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Dog foods / dog putting on too much weight
« on: Aug 05, 2017, 10:44 »
 Hi, I need a bit of advice from all of you dog lovers out there.I have a Lhasa Apso/ Shih Szu cross bitch ( Daisy ) who is 18 months old she was been fed on Eden's dry untill I  changed my second tiny dog  (Lilly )of 2.5 Kg to raw food because she would'nt eat dry. and Daisy  became very reluctant to eat the dry, so for convienence sake I  fed Daisy on raw . She is big for her breed and vet said she needed to be 10Kg max and she was untill she went onto raw , which she loves , but in the 2 months she has been on raw she has had it  has gained 1,6Kg. Neither dogs have treats during the day have a dental chew at night , Daisy is fed  2% of her body weight  and she is always hungry and has started scavenging  . I  feel so sorry for her, I can her her tum rummbling  and she is now sits looking at me while I eat, something she has never done before , she has never been given scraps from the table . She has  average activity , has anybody come upon anything simlar or have any ideas please.


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