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Dog foods / symply wet food
« on: May 30, 2017, 20:40 »

we have discovered symply wetfood but noticed on the all about dog food pages that
the food is not rated yet. the dry food is. does anyone feed this
to their dogs. we have started feeding it and so far so good. looks like
good ingredients

thanks. i wasn't sure if feeding wet food would make it harder to gain weight. he still has some weight to gain. as someone mentioned feeding wet would make it harder so not sure but it was said feeding dry would help him put weight on quicker. i have left the millie's out tonight and he had barking heads bad hair day lamb and he's had firm poo. it's like you're on constant poo patrol. i think millie's is def not for him even though it is a good food. i did think about wainwrights lamb. but maybe as barking heads seems to be working ok maybe i should stick with it. it gets a 4.2 rating on here so can't b a bad food and as i have small dogs it lasts longer


i've asked another question about pooch and mutt but i'm asking what food would be advisable to
feed my dog because he suffers with loose stools bad wind and all of a sudden very hyper. he was fed raw. it lost lots of weight. was 8kg and went to just under 6kg and the more ravenous he became the more weight he lost and the more we fed and decided it wasn't for him and vet ran tests and he's been off raw for 2 months but only gone from 5.9kg to 6.5kg. we started on eden fish but it went right thru him.  on barking heads bad hair day he was ok but hyper. trialling millie's 60/40 turkey lamb and tripe but he seems super hyper. then carnilove remainder but not agreeing. i just want a food he will settle with and can't overload his tummy so guess he needs higher fat ? or does he need more carbs. so confused and just want the best for him. need to know what i should be looking for on the food dials on this website when researching food. i was thinking of trialling pooch and mutt but not sure. what would be s good food for putting on weight.


does anyone feed this food the calm or sensitive one of pooch and mitt
and wandered how your dog is doing on this. it doesn't have a bad score on the food finder. i have one dog who had to come off raw food as he became very unwell. it wasn't parasites but merely he could just not cope digesting it. he was verging on a skeleton and blood tests suggested he was suffering malabsorption. he was on barking heads coming off his raw food and this is ok for him but don't want to keep him just to one food long term. i have tried some of the higher protein foods and he gets the runs and acts crazy so clearly he can't eat these foods. we have tried carbi live and millie's as well as eden and all give him digestive upset terrible wind and weight loss. the calm pooch and mitt is just turkey so wandered whether this might be a good option but don't want to waste anymore money. i'm keeping the homeless people's dogs on the street currently well fed with all my food donations.

Dog foods / Re: Carnilove
« on: Nov 26, 2016, 10:09 »
we have a recently been trialling the reindeer flavour. we have a year old cavalier x poodle and he came to us on puppy beta (poor dog) i immediately researched food and put him on barking heads which he did well on but gotbthe raw food feeding bug and decided on the recommendation from a friend to feed raw. both dogs did well up until 4 months ago when my one started becoming unwell. he became more and more ravenous and we were feeding him almost 3  times what he should have been getting and he was loosing loads of weight. took him to the vet and they ran some tests and it was decided that he was struggling to digest the raw food and malabsorbing and as a result he became quite unwell. we have tried different brands of dry and was advised against feeding wet trays because it would be harder for him to gain the weight on wet food as has a higher water content. we tried eden but the 80/20 ratio was too much for him to digest and he couldn't cope with it and gave him loose stools. so went back on barking heads bad hair day dry whilst waiting for carnilove reindeer. they advised to try reindeer as highly digestible compared with other protein sources and i didn't even have to do a gradual switch. i just fed him a meal of carnilove and stuck to the lower amount so as not to overload him and he had lovely firm poo which is good news for him. he wolfed it down. loved it. and the pellets look moist. so i've ordered a bag to see how he gets on as we only got a sample. one think to note if your dog has issues with chicken is that carnilove do use chicken liver and chicken fatin their food and this could be a problem for dogs who have allergies to chicken. it's very small amounts but worth knowing. this is a good food.


I have a 6 month old male springer x poodle. When i got him he had the runs quite badly. vet did some tests and he didn't have any parasites etc so it was put down to food intolerance.  We had him on bland diet - steamed chicken and this made it even worse.  hence the reason the vet suggested fish and the change in stools was instant. so we stopped feeding chicken based and switched to fish based dry brand - Fish 4 Dogs. He got a bit bored after a while and kept turning his nose up so i did some more research and decided to get natures menu country hunter tinned salmon and potatoe or venison and blueberry, which i mix into his dry and he devours it every mealtime now and still we have solid poo once or twice per day.

What i would like to know is there a better brand of dry food on the market for him that i can buy that is better than fish 4 dogs that is either fish based- grain free - no chicken either just in case this is still an issue for him.  I was told fish 4 dogs was a good brand but i note that on the reviews they don't come up as high as some of the other brands.  i am a bit stuck because there is too much to choose from and thought maybe others would be able to help. I just want him to have the best food possible, i don't mind if i have to spend a bit more, so long as he gets quality and remains healthy and happy.  Im happy to order online.

Also i am looking for training treats - again so much choice out there. he likes all the fish 4 dogs chew treats but need something smaller for training but again chicken free.


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