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Raw feeding / Re: Paleo Ridge Raw Dog Food Products
« Last post by Seaweed on Oct 12, 2019, 11:19 »
Paleo Ridge Raw have launched their Paleo Plus (500g) range today.
Introductions / Re: Millie won't eat dog food
« Last post by Dottie on Oct 10, 2019, 17:34 »
Hello and welcome to the forum Pandora. This thread might be of use to you. Dogs prefer food with an aroma so it might be best to stick to wet food for now. Home cooked food is sometimes preferred by the fussy eater but it’s not easy to get the nutrients at the correct level. There are now commercial fresh cooked foods, Butternut Box and Different Dog being two. Might be worth looking at. Also it could be helpful to give a canine specific probiotic such as YuDigest.
Re the Dog Food Directory: David has added carrageenan as a red ingredient to some of the wet foods that contain it. I don’t know if it is complete as yet.

Well spotted Dottie! All foods that are confirmed to contain carrageenan are now labelled as such on the site and are omitted from search results when the 'avoid all red ingredients' filter is selected on the directory. Unfortunately, a number of producers are still yet to confirm whether or not their foods contain carrageenan so the list may not be complete. If in any doubt, contact the manufacturer directly and if you spot any missing carrageenan info or any other inaccuracies at all, do let us know.
General dog chat / Re: Vaccines
« Last post by Seaweed on Oct 05, 2019, 17:33 »
Protect the Pets Movement.
Dr Karen Becker interviews Dr John Robb,
Pet news / The Celebrity Q Files
« Last post by Seaweed on Oct 05, 2019, 15:57 »
Pet news / You and Yours on vegan pet food
« Last post by Dottie on Oct 04, 2019, 21:37 »
You and Yours (Radio4)  today has a piece on Vegan pet food. It is at 6.35 minutes.
Introductions / Re: Millie won't eat dog food
« Last post by Rebecca Forrest on Oct 04, 2019, 20:26 »
One food you could try is pure , a dehydrated food that is made up with warm water and left for about 2-3 mins.
It is not that cheap but very good for even the fussiest dog. they do small 500g packs , to try it,  they have lots of positive reviews.
My dog is on this for one meal  and the other meal is raw just a thought. My dog does has a very sensitive tummy and it does not upset his tummy. Or cold pressed food , but my dog did not get on with this that well. I hope that you can sort your dog out with something that she  likes
Introductions / Millie won't eat dog food
« Last post by Pandora on Oct 04, 2019, 16:39 »
First time I've posted but hoping I can get some advice about my Shihpoo (Millie).

She's a small dog weighing just over 4 Kgs and she's 13 months old. 

I've tried just about every type of wet and dry dog food there is and although she may nibble at a new brand the first time I give it to her, the next day she just turns her nose up.  I've taken her to the vets 3 times, including this morning, but they keep telling me that although she's underweight, it's nothing to be concerned about.  She's lost 0.3 Kgs in weight in the last few weeks

I've tried raw food and I've tried giving her absolutely no treats or any other food for 2-3 days but she still won't eat dog food.  She likes chicken and I'd be happy to feed her on just that but of course she's not getting the nutrition she needs from chicken alone.  She won't touch rice and will occasionally have a bit of broccoli or cauli.

I know I'm supposed to introduce new food gradually but if I give her just a small amount with other food, she'll just eat the new (but not the following day!) and then it upsets her digestion and she often has the runs.

At the moment she'll have a little Royal Canin puppy kibble (she won't touch the adult type) and the vet this morning prescribed some Royal Canin Sensitivity Control but she just sniffed it and walked away.

Any help or advice would be appreciated!
Re the Dog Food Directory: David has added carrageenan as a red ingredient to some of the wet foods that contain it. I don’t know if it is complete as yet.
As mentioned, dogs sometimes need smaller quantities when fed high quality foods. It’s necessary to adjust the amount down until the weight is steady. Some dogs will always appear hungry even when you know they are getting enough for their needs. I suppose you just have to be firm with them but it’s not easy.
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