomato Pomace, Carrot Pomace (0.01%), Chamomile Flowers, Lavender Powder, Cranberries (0.01%)

At the moment its available from online and from select independent pet shops and a national chain. It is priced quite high but  the feeding amounts are low. If any one would lie a sample if they contact me I would happily pop one in the post. 

Fifty Sheep
01273 473283

Hi, We have just started selling the brand new dry dog food from McAdams. It is baked and air dried rather then being extruded and they use whole fresh chicken not meat meal or dressed carcass. For more info please do not hesitate to contact me.

I would give Raw a go, I feed my two on it and since changing the wind has almost completely stopped.

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