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Thank you everyone for taking the time to try and help my 2 girls I really appreciate it. Special thanks to MY BICHON im so sorry you lost your girl. I am currently looking into all your suggestions.  Here's hoping there's light at the end of this  very long dark tunnel. 

Just had a look at the article makes me think I have been ripped off big time by buying the royal canin food. Ive just paid £60 pounds for 24 tins  >:(. I will have a look at foods that have the specific things you suggest.  There must be something my poor girl can have thats home cooked and not full of fillers and grain. She just woke up in a puddle of urine is now hiding behind the couch. I don't give her into trouble for this because I know she can't help it. But she obviously knows herself it not right. Aww my poor wee fur baby looks so sad.

I'm not sure about the raw food diet I don't know enough about it tbh.also Daisy has just been diagnosed today with colitis she was very poorly mucus and blood in poo. Giving her chicken n rice with added water at the moment but chicken not agreeing with her either. So now have another issue regarding food. I have another female bichon aged 3 who has colitis also, she gets fed Chappie wet but has nothing else,this works well for her. As for homemade treats I don't have a clue to what they can have because both have colitis

Hi Dottie. Thanks for the quick reply. I have spoken to my vet she says I could change brands but still no treats etc and she will be on this food for life. My dog Daisy is also urinary incontinent but only when she is sleeping vet says its possible to putrher on a syrup medication to tighten her muscles but won't do it because of the crystals in her urine. So poor daisy is hungry and wet poor wee soul I fel so bad for her.

Hi everyone.  New to all this so pls bear with me. I have searched Internet forever and neeed some advice. My 5yr old female bichon has had the crystals in her urine for years and is on royal canin s/O Urinary wet food. It is all she is allowed no treats etc. My question is.  Is there an alternative that is better ingredients and can she have a treat of some kind. She loves dental sticks but isn't allowed them now and she seems constantly hungry. Any help or advice would be great.

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