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« on: Sep 24, 2016, 11:27 »
Brilliant - thanks for advice.  Will definitely have a look.  Amazing help re dog foods and as I said previously wish I had found it many years ago

« on: Sep 23, 2016, 20:33 »
Hi Dottie - thanks for advice.  Just a quick questions otherwise I will probably spend ages on Google.  What is the best dry dog food, what ingredients should they NOT have in them.  Not being a breeder I have not done much research and would appreciate a bit of advice so I can start using the search thing on this website.  Its an amazing website and very very informative just wish I had found it 6 years ago when I got my first chihuahua.

« on: Sep 03, 2016, 12:14 »
Hi - I have 6 rescue chihuahuas which can be a bit fussy but if I sometimes add cheese to their food they seem to eat everything.  I used to feed them IAMs small dog food which I used to get from Makro on special as about £13 for 7.5kg bag which last about a month but they have stopped doing specials on it and its now about £25-30 so nearly double.
I recently changed to Autarky weight control as read on your website that it was a very cheap but good food.  They do seem to love it but the only thing is the pieces are a bit big for some of them and even if I add water its difficult to break them down.
Is there any good cheap dry dog food I can give them, I would prefer to keep them on dry for their teeth as the breed does tend to have lots of teeth problems.  I also add a bit of wet food (Butchers thanks to your website recommendation) just to wet the dry food and a tin lasts me about 3/5 days.
The ages of the dogs are from 5 to 8 years and weights from about 2.5kg to 5.5kg so a very mixed range.
Is there anything out there that is small enough for them or should I just work a bit harder and go back to IAMS.
Your website is brilliant by the way and wish I had found it 6 years ago when I first started rescuing these little souls.

Dog foods / AUTARKY
« on: Jul 31, 2016, 02:48 »
Hi Everyone have just found your website and forum which will be a BIG help and is brilliant with all the different facts about dog food.  Well here goes with my query.
I have 6 rescued chihuahuas from various situations and their eating habits vary from one (an ex-breeders dog) who hoovers her food up to one that is quite fussy  (Peaches) and does not like eating from her bowl and goes round smelly all the other bowls and waits for them to finish and either eats the left overs or licks the bowls. 
I found a bit about Autarky and found your website when looking for reviews and it looks really good and is also a very good price.  I used to feed them James wellbeloved when I only had 2 or 3 but now having 6 use a lot more so changed to IAMS, which I managed to get at about £11 for 7.5kg at Makro when they had them on special, one bag would last me a month. 
With them having such small mouths the small dog products were really easy for them to eat, anything bigger (like the IAMS weight control) they struggled a bit especially Peaches as she has a tiny mouth and we usually have to make her treats very small otherwise she won't even take it, even denture sticks have to be cut in half!!!
Do you think the Autary would be ok for them being similar to james wellbeloved as well as the pellet size being small enough for them as it would deifinitely save me a lot of money.
Looking forward to hearing from you and thanks for the brilliant website.

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