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Dog foods / Re: Lukullus cold pressed dog food
« on: Feb 11, 2016, 18:14 »
Thank you Coaster & Dottie,

I mixed some in with his Burns tonight and he ate all the Lukullus first. It definitely has a nicer smell, more meaty than Burns. They look like large rabbit pellets and are harder than kibble, fingers crossed it doesn't have any unpleasant effects on his digestion in the morning!
Not sure if Chutney will like added water as he never liked eating any of his wet food, when he was younger mind you he didn't have much appetite then & it's good to have an alternative way of feeding it though.

Never realised dog food was such a minefield!

I will update in about week with how Chutney is getting on with his new food.

Thanks everyone, this forum is really helpful.

Dog foods / Lukullus cold pressed dog food
« on: Feb 11, 2016, 12:39 »
My order of Lukullus Barbery Duck and lamb has arrived! Got a good deal as they were only £4.99 for a 1.5kg bag good price to try. So far Chutney has had a few pellets as treats which he really enjoyed and was jumping up at where I left the bag so I think he likes the taste! My one concern is that it's an adult food and Chutney is only 7 & 1/2 months, would it be a problem feeding him it? He has Ziwipeak freeze dried lamb as treats.

Sorry going off topic now, a potted history of Chutney. He is a cavalier King Charles and has not had the best start in life. After collecting him from the KC breeder he started coughing and after many trips to the vets they diagnosed pneumonia, he was then referred to a specialist vets for a second endoscopy and bronchoscopy and was treated for severe bacterial pneumonia and was on antibiotics for 3 months. He then had two bouts of colitis which seemed to he aggravated by chicken and rice and then an ear infection, bless him. He seems to be thriving now, but I want the best food for him. I know RAW is advocated as a biologically appropriate diet, but I'm waiting until he's older as concerned about the bacterial element. We fed him raw mince as instructed by breeder as a pup and don't know whether that contributed to the pneumonia.

Just wondered if you felt that the adult formula would be OK.

Thanks  :)

Thanks everyone

Thanks Seaweed & Tinyplanets,

I'm looking for grain free and black Angus has brown rice added unfortunately. Ideally I'd like sweet potato instead. All the cold pressed foods seem to either contain chicken or rice

After looking at the website again it would appear to be Norwegian even though it's all in GBP.
The problem I have is my cav is only 6.5kg and most of these cold pressed foods are in 15kg bags or seem to have chicken or grain. Will have to continue my quest z :D


Thanks I will check this one out too!

The one I mentioned is from a UK website do think it may be UK made.

they only sell this brand and they do a 3kg bag too, so may give it a try.

I have a young cavalier King Charles and I'm looking to change his food and OMG is it confusing! I haven't quite got my head around feeding RAW yet, may do that at a later date,  so in the meantime I was looking to change his current Burns kibble to a cold pressed grain/chicken free one, which doesn't leave a lot to choose from  :)
While trawling the Internet I spotted a brand called 'WildInside' which does cold pressed
Has anyone purchased this as I can't see any reviews anywhere ATM


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