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He has had pee, poo and basic bloods with full translation, then additional bloods to check the small intestine and pancreas. He is quite happy in himself but when it gets to 4 days he does lay around as I think he is lacking energy.
He is fed twice a day at the same time, I have stopped being the one that feeds him as my friend said he is very attached to me and it might help him spread the love a bit of my daughter or husband feed him. He had various bowls some ceramic and some metal.

If I offer him a bit of ham or cheese he won't always take it. He is not often on his own, I do work but sometimes I work at home, my husband runs his business from home somis there most of the time.
I put the food down, he sniffs it and walks away. I lift it if he hasn't gone back in 20 minutes.
I have tried mixing stuff with his food and again he might eat a bit one day but not again.



He has never been a big eater, when he first stopped eating I transitioned him to raw and he ate twice a day for 2 weeks then stopped again. Which was when he started losing weight, he would eat a slice of ham if I offered it to him. I have never given him food of my plate and he never bothers us when we are eating.
Out of desperation last night my husband gave him left over roast chicken and he ate it in 2 seconds flat because he was starving. No change in the house and I have brought a plugin adaptil just in case something is stressing him.


I am at my wits end and really need some advice.
I have an 17 month old Australian Labradoodle, he is severely underweight. If it wasn't for his fluffy coat I am sure someone would think I was neglecting him. He has various tests and although has needed a course of antibiotics and folic acid for 4 weeks my vet has advised that this would not prevent him eating.
He goes days without eating anything, he smells his food and walks away. He was on raw natural instinct and started to gain weight but then just stopped again.
A friend suggested it was a form of separation anxiety and to stop being the one that feeds him but that hasn't worked either.
My vet has given us royal canin vetenariary food that is prescribed to anorexic dogs, he won't eat the wet but my daughter can sometimes get him to eat a little if she makes a game of it.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

Steph & Ozzy

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