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General dog chat / Re: Will the independent vet survive?
« Last post by Dottie on Jun 14, 2019, 22:47 »
Crazychowchowmum - I have moved your post endorsing this company into a thread in the appropriate Classifieds section - link. You are welcome to add to that thread if you wish but please do not continue to use forum threads for this purpose.
Dog foods / Re: Can any one advise please
« Last post by Lottie on Jun 14, 2019, 17:33 »
Thank you Adopted A Bitza  their stools are slightly softer since starting Cold pressed, though not loose and perfectly formed since feeding CobbyDog.
I did have a look at Nuturavetal  and looks good. I like that it is available in a small pellet, unfortunately I couldn’t see a grain free variety, which I feed as my older dog itches from time to time. But thank you very much for your time and input it is appreciated.
Classifieds / Re: Will the independent vet survive?
« Last post by Crazychowchowmum on Jun 14, 2019, 17:03 »
In my experience as a pet owner, I find it easier to trust an independent vet over corporate ones. In many cases, the staff at an independent practice is more client caring and pet focused. The independent vets also seem more friendly and helpful! There is a blog from an online pharmacy, that talks about this issue.

Dog news / Holistic Pet Health Conference 2019
« Last post by Seaweed on Jun 14, 2019, 09:01 »
Holistic Pet Health Conference 2019, 16th-22nd June. All online and completely Free.
This includes a talk by Catherine Edwards & Dr. Timurhan Testutar, The Role of the Dogs Digestive Organs & What can Cause Them to Fail or Thrive, including IBS & Pancreatitis Causes & Solutions.
Dog foods / Re: Butternut Box
« Last post by Adopted a Bitza on Jun 13, 2019, 18:00 »
I looked up the ingredients of BB. They have a list of additives as long as your arm. Some people are OK with this, I'm not. I'm quite tired of brands that sell a message of health that is contradicted by the ingredients.
We all know that people who eat lots of additives don't live as long and have poorer health, so why feed them to our dogs. I'd go for raw, cold pressed or look for an additive free food (don't mistake this for preservative free, there should be no A,E,D numbers etc). Naturavetal is good.  As you may have gathered from my other posts I'm a bit of a fan.
Dog foods / Re: New here! Advice please
« Last post by Adopted a Bitza on Jun 13, 2019, 17:42 »
Sounds like some good advise there. An exclusion diet makes a lot of sense but be careful to only select meals with single sources of protein. Lots of foods like to sneak in things like chicken oil. Some of the more unusual meats such as goat and, horse can be worth a try, also taking additives out of the diet can be helpful.
Dog foods / Re: Can any one advise please
« Last post by Adopted a Bitza on Jun 13, 2019, 17:36 »
Out of curiosity looked at Cobby and it has a lot of additives which could be the reason for lose stool or perhaps the chicken oil. The point of cold pressed is to be a more gentle preparation so that nutritional integrity is protected, additives shouldn't be necessary if prepared correctly so why they are using them in such high quantities is a bit of a mystery to me.
Look up they also do cold pressed but without additives.
Dog foods / Re: Markus Muhle and other cold pressed dog food
« Last post by Adopted a Bitza on Jun 13, 2019, 17:18 »
A key purpose behind cold pressed food is to cut out all unnatural ingredients such as synthetic additives and to be more easily digestible.  Some of the cold pressed foods such as those mentioned in this thread aren't quite as holistic as they claim to be so read the ingredients and additives carefully....there shouldn't be any additives.
I suggest checking out it's new to the UK but has been in Germany for years, this is the best cold pressed food that I've seen. 
Dog foods / Re: Markus Muhle and other cold pressed dog food
« Last post by Seaweed on Jun 13, 2019, 13:13 »
Wilsons cold pressed "Working Dog" is £39.99 for 15kg, (under comments),
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