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Thank you again Dottie and Meg. 

He has always done well on Tripe, so I will try the next few weeks giving him solely this.

I found the probiotic you referred to and a supplement without any added yeast so will slowly introduce these too.

I made the sock harness last night and it stayed on remarkably, unfortunately it made his feet hot so I will have to be careful how long I leave it on for.

Lots of great info and advice, I'm so very grateful.  I'll let you know how we get on with the one type of protein in his diet.

just as an after thought on the food front, we are feeding both dogs Natures Menu freeflow mince (Tripe, Chicken, Lamb, & Beef)

If anyone has any views or experiences on this feed, please do let me know..  As far as I can tell it should be ok for him for both conditions?

Wow, thank you all for your responses! :)

I love the sock harness, I will be giving that a try for sure, I've also ordered the Dermapaw to see if that helps.

I will read up more on the supplements info you've kindly provided.  I'm certain that if I could just get his immune system supported we will have an easier time of it.

As for his diet, I thought I had already removed all the yeast feeding elements, including his treats, I have to read the ingredients lists of absolutely everything he has (costs an absolute fortune, good job he's such a lovely boy ;) ) to make sure it is only pure meat.  I was so shocked by how much dehydrated Chicken treats out there actually contain sugars!!!

I've used the vets prescribed medicated shampoos on him but they send him doolally!  He gets dandruff after using it and you can see his skin twitching even though he's not being touched or scratching.  I've been using the non stinky Stinky Stuff as this has had the best result but has not eliminated the problem yet, so all suggestions for more natural solutions are greatly appreciated.

Again I can't thank you all enough, and it helps to know your not alone with these problems.  It breaks my heart to watch him nibbling and scratching all the time, I know its not life threatening but he just doesn't deserve it.

Hi  this is my first ever post on any forum.

I am getting desperate.  My poor boy has suffered with Malassezia and colitis for a couple of years now, after an illness that required him to take strong doses of antibiotics and steroids for several months.  I am looking for probiotics and enzymes that he can take that wont upset either of these conditions.

Anyone who has a dog with either of these conditions will know there are ups and downs.  He is having a flare up at the moment which was his colitis, now its the yeast.  I've introduced turmeric into his diet these last two weeks and so far so good.  His colitis seems to be getting under control after a couple of months of problems, (he is permanently on Salazopyrin, 2 a day since Xmas this year, previously we got him down to one a day for a few months).

His dirty ears have become a problem again after several months of them being clear and his itchy skin isn't too bad using non stinky stinky stuff but his feet are a problem.  He is suffering with Cracked paws and has done for months because he is always nibbling at them as they are itchy.  We use a paw balm 3 times a day for the cracking and have been using germolene to reduce the redness and itching, as the topical spray provided by the vets is becoming less and less effective.

If we go to the vets we will be given more steroids which will work for a time but once he comes off them, off we go again, worse than before.

I have removed all yeast feeding foods such as starchy carbs and sugars from his diet.  He eats raw with some kale, spinach or broccoli added (plus turmeric)  I sometime add an omega 3 oil.  Whenever I've tried adding a supplement to his diet his colitis flares up.  This could be a coincidence I suppose but I just don't know.

I have read so much information I'm getting overwhelmed with it.  Can I give him brewers yeast or not?  Advice seems to contradict each other.

If there is anyone out there with a dog like this, what have you used which has worked?

Also whilst on a short break, we had to go to another vet, who recommended adding bran to his diet to help the colitis but this will surely antagonise his yeast infection??  Any help would be so gratefully receive by me and my poor little Masey Moo.

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