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Dog foods / Re: Quality kibble
« on: Oct 09, 2015, 09:54 »
Hi Dottie.

It is difficult to know what food is best, but I formed my own opinion after reading a lot on the subject. Dogs have been around for thousands of years and although they have evolved into what they are today, it's still just a small amount of time. They wouldn't have had access to all the stuff that's available today, they do not need carbs to survive and at they're wildest point, would have survived off eating meats, bone and fruits.

I initially started using 500g packs that were measured in the correct ratio of 80% meat 10% bone and 10% offal. I was then told by somebody that I should be feeding meaty bones instead of pre made packs, so I changed. Within a few weeks he was Scooting and had to take him to have his Anal glands expressed. I changed back to the packs, along with a mix of other things and he hasn't had any problems since.

I give him 2-3 chicken necks in the morning and then a full pack later in the day, sometimes changing this to green tripe chunks. He also has sardines now and again and some wet dog food a couple of times per week.

His weight is 24 kilos, but he is at his best around 20-21 kilos. If we go on holiday I have to put him in kennels and they won't feed raw food. I buy trays of dog food and he has 2 each day. After 10 days he will be 2 kilos lighter. I put him back onto the raw food and within a few weeks he's back up to 24 kilos.

The person I buy the raw food from told me to add lentils to his food to help with fullness and fibre. I may try that and see how he gets on.

I haven't done much reading on dry food, but read something yesterday which has me thinking twice about it now.

I know that what ever people are selling will be promoted be themselves, so you need to read as much as you can and come up with your own conclusion.

This was what I read about dry food.

The Problem with Kibble
Kibble alone is not a suitable diet for a dog for several reasons. First of all, dogs digest moisture through their intestines so even with fresh water available, kibble alone can lead to dehydration and urinary tract problems. Moreover, kibble contains many preservatives and fillers, all of which are unhealthy for your dog's health. A high quality kibble, however, can be a good supplement for a raw food diet or diet incorporating a high quality moist food. Dogs like kibble and it can help keep the teeth and gums healthy. The most natural kibble with whole ingredients and one that is low in grains is the best for your dog.

I don't want to add kibble as a supplement, I would prefer brown rice or lentils.


Dog foods / Quality kibble
« on: Oct 08, 2015, 20:05 »

For the last 3 years, I have been feeding my Staff a raw diet. However, I am now thinking of changing to a high quality kibble.

He is 9 years old now and up until he was 6 I fed him dry food along with an older dog I had. She died 3 years ago and I was told from the vet that she had issues with her Stomach and Kidneys, which was more than likely due to her diet.

I immediately started to look for better foods for dogs and decided to go the raw food route. My issue now is that he gains weight pretty quickly from raw food and never seems to be satisfied. I can give him his daily amount in one go and within 10 minutes he's searching around for more food.

I'm not 100% sure if raw food is the healthiest food for dogs, but the research seems to make sense. I know that the kibble I used to feed them was nowhere near top quality and I'm wondering if you can actually get a high quality kibble that won't lead to health problems in the future.


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