Author Topic: The first suspected case of Salmonella from raw dog food has occurred (US)  (Read 939 times)


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Dr Conor Brady, "The first suspected case of Salmonella from raw dog food has occurred, here’s what to do and how to officially report an incident…"


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It does worry me that all people may not be aware of the importance of good hygiene practises when feeding raw .  Whatever I chose to feed, if I had children in the house, I would worry about them coming into contact with faeces and would ensure that toilet areas were well away from play areas. I am not sure that I would feed raw if I had young children or vulnerable people in the house to be honest as they often don't or can't maintain adequate personal hygiene standards. It is worrying that so many dried foods have also been shown to contain harmful bacteria etc. At least with raw, hopefully people are more aware of the risks when they may be less so with dried.  :(


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Thank you for the information Seaweed.  As we know, the issue of transmission of bacterial infection is a controversial one.  This is just one case and it is in the USA. I haven't read of any definite cases of infection here in the UK. In the past I fed my dogs a product from a well known raw food company that was the subject of recall due to bacteria.  I don't know if mine was the infected batch because my dogs had used it up. I haven't fed raw since because with someone in the house who has panhypogammaglobulinemia it is a risk I am not willing to take.  I found the information about dry food and bacteria of concern but we need to remember that this is in the USA. Hopefully dry food manufactured here in the UK/Europe is of a much better standard.

I would echo what tinyplanets has to say about the need to think carefully about raw feeding in the presence of some people. We have both spent many years working with vulnerable groups of people and we are acutely aware of the fact that normal and considered hygiene standards are extremely difficult to maintain. It is all very well saying that it is perfectly safe if you have good standards of hygiene, wash your hands etc but this is just not doable when you have people who don't understand, are forgetful or maybe cannot easily get to the bathroom.  When illness is added into this there could be a real problem, especially as some of these infections are antibiotic resistant.
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I think as long as you take the same approach to hygiene as you would when say cutting meat and particularly chicken for yourselves to eat and you wash your hands properly and wash all your surfaces , chopping boards etc theoretically there shouldn't be a problem. And I have heard that even kibble can be subject to Salmonella and other harmful bacteria.

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