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Please can I have a number 17 a number 61 and a dog friendly house special ?

World Cuisine Dog Meals......10/10 for originality of thought.

Price point, nutitional quality, in the bowl, portion sizes, (toy, medium large ,giant) ,visuals, branding, marketing , customer profiling & purchase accesibility & not least DEMAND would all be key.

I suspect this would be an impulse buy for those likely to purchase.....Food regs & legal/regulatory red tape would likely be hurdles or brick walls BUT .......If you could tie in with human food restaraunts who sell & deliver human food meals for immediate consumption then this  might work...Think of interflora business model ...Maybe a tie in with uber eats , just eat or deliveroo etc.

People ordering home delivered hot delivered human food might love this albeit I think that world cuisine dog food  would be niche market or an impulse buy.

If doing this nationally then you would have to use independents  as I doubt big players be on board....Maybe could be added on to a family take away home delivery meal order.

Parking the human hot  food delivery  idea.....You could tie in with pets at home, pet food  franchises or independents maybe !   (Less conflict re food regs)

Personally I find it gimicky & NOT for me...I should add that I wouldn't buy extravagant home prepared meals for a dog
-  period !!! ..but some may do so.

My words of caution would be....Globally and in UK we may be heading into financial disaster , meaning  many won't have spare funds free ! Also... some would argue that the bespoke dog food market is already saturated !

From first impressions, is this something you would consider for your dog as a treat or special meal?

Not for me personally...Clued up dog  feeders may see it as a cynical business. Those clueless or care free will likely not deviate from what they feed.  What would your target profile of customer look like ?

What do you think is missing from the dog food range you currently use?

Cynical gimmicky branding & marketing ....fortunately!

Are there particular recipes which your dog (or you!) would love to see?

Personally NO...but "some" can may part easier with their cash !

Even if drunk I would be unlikely to order,  (the dog equivalent of),  a Chinese or Indian take away for my dog ! 

Would you like to see veggie or vegan options for your dog (assuming they are high protein and nutritionally complete)?

Not personally but some might...

Do you have any other pain points, or things that could be improved with the food/packaging/overall experience you receive?

See prior remarks.

Sorry I can't be presently be more helpful. :)

Home cooking / Re: Home-cooked dog food recipes
« on: Oct 23, 2020, 17:45 »
The simplest food used by the military in some countries.
- buckwheat porridge 80% _ +
- water 10% _ +
- meat 10% _ +
A domestic dog deserves the best!

Nonsense to suggest this....something not right here

Dog foods / Re: Air Dried Dog Food
« on: Oct 23, 2020, 16:39 »
No probs,

Glad to be of some use. There will be plenty with thoughts at variance to mine so don't take my ramblings as gospel.

Personally if I had a dog with digestive IBS or IBD,  excess gas & inflammation I would want to stay away from dry extruded kibbles....If feeding to a dog absent of such issues I thoroughly pre-soak in water to avoid further expansion in the gut. Bloat but that is a condition I try to avoid with dogs.

Expect some looseness at change. There are mixed thoughts re product changes....I usually change straight way being careful not to overfeed & confuse matters by causing excess loose output)

I am mindful that my shared thoughts if acted on could influence a decision that possibly might have bad  consequences for a dog if acted upon.  Obviously any decision are entirely yours.

Off to walk the dogs now................. :)


Dog foods / Re: Air Dried Dog Food
« on: Oct 22, 2020, 19:33 »
Thanks Dottie, yes that is the plan - try one thing for some time and if not great change it.
Just spoken with the lady at Gentle dog food and she tells me they have a lot of success with Poodles and poodle crosses as they are fussy and can have sensitive stomachs!  I have sent her my address as she is going to send samples which is great.  I haven't ordered the vegi plus yet so will see how the Gentle goes down first.  As I mentioned, the vet doesn't think she has a food allergy but I do find some foods a bit rich for her.

I hope you are right about her not scavenging if she is on a good diet!  I have always tried to give her a good diet but fussy dogs don't make it easy.  I think from what I read on the Toy and Minature Poodle Club facebook page, there are very many dogs who eat cat and other animal poo  :-[

If you spoke to Beth @ Gentle ( owner) she is brilliant... I posted earlier re Gentle before seeing this post.

Dog foods / Re: Air Dried Dog Food
« on: Oct 22, 2020, 12:43 »

I have read the comments re various foods, & (possibly not wholly definitive), prognosis & diagnosis. I am very mindful the dog has been opened up with some invasive exploratory work, & testing going on.

A big red flag for me is you say your vet has stated they do not think your dog has food allergies yet you have been advised to feed a well known vet pushed HA food !!!!

