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Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Jan 11, 2019, 17:50 »
Thanks. I shall have a good read of the different options this weekend; I do think high fat content is probably her issue, so I need to be wary of that.  I assume going from raw to wet or fresh I could just switch rather than wean on to? I know with cold pressed I can mix the two initially if needed.

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Jan 11, 2019, 17:03 »
It's a minefield isn't it?!
I've been avoiding changing but there's no escaping the fact that Ive exchanged one set of health issues (nibbling paw, ear issues) for another (weight gain); with her age I have to make another move to something which suits her and doesn't leave her hungry after meals. She will seriously eat anything - not a chewer, an inhaler! The other possibility is the wet/canned food - any experience of these? I'm not overly keen on returning to dry, more to do with her just swallowing whole! In the meantime I'll have a good look at the food directory and also give Butternut a ring. Thanks

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Jan 11, 2019, 15:34 »
Can I ask what your dogs were on originally? I posted a while back; my golden retriever (almost 9) is on raw complete and whilst a lot of her yeasty issues have just about disappeared, she has put weight on with raw, and it is hard to keep down - we are feeding just under 2% of her ideal weight, so don't like to reduce even more. Her weight has crept up; so any snacks are now veg or Fish jerky.  We have thought about going on to cold pressed or wet (eg forth glade, Lily's kitchen, Millies), but then I saw your post about Butternut Box which sounds more appealing than dry, albeit quite pricey for a 35kg retriever! Is it better than the wet varieties I've mentioned? She will eat anything so fussiness is not an issue.  How have you found weight issues with fresh compared to raw - I think you once said yours had been on raw before? I know, talking to someone about the raw completes they said the fat content can be quite high, this could be her issue.

Slow but steady progress being made.  We're feeding 500g a day of Nutriment - the lowest fat they do, increasing exercise - she is losing albeit slowly (averaging about 200g per week) so we'll just keep on this path for now.  My vet was not in to ask about what was tested a few months back re thyroid so will find that out too. Food we may have to review to find other raw low fat. 

Thank you for all the info.
The kelp I have been nervous of as I was aware there was some in the nutriment.
I do occasionally wash her feet in hibiscrub, but from reading the article, (what an interesting and informative article)it looks like I need to do that more regularly.
The food is a mystery - she was on Millie's Wolfheart but always had the itchiness; she then had a urine infection and had an awful reaction to antibiotics - could hardly get up and walk, eased off once we stopped.  This is when I started looking at raw as I wanted to help her be as healthy as she could be.  She was great for the first 5 months  on nutriment, but the ears are once again waxy and the paw nibbling has begun. I do wonder whether I should get a blood test done - she had some done at the end of last year after the antibiotic reaction; would any thyroid issues have shown up? I have already ordered some Dorset garlic tablets so will start her on those also. I'm now also considering home cooked meals for her - not confident enough to do the total raw.

Dorwest is the one I've been looking at. Also reading up on this forum it sounds like the nail chewing could be yeast infection - it's a reddy color and I didn't realize what that meant. I've started giving her apple cider vinegar in her food but maybe a probiotic supplement might be worth looking at also.

The good news is, when I weighed her last week, she had lost 1/2kg - so that's something. I have been giving the nutriment purine which is low fat, their Turkey Chubb and also Natural instinct special diet - each one a few days at a time. Unfortunately I spoke too soon about the nail biting which has returned - so back to the drawing board on that. I did read that kelp tablets could help with weight loss so may look further in to that.

Hello and welcome to the forum. I had the same problem as my dog has become a little less active. I have reduced the morning portion and add a little oatmeal cooked with water for bulk. I also either add veg to a reduced evening portion or give a lower fat home cooked meal some of the time. It seems to be keeping  the weight stable. I am hoping for a small loss this week as she has done lots of walking on holiday.
Fairly new to the raw feeding - what sort of veg do you fill out with - raw or cooked? She usually has a carrot for snacks. Also oatmeal - as in the fine stuff?

Reggie - just checked this page on the Natures Menu website and there is a section on helping your dog to lose weight. The types that they recommend to use are: Beef, Country Hunter: Venison, Rabbit, Duck or Salmon. I have fed Country Hunter nuggets in the past (before the new range) and found that weight control was ok.
What % of dog's weight did you give in natures menu nuggets that worked?

I'll check out natures menu website. I have some natural instinct special diet which she'll have next.  If she continues with weight gain then I may have to look at cold pressed options as a next step.

I think we'll go with that approach for next couple of weeks and if weight is not shifting, then may have to rethink. Increase in exercise - I know in studies that it is diet rather than exercise that has most impact on dogs weight - we shall increase it though. We're reluctant to give up on raw as it has meant a halt to paw nibbling, bottom licking and ear problems - but don't want to exchange that for another set of problems with weight gain - joint problems, out of breath etc.

Thanks for replies. We have started restricting her food to the Turkey and also the Purine one, which are both lower in fat, so will enquire about the Light. We are fortunate to have a nearby pet shop that also stock Natural Instinct so will give their Special Diet a go as well. Having read some of the other posts it looks like cutting down a bit more would be ok (not sure she'll agree!) and also increasing the exercise.

Dog foods / Nutriment raw - positives but weight problem
« on: May 26, 2017, 19:45 »
We switched our 7 year old golden retriever on to Nutriment about 5 months ago.  She was on Millie's Wolfheart and doing ok, but there was a lot of paw/nail nibbling, licking bottom and prone to ear issues.  Since being on Nutriment these have pretty much disappeared - however she has put on 2.5kg - we've always fed 2% and have now cut this down a bit more, but the weight is not shifting - is it ok to cut more down or should we be looking at different foods?

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