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Raw feeding / Raw bones
« on: Apr 05, 2019, 13:17 »
Hiya,I have a 2 year lab mix,around 21kg/44pounds,fed kibble who I give raw marrow bones from time to time,she can be quite an agressive chewer when it comes to those..ive done some research and was both told by different people that turkey necks are the best and one of the bones where your dog can safely eat the bone as they are soft etc..and also been told its one of the most dangerous to give for being too large and the way they are build on the inside...I just bought one for the first time and asked to have it cut in half as it was massive but am now reluctant to feed it and im always scared of salmonella risks and etc which is why I dont give raw bones/meat often.
Anyway,just wondering if they are safe

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