Don't rule out a K.I.S.S. ( Keep It simple stupid)..........if it sits better replace the word stupid with "strategy".

To me, in back of my mind I was be thinking along lines of.............   

Young dog + Scavenging + Fussy eating + Food changes &/or wrong amounts = Diarrhea

Colitis, Giardia , IBD  (or maybe IBS)........the result is the same........... Diarrhea

...........How would I deal with it ?

Dealing with dog Diarrhea

1. Supervise all activity to eliminate scavenging, ( this includes eating mud, garden matter faeces etc)

2. Starve the dog & give water only for 24hrs or maybe a bit longer

3. Feed one bland white meat protein & that alone (some say add rice - in my experience it can hinder recovery)

4. Monitor output, Cut back or revert to 2 if loose again....

5. If ok gradually re-introduce original food.

6 IIf still loose after 3 days consider Vet &/or AB's etc 

Managing a True Elimination diet.............

Only feed one bland protein source NOTHING else

White fish for 10 days


Cooked chicken 10 days


Cooked beef 10 days

Monitor ( output, skin, eyes, condition, itching ) etc etc etc

If you manage to  find 3 tolerable protein sources you have more than enough to use these as a base for meals. Apply similar process if introducing other stuff to the bow.

You again speak of  other food brands....the compositions of bought foods have many many ingredients.  If you feed a certain brand with multiple ingredients in composition you may have no idea what the problematic one is in the event dog becomes loose on it...Dottie is the go to for home cooked advice.

Your thoughts have already swayed from air dried (ziwipeak air dried claims to be good but very expensive) & now  mention cold pressed & the brand Gentle.........If later looking at cold pressed, wanting  a decent food from a trusted brand with great ongoing customer support you will struggle to do better.....With cold pressed foods the binders get reckoned as carbs on here. ...Some cold pressed foods rely on potato flakes others use mineral clays etc etc. Beth @  Gentle may be able to explain more.

It may well be that you have a dog with a multitude of various issues going on BUT IMO you are massively overthinking things & adding far too many variables........wet, dry-extruded, air dried, home cooked , cold pressed, fillers, not to mention Cassia gum (I had never heard of before your post & Davids response) 

If the dog is currently doing okay - maybe don't rush to do anything !

Good Luck  :)


Dog foods / Re: Air Dried Dog Food
« on: Oct 22, 2020, 02:30 »
Hi Vivann,

I haven't posted on here much lately but have been fairly active here in the past.

I have just spent significant time reading all your posts on these forums before replying in this thread.

On the face of it , lots potentially going on.......You initially presented a little like a rabbit in the headlights , however , when invited to expand you have gone into more detail & used more terminology than many professionals. You have also mentioned many products & foods fed or being  considered. 

Mindful you have been given advice by Dottie & (elsewhere) by David. .......I therefore hope that my input here is not deemed inappropriate.

Notably there is an indication she scavenges or has prior done so & on at least one occasion this was timed close to an episode. If it were my dog I would want to rule out scavenging.

Due to all that lot I am loathe to given any advice at variance to a vet. If you still have or in future get more issues then my thoughts re best approach are similar to what David prior suggested.........An elimination diet.  This is not to say diet is the problem, however, settling on a suitable diet that works will in  my view help.

My sensible advice here from me is listen to your vet IF you trust your vet or maybe seek a 2nd opinion from another  vet ( perhaps one that is diet aware &/or can also consider a holistic approach ). I could mention other product suggestions but do not feel it is appropriate to do so right now. 

Dog treats / Re: Warning about Kong toys
« on: Oct 18, 2019, 22:13 »
Rhodesian Ridgeback here has had a giant classic kong xtreme XXL for about 8 issues and the only toy he has not destroyed.


General discussion / Re: Hi opinions please
« on: Jun 24, 2019, 01:57 »
My view is that dry kibbe is fuel rather than enjoyable food. Ours seem to simply swallow it.  2 out of  here also eat barf complete without it touching sides.

Most dry extruded kibbles are baked to a temp too high for my liking ─║eaving me concerned re the true  vitamin and nutrition levels left. Carb levels can be relatively high also.

Cold presseed foods maybe worth a look...carb levels look high but this arguably due to the way mineral clay is included as carb content

General dog chat / Re: What's In Your Doggy First Aid Kit?
« on: Jun 10, 2019, 18:11 »
Thand will take a look

General dog chat / Re: What's In Your Doggy First Aid Kit?
« on: Jun 07, 2019, 22:30 »
Like listed above we just added peroxide and an eyedropper to ours. Our bull terrier ate the 8" handle of his tug toy 3 days ago and we had to run out and buy peroxide to make him throw it up. Which he did.  Defintely a must, in case your dog eats something dangerous.

