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Dog foods / Re: My little Bucks the Blue Frenchie
« on: Oct 21, 2018, 11:19 »
Hi all

Thank you for your time and messages about Bucks and his little issue. We have changed his food gradually to fishmongers finest. As I said I had some knowledge from my nan when she used to breed frenchies and alsations on our Equestrian farm when I was a young lad but unfortunately she parted us 2 years back bless her!. It could be poultry issue being that the true instinct is free range chicken and they are fed grain. We see how he does with this and then we will introduce slowly his fruit and vegetables he liked as treats. He seems to like the food and try’s his best to eat it as fast as he can despite being in a slow feeder lol. I will post again to see how his diet is going and if it clears up,

Again thank you

Dog foods / My little Bucks the Blue Frenchie
« on: Oct 20, 2018, 00:32 »
Hi all

Just a quick hello and I hope you don’t find it rude as this is my first post asking questions. I have a little blue Frenchie named Bucks, he is our pride and joy as you can see via our photos. He’s 22 weeks old, weighs 10kgs atm, vet seemed happy with him and his weight at this age, now my knowledge is stretched at this point as my nan who’s no longer with us bless her used to breed many types of dogs when I was younger and she was the doggie guru,

Currently I’m feeding Bucks Nature’s Menu Raw bites Puppy food, he’s on about 70g 3 times a day, he was getting the usual Frenchie favourites, Bananas, Melon, Apple moderately not excessively which has currently been cut out due to these little hard lumps that have appeared on him all over. The vet we took him too didn’t seem to know too much about them and said it’s nothing to worry about but to me that is something to worry about has he seems to get little bald patches from these hives, he’s had his usual worming treatment/flea medication etc and it seems theses little lumps haven’t left him yet so all I can think it would be is the food?

Now my question is if I’m to change his food what could anyone suggest? And secondly does anyone know what these lumps and bumps could be?

Thank you for your help!


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