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General discussion / Re: Need a weight loss food and fast!
« on: Jul 17, 2016, 22:31 »
[quote author=COASTER link=topic=1210.msg4102#msg4102 date=1468789720

Please answer each of the following questions individually.

1. What breed is your dog ? Cocker spaniel

2. Castrated or entire ? Neutered

3. Age of dog ? 7

4. What is the dog currently fed on ? Varies Eden, raw

5.How many grams of this food do you daily feed ? 100g Eden or 200g raw

6. How many feeds do you split the daily amount into ? 2

7. You say dog is 10kg overweight - whose opinion is this and based on what ? Vets and dog groomer he should weigh 17kg

8. Are parents still caring for the dog at all ? No as I'm no longer in hospital

9. Anyone else been feeding or treating him ? No

10. Please list specifics of exercise routine ...on lead or off ? Retrieving ? Swimming ? Etc ? Walking moderately quick, he gets out of breath, 20 mins off lead, 40 mins on lead- he won't retrieve it's too much effort,

I have taken your comments re abscene of health other issues literally - please add any relevant history.

In abscence of other health issues - overweight issues are generally down to excess food relative to exercise.

Once you have replied, myself &/or others may be better able assist.

General discussion / Need a weight loss food and fast!
« on: Jul 17, 2016, 20:49 »
My dog is 10kg overweight and I am getting desperate. I just can't decide what to feed him so I have been switching raw to burns to Eden to wet food and now he has gained another kg. he is walked an hour a day and it is not a health problem he has been to the vets, that caused his overweight but overfeeding when in parents care. He has no other treats but half a carrot after a walk.

I am open to any suggestions on what to feed him I am at a loss? I tried him on prescription diet but he got really sick with hives, hot spots and raw armpits.

Please help me, I'm desperate and the vet just recommends hills so they are no help to me

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