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Hi Dottie thanks for getting back to me .  It seems that cold pressed is a grey area to a lot of people
I am on 380g (started on lower amount and pushed up to 410g )  Yes i do weigh hes food out. In total  he has lost more weight but was told this would happen for the first 8 weeks or so from the person who i was using the previous cold pressed food with before i changed to Markus.
Have contacted Beatie before when i tried Markus Red deer and he lost weight and was told to add veg and cheese for fat.
 Before i have tried these cold pressed  foods i have contacted the company's  and explained my dog is active (he is a working dog and the problem with this is you need a dog that full of energy all time) and does about 11/12 hours  a week  about 50 miles  , he does this all year round  he is not one for sitting still and was told not a problem .
Was feeding Millies Wolf heart ultima which he did keep weight on but still had to watch as could loose it  and had to increase it to suit , was told that millies isn't a great food what is your opinion on it .

Dog foods / Cold Pressed struggling to keep weight on
« on: Mar 07, 2020, 20:34 »
Hi    I have a wire haired vizsla  and  like the idea of cold pressed dog foods . I have tried a few but he loses weight on them where he is quite active  ( i have just come back from scotland where he did nearly 100 miles in a week).  Could it be that because of the low fat content that's  not for every  active / working dogs.  I am on  Markus Mühle Natural Dog Food at moment only been on for 3 weeks but as lost  .7kg,  hasn't put any weight on with it , hes poo is firm i have tried increasing but no joy .     Have reduced the amount again so less waste . Feeding 3 meals  a day.
Some one recommended cobbey dog ocean cold pressed.   As any one else had dogs struggling to put weight on with cold pressed  ?

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