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Hi I'm Liz and I own (or maybe she owns me!) a 22month old gsp. Hope I find someone on this forum that is also living with this breed?

Hi again Dottie. Yes I have read with interest your thread on "weight control"  I'm writing down everything that she eats...even down to the mud and grass roots she eats in our local park!  :-[ -As far as burning off calories is concerned...well as a typical gsp ...she runs like the wind and is out for at least four hours a day! Yes it is going to be tough going for us both! At least she is not overweight...yet...its just a case of trying to maintain a decent level! Watch this space...thanks again Dottie.

Hello and thank you for your warm welcome. Yes I was also thinking along those lines and can appreciate that I am giving her too much to eat. I will do as you suggest and just give her the recommended amount of Canagan. This morning I mixed in some tuna fish and she lapped that up! Now any thoughts on how I can resist her pleading brown eyes as she sits patiently beside the larder! (Yes... :P that's where the treat tin is!  ::) ) I value any info and advice that you can give on this forum. I will be back with a weight update! Thanks. Liz and Saffi .

I am feeding Canagan and Forthglade menu (wet) ....I realise the protein content is ott but she is in great condition enjoys her food and poos are always firm. Just don't want her to put on any more weight! She is a 22month old german shorthaired pointer. Any suggestions on what a good diet  dry or wet would be? Thanks.

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