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Dog foods / Slurps
« on: Feb 11, 2019, 20:32 »
Interesting product seen at PATS today:

FSA Alert 1 February 2019

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Ltd is recalling a selection of its canned dog food because it may contain high levels of vitamin D which exceed the maximum recommended intake.
Product details

Prescription Diet Canine i/d
Pack size   12 x 360g
Batch code   102020T18
Best before   October 2020
Prescription Diet Canine w/d
Pack size   12 x 370g
Batch code   102020T05
Best before   October 2020
Science Plan Canine Mature Adult Active Longevity Chicken
Pack size   12 x 370g
Batch code   102020T14
Best before   October 2020
Science Plan Canine Advance Adult Fitness Chicken
Pack size   12 x 370g
Batch code   102020T27
Best before   October 2020
Prescription Diet Canine z/d
Pack size   12 x 370g
Batch code   102020T17
Best before   October 2020
No other Hill’s Pet Nutrition products are known to be affected.
Risk statement

High levels of vitamin D fed to a pet over a short period (weeks/months) should not cause concern. Over a longer period of feeding, ingestion of elevated levels can lead to potential health issues depending on the level of vitamin D and the length of exposure, and dogs may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting, loss of appetite, increased thirst, increased urination, excessive drooling, and weight loss. Vitamin D, when consumed at very high levels, can lead to serious health issues in dogs including renal dysfunction.
Action taken by the company

Hill’s Pet Nutrition Ltd is recalling the above products. Point of sale notices will be displayed in all retail stores that are selling these products. These notices explain to customers why the products are being recalled and tell them what to do if they have bought any of the products. Please see the attached notice. The company will also be contacting customers who have bought the affected products wherever possible.
Hill's Pet Nutrition range of dog food Customer Notice
Our advice to consumers

(pet owners): If you have bought any of the above dog food, you should stop feeding your dog with these products and return the dog food to where you bought it for a full refund. If you have concerns that your pet may be showing symptoms of illness after eating one of the affected products, please contact a veterinarian or the Hill’s Pet Nutrition consumer careline.

Throwing an alternative out there having had a dog prone to ear infections... but Thornit Ear Powder is definitely worth exploring in terms of relief & results. You'll find much more information about it through some searches and reviews. It's readily available on Amazon with excellent reviews too.

In terms of foods, agree with the suggestions provided thus far from Dottie and Coaster but I too would be surprised if this is a food related issue.

Out of interest, how much of the Royal Canin are you feeding and how many times a day?

I found a similar issue with a family member's cockapoo pup which was remedied by not overfeeding in the first place. I'm not suggesting that you are, but I thought I'd mention it incase it hadn't been ruled out.

Kind Regards


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