Polite words of caution.........

I noticed the reference to peroxide to induce vomiting but also noticed the absence of info re what type, what dose, when to & when NOT to use it.

Hair dye use peroxide should NOT be used. I have read that only 3 % Hydrogen Peroxide should be used.

There isn't a lot of credible uk based info re this online....however there is a link below,

For small cuts and grazes......Luecillin as mentioned by seaweed has  been recommended to me before.

Wow !

Once again a fantastic shared link.

This was a fascinating read.

A potentially groundbreaking change in the fight against cancer.....

Thank you so much

Dog foods / Re: Nutriment
« on: Apr 13, 2019, 21:03 »
Low purine price has risen significantly since placed into the range

Dog foods / Re: Suggestions to stop sloppy poos!
« on: Apr 10, 2019, 00:35 »
I have prior fed Akela fish to adult lab without loose stool issues. I was, however, mindful not to overfeed.

Dogs can produce loose stools If over fed and from my experience, feeding dry extruded is a bit of a balancing act when wanting to mantain or add weight to a dog needing it.

I fed Akela because on paper it looked good. In hindsight I reflected that the composition list appeared to tick a lot of boxes that would qualify it here for a top rating.

When I called them to discuss I only managed to speak to sales staff & not anyone who convinced me they were over knowledgeable.

I would still recommend this brand if someone was adamant on feeding a dry extruded kibble but not to the extent of disregarding other products of acceptable "on paper" composition.

I can't comment on what you have switched to for now as I am unfamiliar with it.

One final thing......Collies can be a bit hit and miss with food and other products fed or used on them. You may end up with some trial and error before settling on long term food.....The proprietor of CSJ  dog food was very much a collie owner and has prior spoken of understanding collie diet needsa......maybe worth a call if so motivated.

Raw feeding / Re: Puppy weaned on raw, transitioning off?
« on: Apr 09, 2019, 16:31 »
Firstly ....Thanks for replying & with an update. So many new members fail to do this.

Personally I feel decent cold pressed is a better choice than dry extruded. If the dog gets on with guru you could stick with that or maybe look at other cold pressed foods....most have acceptable composition but not all. Cetainly there are CP foods cheaper per kg than Guru that review ok for the needs of many.

As for the dry extruded you have mentioned.  Personally I would avoid &/or dispose. It shouldn't be fed alongside raw or CP products meaning that any change would have to be instant and maybe after skipping a meal.

In terms of visible outer appearance....most dogs will seem fine on most foods.....assuming they eat them. The long term effects of feeding a lesser food may only show in that longer term. A happy dog after initial feeding is not repesenative of the bigger long term picture.

Seeing a video on you tube comparing dry extruded kibble breaking down in water compared to CP will be eye opening....I suggest you do a search. (There is one for farm foods and one for guru if you search online.....personally I would definitrly chose guru out of the 2 given a choice). I have seen my Lab vomit whole dry extruded kibble still hard and many hours after feeding time......that alone is enough reason for me not to feed it !

As for how much you should settle down a bit as time goes on. Sorting the food positively is a major step.

Feel free to start other threads if you want advice on other ownership issues. Food is just one part of thr jigsaw of reponsible and enjoyable dog ownership.

Raw feeding / Re: Puppy weaned on raw, transitioning off?
« on: Apr 01, 2019, 12:04 »
I agree re the natures menu raw nuggets....take feed amount from freezer as they otherwise thaw quickly into one mass.

Re wet complete...I have fed the wainwright's grain free trays. Easy to store and feed and dog concerned seemed ok on it for the time.used, (months not weeks).

Re dry extruded kibble....I have fed a few lastly Akela which was ok. Milles Wolf heart (variety means composition can vary significantly between products). Simpsons grain free worth a look. Acana and Orijen pay for it crossing the Atlantic. Majority of uk branded kibble is made by 2 mass producers so the actual manufacturer choice is a lot smaller than some may think. Skinners in suffolk have there own mill & once told me they can batch audit trail specific bag ingredients to individual ships. Some significant variation in quality depending on price point.

Re cold pressed...Never fed it but if I was looking to do so sourcing by mail choice would be grain free choices from....
Lupo  24/10
Markus Muhle seem to make the majority of CP products that are typically sourced by mail order in the  UK.

Forthglade Cold pressed  is more shop available but I haven't researched it in detail as in my view there are more cost effective choices out there.

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