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Introductions / Re: Dog allergy
« on: Apr 22, 2016, 16:51 »
Thanks for your reply.It is always helpful to hear what people have to say.I can actually feed her white fish .The only one that fits the bill is grain free wainwrights .James well beloved do one but in the ingredients it states it is predominably white fish which is no good as she cannot have salmon.
I have cooked her a rabbit and froze it in portions just to give her a change but i don't think i will be doing that so often as it was a real performance.
Well i have her on the wainwrights at the moment so fingers crossed .

Introductions / Dog allergy
« on: Apr 16, 2016, 18:40 »
Hi i am new to the forum.
I have two Border Terriers .Maggie and Alfie.We have just found out Maggie is allergic to all animal protein except rabbit .She can have white fish but not salmon.Nothing else showed up on her blood screening tests.
I have been feeding her on Wainwrights dried different meat varieties and salmon but now all that has to change.Currently i have her on grainfree and white fish although she is fine with grains i did not have the choice.Pets at home used to do a rabbit and grain free but that seems to be unavailable now.
I am just wondering if anybody knows of another dried good food on the market that i could feed her on.

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