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Thank you so much for your kind replies - so I need to research appropriately.  Im going to gradually change his food and I will keep posted in terms of how I get on, in case our experiences help someone else in the same situation.  Very grateful - thanks again!

Hi folks, Im new to this site (thank you for accepting me!) Hoping there may be some dog experts out there who can help me? 

I have a 7 month old cockapoo, male, who is currently fed Royal Canin Junior.  he is healthy in all regard but he seems to have the following issues:
-  He doesnt poo normally (I dont think!) he doesnt do what I would have thought is normal - one or two larger stools - but instead does lots of blobs (maybe 5 or 6?!)  He hasn't got diarrhoea but he circles and does a number - sorry, only way I can explain it!
- He will (if I dont catch him in time) go back to the first and eat it (ewgghh!)
- He has already twice had his anal glands emptied and one course of antibiotics for infection.
- The vet has suggested perhaps to take his anal glands out when an adult
- he often smells rather unpleasant!  When his glands are causing issue - very fishy but even after he has a subtle (not just normal doggy) smell
Im bringing a lot of this back to diet, although by no means expert.  I tried to change once to Arden Foods, which was recommended but this seemed to upset his tum.  He is fed twice a day - morning and evening.
Has anyone been in this situation?  Can anyone recommend a particular food for me to try next?
I should add that in all other regards he is adorable, healthy and seems happy / fine in temperament.
Thanks in advance,

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