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Raw feeding / Re: Is raw food making your dog sick?
« on: Apr 02, 2021, 17:43 »

I definitely noticed this with my dog. She was raw fed until about 2 years old and then got very sick with stomach issues. I never managed to get her transitioned back to raw. We’ve tried both the fresh cook and they seem good. Deliveries are my main issue

Hi, it might be worth double checking with your vet whether they intend this no/Low protein diet just for the 14 days. Generally speaking older dogs need more protein to maintain health but this will depend on what kidney condition the vet thinks this is.

Dog foods / Re: Cold pressed and retching
« on: Mar 03, 2021, 17:54 »
Hi, is it possible this is acid reflux rather than anything else and as you suggested something in the cold pressed is a trigger? Is it worth calling the vet for a quick chat to check?

General discussion / Re: Grain free diets (CDM)
« on: Feb 06, 2021, 16:48 »
I’m always sceptical about studies done by the FDA and wonder where their funding comes from. Big dog food companies will say that grain free food is the cause of the issue as they are financially invested and don’t always have an animals best interests at heart. Animal welfare standards in the US are not as good as in Europe and the UK. There is an awful lot about DCM on the internet but of the scientific studies I read doing my degree I still haven’t found a perfect answer. It is most likely that this increase in cases is true, that it is related to diet and solely to diet is a different story. We have been tampering with canine genetics for years so could a decreased gene pool and inbreeding be the cause?

The best I can come up with is a balanced and varied diet ( excluding allergens when required) is the very best option. If you can only afford kibble of a certain price range then you can enhance this with any plainly cooked human meat, vegetables and fruits. No gravies, no seasonings and excluding things like chocolate, grapes, onion, garlic and other human foods known to potentially be poisonous to dogs.

General dog chat / Re: Will the independent vet survive?
« on: Jan 28, 2021, 16:41 »
Interesting, makes me wonder if they will refuse treatment to pets who have not been feed a Nestle pet food. There is no way they won’t be unbiased in food and medical offerings.

General discussion / Differentdog new prices.
« on: Jan 27, 2021, 12:56 »
Afternoon all,

I was recently very surprised by differentdog raising their food prices albeit after being given advanced notice they have raised my subscription which will now cost me double unless I take their larger sized food trays.  After asking if I could see if one of the new trays would fit in my freezer (one of my reasons for the smaller trays but also having a smaller dog that doesn’t need to eat that much food) I had this reply:

Good afternoon

We totally understand your frustration and we want to do all we can to make your plan as cost effective as you as possible. I can see you are due your next delivery next week, therefore I am going to ensure we include a 1kg pack free of charge for you to trial and see how you get on with them. This will take your cost down dramatically in March if you were happy with this change.

Here at Different Dog we like to promote less packaging and helping the planet where possible which is why we have priced our 1kg packs cheaper per 100g of food than our other packs. Therefore if you are happy to move to the larger packs from March I will offer you 10% off for 3 months on your orders which should hopefully help you in your budgeting too as we understand these changes can come as quite a shock.

Please do feel free to let me know your thoughts next week once you have seen and used our larger pack.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

Best wishes,
Stephanie Teece | Operations Manager | Different Dog | 01743 384 562
Unit 15&16 | Centurion Park | Kendall Road |Shrewsbury | SY1 4EH

I must admit I am now wondering if the price rise is purely to encompass packaging charges and not because the cost of ingredients has gone up.

Ps: this website seems to be reflecting the new prices.

Just been reading about the potential BREXIT trade deal with the US and the fears of using their meat. It got me wondering if the DCM is actually diet related but the culprit is the residual drugs fed to farm animals in the US rather than a specific ingredient. The mind absolutely boggles. Really hope US meat doesn’t find it’s way into British pet food.

Interesting that Tufts Barkley Fund is sponsored by Purina, Mars and Hills.

Introductions / Re: Gastro Oesophageal reflux
« on: Dec 09, 2020, 21:29 »
Thinking about GERD in humans and wondering how many other non medical remedies might work for a dog. So far I’ve come up with lower fat meals, grain free meals, vitamin D supplements, slippery elm, walking gently after a meal, sleeping with the head of the bed raised etc. The mechanism for GERD in dogs is the same as in people ... stomach acid comes back up because the stomach sphincter muscle doesn’t close for some reason.

Also I have thought perhaps after a time on the restricted diet and if a virus or other infection was the cause of this chronic event that it might be possible to add other foods later.

Also for storage mites, if that is a potential problem they only happen I dried foods and multiply when large bags of dry food are left open until the dog has eaten it. Smaller bags will help but may cost more. Or you could split the bags down into airtight portions.

General dog chat / Re: Will the independent vet survive?
« on: Dec 09, 2020, 13:49 »
My vets are now Medivet, COVID has been ridiculously stupid, they won’t let me in at all with my dog who doesn’t like the table, then put her on the table while I’m not there to complain that my dog won’t do what they need. Also it is a different locum every time so not consistently the same person, some I don’t actually understand at all when they speak.

You could make vegetable crisps or little oat cookies. Low purine Low phosphorous human foods that are safe for dogs may be a good option.

Introductions / Re: Gastro Oesophageal reflux
« on: Dec 06, 2020, 16:45 »
My pooch has intermittent flares with GERD and sometimes eats mud and roots. She also has extra stomach sounds before an episode and also does lip smacking etc. Very very rarely has bile vomit. Have you tried raising her food bowl and using a slow feeder?

Feeding dogs with health problems / Re: Diabetic Puppy
« on: Oct 16, 2020, 20:50 »
Not had any diabetic dogs but as your puppy is quite young, is it what would be type 1 diabetes in humans? If so wouldn’t the best diet be the one your dog likes with the least amount of slow release refined carbs so blood sugar doesn’t spike too quickly. It’s perhaps worth asking your vet based on some research of human diabetes ....just a thought.

I’m not entirely sure of the logic of one feed. There’s still some that believe dogs eat like wolves and lots of old habits come from that. Sure wild animals would feast and fast but I don’t believe it would have been a full fast since a hungry animal will scavenge and wolves habitually scavenge grasses and berries..

I also feed my dog 3 times a day plus little treats, she tends to suffer with regurgitation of large meals and also GERD if she goes too long without food.

Dog foods / Re: Marleybones
« on: Sep 19, 2020, 13:47 »
I just had a little look at their website to see how similar it was to Butternutbox. Both have similar style of making a measured batch of food for your dog, similar meals except the quinoa. Butternutbox however don’t last past 5 days once defrosted even thought they come packed in plastic pouches. Marleybones claims to be additive free but I see nothing about preservatives, but they do say they are shelf stable for 18 months so there must be a preservative in there somewhere. They also seem to make a massive point about being environmentally friendly but use tetrapak.  :-\

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