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Mind you think I am going to have to put a stop to the digestive biscuits as have just checked the ingredients and they seem to have a high salt content. Anyone know of any low salt human biscuits? 

Thanks so much Petmum and Dottie I really appreciate your comments and will try not to stress out too much. I tend to overthink the situation too much for instance I get annoyed when my sister in law gives her half a sausage or a digestive biscuit but I know she loves it and it makes her happy then I feel like the bad cop when I say no. She seems so healthy and happy now such a difference from what she was like a few weeks ago so I will continue to give her beef and veg with a biscuit and sausage thrown in now and again. Hopefully the Pronefra will help too. Thanks again xx

Thanks Dottie you always make me feel so much better. Just checked the ingredients of the Harringtons wet food that she has been enjoying and it is 10% she has also just finished a bowl of carrot and turnip mash and also has had about 6 small pieces of shin beef so definitely eating a lot better. There was also a mention on here of Nutriments low purine and phosphorus raw diet and I have found a local stockist so may try her with that too. She has a follow up appointment with the vet next week and I will take a urine sample in with me to see if there has been any improvement. I have also ordered some Pronefra so see how she goes with that

I'm really losing the will to live now. I was under the impression that fish and chicken are good for ckd but I have just read the following on another site. .......Fish is high in phosphorus which will be fatal to your dog given the damaged liver. The same applies to chicken and turkey. You should consider foods with low levels of phosphorus such as minced beef, pork, and lamb......also sweet potato has been recommended in this site but I have just read it is unsuitable as it is high in potassium? ????? I am really confused now

On the plus side she has just absolutely demolished a bowl of carrot and turnip mash so hoping this is ok for her?

OMG Fiona I am now worried as she has happily  been eating this for 2 weeks now and although my vet did not know anything about it she did say that some of her clients had recommended it. I thought it would be ok as ingredients seemed good and there is no salt sugar or sodium. I thought I had finally found something suitable. So is 10% protein a bad thing?  I thought I had to give her protein?  Confused! !!

Thanks very much I will check it out

Hi Tinyplanets thanks for your reply. Excuse my ignorance as I am new to all this but what exactly is nutriment low purine food Thanks

Hi Dottie funny you should say that. Tonight I gave her half a tray mixed with silver hake and she loved it

Hi Dottie the Harringtons food is the wet one in a tray not dry food. In fact I won't be giving her dry food ever again after reading an article saying that it could have contributed to her condition. All these years I thought I was doing the right thing by NOT giving her canned wet food

Couldn't post photos as file too big so here are the ingredients. ...Turkey (60%)
Potato (26% from dried potato)
Carrots (5% from dried carrots)
Peas (5% from dried peas)
Sunflower Oil
Salmon Oil
Dried Tomato (0.15%)
Dried Kelp (0.08%)
Green Lipped Mussel (0.05%)
Chicory (0.05%)
Parsley (0.05%)
Basil (0.05%)
Rosemary (0.01%)
Green Tea (0.01%)
Rosehip (0.01%)
Additives (Per Kg)
Vitamin A 3,000 iu
Vitamin D3 420 iu
Vitamin E 40 mg
Vitamin B Complex 26.3 mg
Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate 107.14 mg
Manganese Sulphate 11.72 mg
Sodium Selenite 0.89 mg
Calcium Iodate Anhydrous 0.62 mg
Analytical constituents
Protein 10.0%
Fat Content 7.0%
Inorganic Matter 3.5%
Crude Fibre 1.0%
Moisture 75%

Hi Dottie thanks so much for your reply. I have already taken your advice about the sweet potato mash and she really loved it. I also gave her carrot and swede mash which she also seems to like. My sister in law found a product by Harringtons which is grain free. I asked the manufacturers if they thought it was suitable for a renal diet but they would not comment and told me to contact my vet. I did but they also could not comment but they did say that some of their clients had used the product. I have therefore attached two photos with a list of the ingredients and wondered if you or any of the other members thinks it's ok to give my dog. I have also ordered some Pronefra which I am hoping will help. The vet has not given any medication apart from BP meds and an appetite stimulant which seems to be working although the vet also said to only give it if necessary

Feeding dogs with health problems / Kidney disease stage 3
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Kidney disease

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 Karen Ballington
Karen Ballington
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Hi all I am new to this forum and just had the devastating news that my 13 year old dog has developed stage 3 kidney disease .I asked my vet if they could give me a diet sheet to follow but they do not have one and suggested I research the net .There is so much conflicting info out there hence this post. At the moment she is eating very little I have bought a can of Royal Canin renal for her to try but would also like to try my hand at home diets. For instance I have heard that green tripe is good for kidney disease is this true ? What other human foods can I safely give her ? She loves red fruit low fat yogurt from Asda but is this safe? She won't go anywhere near chicken at the moment although she used to love it. She also loves cornflakes but I don't know if that is bad for her .I am willing to try anything at the moment as she is barely eating anything apart from yoghurt cornflakes and Philadelphia cream cheese .All advice gratefully received

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