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General discussion / Re: sodium selenite
« on: May 26, 2015, 14:20 »

another opinion based in USA

I think you seem to be forgetting that the amount is low and you dont consider its benefits and why it is used and must be in dog foods  and that the warnings are about high levels which are not found in dog foods.
causing fear or hype.

It is in many foods wet dry or raw completes however some companies dont disclose it as its under 1%.

bit like the garlic debate on one hand you say its good in small doses yet it is highly toxic to dogs in high doses.

people reading this must take this thread in balance and not be fearful

yeast is something my dog has issues with so I for one would not want this in my dogs food.

lou x

General discussion / Re: sodium selenite
« on: May 21, 2015, 18:51 »
I am sure those companies who are rated 5 stars would not be happy to find they are now 4.9 stars neither ones that are on 3.9 stars etc.
It seems rather unfair these new companies who are working very hard to produce and provide us with quality foods and they are now to be slammed for their honesty
these companies are trying to make a real difference of which I am personally very grateful.

"It should be said that the concentrations used in pet food should be far too low to cause problems"

 however we are guided by your opinion as consumers and I for one am a little concerned that on one hand you say its such a low dose its ok then the other you say they should use an alternative .

I wonder what response you will have from them?

We want to see honesty but will they now stop being open and honest as it effects their ratings?

Doesnt that make us second think your ratings as they could be misleading as you rate on some full information and others that do not disclose or play with words splitting the atom as such

rather disappointed

and I wont reply to the poster about an attack, for goodness sake

It does make you think who is right who is wrong is there a middle ground or do we trust opinion

I for one will not go for a lower quality food if they dont include SS as actually they may well do but prefer to not disclose it.

lou x


General discussion / Re: sodium selenite
« on: May 21, 2015, 16:25 »
Thanks David
However is there studies to prove that by using the yeast you could not have issues?

I have just spoken to a nutritionist who formerly worked for one of the big manufacturers and she said you have to add up to 10 x that of the SS

I know its your opinion but I just wonder what studies you are referring to and whether you have also studies using high volumes of yeast?

I know you dont want to bite the hand that feeds you as many companies subscribe to you, so surely its not cost only?
I know its made me ask questions today I am happy its a low amount in many foods shame some dont disclose it as everyone would be on a level plain and She did say if its under a certain percent ingredients dont have to be disclosed????????.
gosh what a shocker that there could be ingredients companies just dont state!

off to do some googling do post your studies though be good to see but hope they are not all american !
thanks again
Lou x

so do we add full analytics to your search or do we just add the ingredients ? how are you going to get a level plain here are you going to down grade eden autu akela etc etc ? because they are honest

General discussion / Re: sodium selenite
« on: May 21, 2015, 15:51 »
so its a stab at MWH  ::)

I understand now
take a look at their FAQs I think your twisting words least they are honest and transparent !
But it is ofcourse your opinion
going to be hard for you to find a dry food without this trace
good luck!

Dog foods / Re: Millies Wolfheart Wet Food 70% meat?
« on: May 21, 2015, 15:38 »
 ::) i did the calculator based on ingredients as I presume this is how david the site owner does this to generate his ratings.

as you have already stated if all the dog foods reviewed on here were based on ingredients , vitamins and trace elements found in the food the whole site would need to be adjusted so all foods rated would change.

seems you have an issue with this trace element or is it an issue with how all foods are rated?or is it MWH EDEN and the others you mention gotta be a mighty list as nearly all foods have this trace element?  what do you feed? 

perhaps David will reply to you shortly on your other thread to clarify if ratings are based on ingredients or the full list with trace elements found, who knows may upset the whole way he rates food which will mean 5* foods will drop and also every other rate.

fact still stands I am thrilled that Millies have brought out a 70% meat wet food complete at such a good price

side by side other rated 70/30/0 wet tins I would think this is one that stands out.

