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Having a non food orientated dog means he gets fed various grain free kibble, coldpressed, wet home cooked, a little raw. Basically if it doesn't upset his tummy and it's good quality food I just go with what he eat

General discussion / Re: Deal of the week
« on: Sep 02, 2017, 10:21 »
I was placing an order on zooplus and typed in forthglade to see if trays were cheaper than amazon. They weren't incidentally. It came up with free sample of their new coldpressed food. It had quantity box at side so I put 4 thinking I'll only get 1, I got 4!
So I've got a weeks free food. Each tub is 300g one days food for 20kg dog it says on side

General discussion / Re: 'Fun' ways to feed your dog
« on: Mar 02, 2017, 19:32 »
My boy really doesn't like just having food put in front of him so we have different feeding vessels. Food in empty coke bottles different sizes, empty egg boxes, fill cardboard tubes and fold the ends over, food ball. He'll bring a bottle or food ball if I've been busy and not fed him to give me the hint it's food time ;D

A favorite is if we've had a parcel with loads of brown paper packing and hiding the food in the folds. Yes he then rips it and makes a mess but then we have the game of fetch me any bits of paper, wrappers, dropped bits twigs (we have a fire), tissues he gets a treat. OH has the habit of dropping used paper on the floor in the office so first half hour every morning is bring me bits of paper at my desk for food.

Dog treats / Re: Puppy chew... for 3 months old.
« on: Jan 28, 2017, 10:22 »

We have bought him split antlers for him but again doesn't last long like 5 minutes. I will try soaking them with water like you have said?

I'm a bit confused by this. My boy has had a red deer antler for 3 years that OH had to use a circular saw to slice up so he could knaw on it. He's had a fallow deer antler, the flat type these are softer for 2 years but still hasn't chewed through it. I think we're talking about different antler chews. I find it hard to believe any dog could chew through an antler an 5 mins  :o Buffalo horns are also long lasting.

Dog foods / Re: Anal glands and bone in feed
« on: Dec 15, 2016, 20:45 »
Sounds like changing to a raw diet would be the best option. You could then feed chicken necks, carcass etc and control the amount of bone given to keep her problem under control.

Dog foods / Re: I'm changing dog foods
« on: Nov 21, 2016, 17:40 »
I wonder if there's some type of persistent bug at day care? Have you asked any other owners if they're having issues? Could be something at the place itself or another dog that's a carrier ?

Not meaning to infer any bad practice at your day care, we all know the problems of mrsa in even the most hygienic of hospitals, just some bugs are persistent.

I guess it could be mental schnauzers are very sensitive fur balls. Might be worth keeping a diary of illness and keeping note of any events. Maybe a pattern will show up.

Supplements / Re: Are supplements needed?
« on: Nov 18, 2016, 20:39 »

Supplements for dogs are the same as for humans, they really can make you feel better. Same goes for dogs. Worth a bash in my opinion. Thanks for reading :) :)

The great thing about dogs is they have no concept of placebo effect. If you give a dog a supplement and you see an improvement in something you know it's the supplement working. If no change then you know you're wasting  your money on that one and try something else.

Dog foods / Re: I'm changing dog foods
« on: Nov 07, 2016, 20:16 »
I think I'd starve him for 24-36 hrs while giving him pro-kolin paste and plenty of available fresh water. It will give his gut chance to rest and the pro-kaolin will get the bacteria back in balance. Then introduce small amount of chicken, I use cooked sweet potato instead of pumpkin, or his usual gentle.

Dog foods / Re: I'm changing dog foods
« on: Nov 06, 2016, 09:36 »
I changed my mini schnauzer to lukullus cold pressed. He seemed to slim down too despite feeding recommended amount. He now has nature menu free flow lamb and chicken mince with it which he loves and no more weight loss. The tins of mixed flavours lukullus were on offer at zooplus and he's had some of those which he likes.

You have to be careful with fat content as schnauzers are prone to pancreatitis.

I don't think my mini drinks enough either and he won't drink out of a bowl another dog has like yours, give him a puddle though  ;D. He's very fussy with wet food will only eat the firm type cut in chunks won't touch the pouch type wet.

General discussion / Re: Ketogenic Dog Diet
« on: Nov 03, 2016, 06:59 »
Is that comparable to the Atkins diet for humans ? OH tried that and had terrible bad breath ;D

Classifieds / Re: Dog Jewelry
« on: Nov 03, 2016, 06:58 »
Very nice but I do have a complaint. The schnauzer / Wheaton full dog pendants have docked tails and cropped ears, both of which are illegal in UK, ear cropping since early 1900s. Your hardnened schnauzer fan certainly would be put off with cropped ears knowing what the poor things have to go through :(

Dog foods / Re: Naturediet Dry Food
« on: Sep 22, 2016, 11:02 »
They're also doing a grain free wet tray food as well.

It could be worth starving for 24- 36hrs and giving some probiotics for a few days in the form of pro-kolin, or goat/sheep milk natural full fat yoghurt, not cows milk yoghurt, if you don't have any pro-kolin. Then either start with the chicken rice again or Natural instinct.

The starving gives their digestive system a rest and the probiotics helps restore the natural balance

Have you tired consulting with a dog nutritionist to get advise ? The cost of the nutritionist would soon be paid off in cheaper food bills if you could home feed or find a suitable commercial food rather than expensive prescription diet.

Dog foods / Re: Egg And Potato Diet
« on: Dec 03, 2015, 20:41 »
I wouldn't be adding salt at all and the fish would be in water or sunflower oil.

Cooked egg whites are supposed to have all the amino acids required by dogs. If given raw while still very good not all the amino acids are available to the dog.

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