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Thankyou for that......she was a very fussy eater and it took ages to find the Origen that she liked....I’m afraid I don’t have time to add cooked veg etc.....and she was getting very heavy on the correct quantity of Origen for her size that’s why I tried substituting some of it for what I thought was lower protein/calorie. I think il try the Origen lower calorie feed on its own.

Butchers...wholegrain lean and tasty. 1/2 tin with  160g Origen and 50g royal canin. For breakfast she has 60g royal canin, usually with a tablespoon cheese or leftover meat generally chicken.

I can’t seemto find how to start a new topic! So I apologise old English sheepdog is 2 years old and is happily fed on Original Origen mixed with a low calorie tinned food. The problem is there is just not enough to satisfy her but she’s prone to putting on weight....basically I need a bulker to make her bowl more full whilst keeping her weight down. I’ve been adding my other dogs dried low calorie royal canine gastrointestinal kibble that I give to my 2 old terriers but her poo is now runny and paleish.

I can’t find any food my dog likes! James Wellbeloved, Arden grange, Origen, Akala, Fish4Dogs, butternut.....a number of others......I’ve tried adding water, gravy ,heating it leaving it dry,  mixing it with each other......she’s 9 months old and generally only eats the evening meal so is eating only half of what she is supposed to. She was eating gentle but with warm water, then lost interest in that....tried gravy tried mixing with butternut (will only eat the lamb one) now.....lost interest in that! She was a good weight but has started to drop a little......

Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« on: Jun 26, 2018, 20:49 »
My old English sheepdog is very fussy....she started on James Wellbeloved had Arden grange for a while....lost interest in that....tried Origen.....added gravy hot water, tried it dry, tried it soaked. Moved to gentle....won’t eat it dry, tried for a while with it moistened......lost interest in that. Recently tried butternut...won’t eat any flavoirs other than the lamb and then only if warmed and only once a day when she is very hungry. She’s 9 months old now and losing a bit of weight as she’s not getting can I gradually introduce a new food when I cant find anything she likes!

Thanks Anita.....yes she has very hairy ears, started to pluck hair out a few at a time but she really doesn’t like it, then she got the first ear infection and they were too sore. Current ear infection means they have to be left alone whilst the antibiotics work.

Thankyou for all your help and suggestions......made a decision, ordered gentle and Fish4Dogs she is a bit fussy and will chose one of these! Will also get the ear powder for when and if her ears settle down.

Only the mother has had ear problems not the other puppies. Il double check with the vet tomorrow re ear mites but I’m pretty sure it’s not that. She’s had her ears cleaned out completely under sedation and had antibiotics put in them. The next step is a new type of treatment that paints the inner ear and stops bacteria from forming.

Hi’coaster’ .......the breeder is feeding James well beloved and her dog suffers with bad ears too! I’ve got 2 patterdale who are on Royal Canin gastrotestinal and are 12 and 13., So I’m not concerned about them.
I’ve gone round and round, read and reread and still don’t know what one to chose....I’d sort of decided on Origen but she loves her food and I think she would want more....

Thankyou for your help....I have two other dogs who are on a dry food, I would if possible prefer to stay on dry? I’m also concerned that going on to an adult feed she would be lacking in minerals/supplements for her growth and joints?

Yes......said to try a food trial, recommended the hills but I’ve spoken to them and they don’t think it’s suitable. My puppy is only 5 months old and had two sedations to clean all the black muck from her ears ☹️

Puppyhas severe ear recommended hills z/d ultra, although a hydrolysed protein, does not support growth and joints in a large breed puppy.......fed Arden grange at the moment...not sure where to turn??.

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