Im one happy customer and I know my floss will be thrilled with her new kong filler when it comes in a few weeks
Lou x

General discussion / Re: sodium selenite
« on: May 21, 2015, 10:49 »
 :-X oh sorry my mistake
I am sure David the owner of the site will reply
perhaps as many companies dont state the trace elements ? or maybe because its really about personal opinion?
trundles off will wait for a reply from David

*** be nice of you to introduce yourself to the forum so we can all welcome you?

Arden grange also mention it in their FAQs  :D

Dog foods / Re: Millies Wolfheart Wet Food 70% meat?
« on: May 21, 2015, 10:44 »
Totally agree Dottie
I just called and spoke to Mark they are bringing out a low fat tracker one so I will perhaps hold off till then as its a treat not her main food i put it in her kong you see so wouldnt want to add too much
now will have to wait a bit longer
be worth it

General discussion / Re: sodium selenite
« on: May 21, 2015, 10:25 »
its in the majority of dogs wet and dry  foods as a trace element and found naturally in meat, potatoes land grown things and land dwelling animals. I think if ive read right.
Ive read some USA hype about this as they use larger volumes but I think its a trace element in many food.
I know now that USA guidelines and laws are different to EU and many refer to USA which can be misleading.
I know Burns explain it well and I think its in Millies faqs.
I think people mix it up with salt.

It seems one of those ingredients or trace elements that has to be in and there are many camps that like or dislike it

I personally dont think tiny  trace elements are to worry about myself considering its a requirement to have in a food to make it complete.

interesting though


Dog foods / Millies Wolfheart Wet Food 70% meat?
« on: May 21, 2015, 09:56 »
Dottie what do you think

Well I was ordering my food today and spotted this.
I have quickly added to the food generator on here and its come up as 5*
I emailed Millies and within mins I got a price and due in a few weeks

6 x 395g - £13.30 = £2.21
12x 395g - £19.90 = £1.65
24 x 395g – £33.10=£1.38
to follow dependant on these recipes will be Tracker and Gamekeeper

Well thats amazing price and looks like I can fill someones kong with quality ingredients she will be happy

Hats off to Millies Wolfheart Team this beats any of the wet can ones rated here made in UK a bonus

Just a little thrilled!

Lou x

Interesting but low protein does that mean low meat/fish?

so to get a low protein low fat food would this need to be low in meat/fish content and perhaps due to this site we as the consumer want more meat and fish in our foods which in turn ends up in higher protein levels
its a real thought provoking question Sandra

Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Hypothyroidism
« on: Apr 10, 2015, 11:27 »
Hi Dottie, which light and Low purine food did you use that helped with the weight issues? Did you try Acana's light and fit?
I was referring to gregs post which you then responded to about low protein which could have been confusing to the reader I am sure you understand

Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Hypothyroidism
« on: Apr 10, 2015, 09:07 »
oh Greg
I personally suffer  thyroid issues its awful, measuring everything keeping active and your brain alert is a life battle, hope your dogs test results come back and you have some answers
if your looking for higher meat but lower fats have you looked at
I know a few who have been using this at training class for their older dogs who put on weight as they dont train much now.
May be one to look at along with the others people have suggested and F4D I thing do a low fat one too
Good luck with it all and keep us posted.
Lou x

Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Hypothyroidism
« on: Apr 10, 2015, 08:53 »
Sorry to pop in

low purine is that not different to low protein?

I dont think its the same Dottie, perhaps David Jackson could swoop in here
But I am sure they are different

I know my daughters dog is a dalmatian and that she feeds low purine foods which is salmon and veg but thats 30% protein shes a nurse so working but I will ask her whats the difference but hopefully David will be along with his views.


found a link it is about a certain breed however it may help with the difference in purine and protein hope it helps you and good luck

Dog foods / Re: List of foods made by GA
« on: Apr 03, 2015, 20:17 »

This is causing a stir the grain free range that is labelled and sold by many companies from 29.99 to 59.99 a bag

Many companies do have their own recipes made there too I think Arden Grange is made in Wales now

Absolutly  - I couldnt agree more
If it aint broken dont fix it 
However if it is broken and you want to fix it dont do as I did at first and think oh well the 80/20 have to be the best so must use that or be frowned upon as such.
Why do Burns foods only rate 2.9 to 3.7 on AADF? High grain and low meat, so who is right, John Burns or David Jackson?
With all due respect to the above mentioned people and also other companies like Eden, AUTU, Akela MWH etc etc list is endless! of new and upcoming retailers/producers. It all based on their opinion and business model if they have one as there isnt many papers or research done on theses now high meat low carb foods baring in mind they have only been about for a few years so the true facts have not been established.
I am incline to think take all their information and find a food suited to my dog not make your dog suit a food just because of a persons rating or opinion. What works for one will not work for all.
I am thrilled beyond belief to find something that fits my dog and works ... for now!
and I wouldnt have found them if it wasnt for David Jacksons website and this forum so I am eternally grateful.
lou x

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