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General discussion / Re: What is the best dog food?
« on: May 05, 2020, 23:16 »
Recommending a dog food is difficult as what suits one dog, doesn’t necessarily suit the next. I would advise to make a decision as to what type of food you want to feed eg kibble, raw, wet etc... and then set the filters on the food pages to see which would be best. Some of the higher rated ones are not widely stocked so ordering from the manufacturer is the only option. This might not suit some people so whilst the ratings might be good, it’s not so great as it doesn’t suit your needs. What I would recommend is don’t keep changing food , especially as your dog is young. I did this when my dog was young as he wouldn’t eat & kept having a runny bum. He now has numerous food allergies and whilst there is no proof that changing his food repeatedly caused the allergies, I do often wonder if This contributed to them. I raw feed when I have room in the freezer & use compatible kibble the other times. I have found Akela is a good brand that suits my dog and I’ve never had any issues with delivery. They sell raw, wet & kibble. But as I’ve said, what’s good for one dog and owner isn’t always good for the next.

Akela do a kangeroo wet food that might suit.  Meat love sell pure single source wet food in horse and goat flavour too. You could add a suitable veggies or something like smartbarf that people add to raw food to get a better balanced diet & fibre

If you use the site and select the appropriate filters, you will get a list of appropriate foods for your dog, giving nutritional information about the foods. As an owner of a working cocker, I can say spaniels are very lively little things...especially when they are pups! Choose the best quality food that’s within your budget and don’t be tempted to overfeed. Maybe practice ditching the bowl for the odd meal and making the little monkey work for his dinner by using his brain to play games and rewarding calmness using his kibble as the reward. There’s plenty of information on line regarding this style of training. A particular favourite of mine is on FB...called Absolute Dogs. They are linked to a dog training school in Devon & produce DVD’s ...I think they do one especially  for puppies. Enjoy the time you spend with your pup...and try to keep your sense of humour (even when they have decided to try to dig to Australia in the middle of your back garden!)

General pet chat / Re: Dog and Cat food brands
« on: Oct 15, 2019, 19:31 »
I use Millie’s Lionheart (dog version is Millie’s Wolfheart) for my cats. They are black & white moggies and their coats are really soft with a mirror like shine. They also hoover the kibble up when it’s in their bowls. Delivery is excellent and they are reasonably priced. Do I feed my dog it? No.... but that’s because he has many allergies and it’s not suitable for him but if he didn’t  have these issues then yes I would as it’s really good value with a fantastic variety.

Getting a puppy / Re: How to choose a puppy
« on: Sep 25, 2019, 18:43 »
Check out Absolute Dogs on FB. They adopt a novel way of training all types of dogs and of all ages. This involves play and food rather than the conventional way of obedience & reward based training. I had my doubts but my WCS who preferred sniffing and chasing rather than anything else started to change when I took their advice. I just wish I had discovered them when he was a pup and used their dvd for puppies. I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt so much of a failure as his new “mum” in the early days if I had. They offer advice on how to incorporate food rewards into every day activities, whether you feed raw, kibble or wet. It might make the choice of which pup to choose easier as they show you how to teach your dog calmness and or optimism and excitement in life.

Dog foods / Re: Dog Mixers - large sized chunks?
« on: Sep 05, 2019, 21:57 »
Have you looked at laughing dog? They do various mixers. I’ve never tried them so I’m unsure of the size of the pieces.

Dog foods / Re: Back to the drawing board...
« on: Sep 05, 2019, 21:54 »
Tribal makes a grain free turkey cold pressed food. They also make a salmon flavour one too. It’s more expensive than Forthglade but as your dog is small, the feeding amounts will be low.

General discussion / Re: Cockapoo with poo problems : (
« on: Sep 03, 2019, 21:00 »
I agree with Dotty, it sounds like over feeding. I’ve been guilty of this, blaming the food and so I kept constantly changing his food. I now raw feed (my dog has LOTS of allergies) and this suits him but I weigh every meal and under feed from the recommended daily allowance. Hes a WCS about the same weight as your dog and he tends to approx 70 to 80 g per meal time but definitely no more as he suffers from soft poop in the same way as you describe your dog does.

