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Hi I think Gentle Cold Pressed do a small kibble might be worth a look

Dog foods / Re: Forthglade
« on: Mar 10, 2018, 08:26 »
To be honest Meg, not a good answer as Zooplus and other Forthglade dealers have been continually out of stock for many weeks.  Surely a couple of days of snow in Devon should not bring this sort of issue to them! Me thinks they have real problems.

Dog foods / Re: Forthglade
« on: Mar 09, 2018, 23:31 »
Hope just been to Crufts and Forthglafe have zero wet food on their stand. They can only offer 1kg cold pressed Jonkers food on their stand. They blame the bad weather in Devon!!!!!!!!!
This looks bad to me and are they in trouble ????

Sorry AstraNine if you go on the Forthglade website for a 3 to 7 year old 30kg dog the recommended daily feed is 446g per day!! Check it out.

Hi Dottie and thanks for your welcome to this forum.

Jonkers website does mention they do pressed foods and Farm Food has a terrible rating on here so a no-go.

Going back to FORTHGLADE and also the comments from Meg yesterday I have been checking a few facts which I can share on here....

I have a 30kg black lab and if I was to feed her on their new grain free cold pressed the costs are enormous. They recommend for a 30kg dog daily amount of feed at 446g per day. A 6kg bag sells for £34.99 so feeding my dog on this the bag will last 13 days. That works out at £2.69p per day!!!!! I currently feed a higher rated cold pressed food and that costs me £1.18p per day!! So over the year I would spend over £550 more using Forthglades food, I guess you all know my answer here!!! £550 will fund my 2 weeks holiday in Spain and my precious dog will actually eat a better food. Here I rest my case. regards

Hi, I looked at a 1kg bag of the new grain free Forthglade cold pressed food in Sainsburys and the manufacturers code is NL15606 which is Jonkers in Holland. They also told me they are dropping their current cold pressed food which I think is made in Germany and are selling it at really crashed pricing to get rid of it. Would David please rate the new food as it looks really low quality to me. Really disturbing how they change suppliers like this.

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