It’s a shame your vet doesn’t hold out much hope for the blood tests. I’d still be in the dark about my dog &  getting stressed about it all as I’d never have guessed storage mites (found in grains and kibble) would have been in the list of things to avoid. For us, the blood tests were money well spent...we had insurance that covered it. In the long run I guess we’ve saved money as we’ve had less vet bills and not so much wasted dog food. Maybe you can speak to your vet again or see a different one at the practice to see if they have any alternative suggestions if they don’t think a blood test will help.

Have you had the allergy blood tests done? I know they are pricey but it sounds to me as if it would be money well spent. I own a dog with allergies. Whilst undergoing tests ruling out yeast infections etc... before having the allergy test done, I was told to try a single source diet, limited ingredients etc... I duly did this but still no change and I convinced myself he was allergic to rice and brewers yeast. Turns out he wasn’t! The blood tests showed he was allergic to beef pork lamb turkey, maize, storage mites and house dust mites! I can manage the food side of his allergies no problem but dust mites are everywhere, even in the cleanest of houses so I do the best I can. He still gets ill on occasion - bad skin, ear infections, anal gland issues, hot spots, runny bums etc.. but I’ve accepted that I can’t cure him, I can just look after him as best I can. I guess what I am saying is, the allergies may not be all down your dogs food and treats, there may be environmental ones too that will cause similar reactions  and rather than waste money trying every food brand on the planet (been there, done that) , stick to a limited ingredient food and get the test done. I hope you figure it out, I know just how stressful a time this is for you

My dog has a grade one luxating patella which doesn’t really affect him day to day with walking providing I don’t let him run around like a loon too much (he’s a spaniel so not always that easy). But he does get grumpy with other dogs, especially puppies who I think are just too much for him when he’s feeling sore. I’ve just started him on Kater4K9 joint supplements and there has been a marked improvement in his tolerance levels with other dogs. He now wants to play much more and doesn’t get snappy when young pups get too much for him. I’m putting it down to the supplement making him feel better. It also works out cheaper than Yumove once the treatment dose has been given. They are on Facebook and website is

Dog treats / Re: Healthy dental chews?
« on: Apr 17, 2019, 22:03 »
My dog likes Whimzees. They come in different shapes and sizes depending on the size of your dog, Their website is very informative about what size to give your dog

Dog foods / Re: Suggestions to stop sloppy poos!
« on: Apr 08, 2019, 21:16 »
I too believe in high praise/treat but have you considered using part of the daily allowance of food as treats? Chicken and the like then become a powerful treat and not a treat to be expected at all times.

Dog foods / Re: Suggestions to stop sloppy poos!
« on: Apr 07, 2019, 22:36 »
Hi. I’ve experienced this problem over time with my dog. My problem seems to be linked to over feeding. I had many problems when he was a pup but I know now that whilst I was feeding him an ok amount of food, the treats to reward good behaviour took his food intake way over his daily requirements and thus he had a good poop first thing but then they got progressively worse. I’ve since discovered he has numerous allergies too and these don’t help as when he gets a flare up, he gets a runny bum. He’s now on Akela  (nearly 5 years old) and doing well on it. But I don’t feed him much at all. He weighs 17kg, is very active but only has 160g per day which I reduce further if he’s had lots of treats. Have you contacted Akela to discuss your problem? I have always found them very helpful.

General discussion / Re: Help! Finding the perfect food
« on: Aug 02, 2018, 19:56 »
I haven’t tried Eden as he’s allergic to most flavours but I’ve tried Tribal and Akela. Tribal was good ... poops excellent but he still had dry flaky skin. Since moving him to Akela his skin is starting to clear up, his fur is getting softer and his poops are still good so I would personally say Akela for my dog but I do acknowledge what is good for one isn’t necessarily good for another.

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