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My bitch is 11 months old and have had her since 10 weeks of age. She came with Harringtons which she was apparently weaned onto but would absolutely not touch it ( left three days and daren't leave longer as so little). All my others are raw fed which I hoped to transition her too but given she was so frail, I moved her onto a sterilised raw which she ate. When she still had diarrhoea I wasn't too worried due to the new food but this has continued to date. She passes very soft stools that are not formed to sheer watery diarrhoea. There is lots of mucus and always a little red blood at the end.
She has been seen several times at the vet who says she isn't bothered by the blood!!!! Surely its not right to bleed when you poo.
Eventually I placed her onto raw (which i believe is low residue) which is what I kept seeing and she had a new delight in eating but the diarrhoea has stayed and in the same presentation. At first she was on Bella and Duke but their offal content is 10% and I have experience of some dogs needing less than this otherwise diarrhoea commences and wondered if this was the issue so she went on DIY raw so I could control this better.  I have treated twice for Giardia as directed and all the environment measures taken but still it carries on.
This girl looks so healthy, really shiny coat, alert and does not appear unwell apart from the diarrhoea. To be honest, the only thing that worries me is that she is rather a quiet well behaved dog and has never behaved like a puppy but again the vet does not seem concerned at all.
The vets don't want me to feed raw and have advised Royal Canin Digestive care. I have been reluctant to change her food yet again but finally gave in and followed their advise. She very reluctantly eats it and I have to feed her in another room as all she wants is the raw that the others have. We are only a week into this and I am horrified at it's nutritional content but should I continue or have you any other opinions. I keep taking her back to the vets but they say she is fine and just is a dachshund but surely this isn't right. I don't feed her any treats at all as anything I have tried has made things worse.
General discussion / Puppy food ?
« Last post by Christine Gethin-Jones on Yesterday at 13:10 »
Hi , I have a 10 week old shitzu/ Bichon cross .

She went for injections today and the vet asked what food she was on , she said it’s not the best as it’s not very good nutritionally wise . She is on Beta puppy dry food , that’s what the breeder had her on .

What’s the best dry food ?
General dog chat / Re: Will the independent vet survive?
« Last post by Seaweed on May 17, 2022, 17:27 »
Raw feeding / Re: My Dogs have gone off Luna and Me
« Last post by Rodie on May 16, 2022, 12:20 »
Thank you very much Dottie, that is really helpful, I will do some investigating. 
Raw feeding / Re: My Dogs have gone off Luna and Me
« Last post by Dottie on May 16, 2022, 11:52 »
You are feeding a high quality food so I did a search on the Dog Food Directory for raw products with a nutritional rating of 90% to 100% (Luna and Me is 99%). It returned four pages which I cannot reproduce here.

Anecdotally, I have heard that some dogs are put off by soft minced food and prefer chunks. Could this be the case with your dog?  If so, it makes sense to contact manufacturers to see what consistency their food is. I am wondering if Paleo Ridge has a chunky consistency. Maybe contact them. They will be able to give you advice.

Fresh cooked food such as Butternut Box is a good alternative but as you say, it can be expensive, particularly for large breed dogs. Different Dog can be useful for fussy eaters but again, expensive. I have not done a price comparison between Luna and Me and fresh cooked food.

Apart from the obvious, the other difference between cooked and raw food is that there is more variety in the dish. The meat content is lower - usually 60% but it is made up for my the inclusion of vegetables, fruit and a little good quality carbohydrate.  This is contentious because confirmed raw feeders often say that dogs do not need any of these ingredients. It is true to say that they can live without them but there are confirmed nutritional benefits to giving variety. There is nothing to stop you adding some gently cooked suitable vegetables/fruit etc. If it makes the food more palatable so much the better. Check out Planet Paws/enhancing dry food or look at this thread.

Hug sell cookable raw food so that might be worth looking at too.
Supplements / Re: Michael Lazaris Canine Prime supplement
« Last post by Paul on May 16, 2022, 11:52 »
I'm afraid I didn't get on with this supplement. Found the powder was very fine and easily spilt. No noticeable dif to my dogs eating grass which was why I thought something amiss. They have since significantly reduced their grass eating and the only dietary change I've made is to cycle through 3 types of dry dog food rather than sticking to one. Whether this is coincidence or not I'm not sure.
Raw feeding / Re: My Dogs have gone off Luna and Me
« Last post by Rodie on May 16, 2022, 11:32 »
Thank you for replying to my post.  Both my dogs are well and have been on Luna and Me for about 10 months.  I follow the guidelines and only feed the prescribed amount.  I do not overfeed them and their daily allowance is spread between breakfast and dinner, I even serve it at room temperature as recommended by them!  The dogs are lean, well proportioned anatomically and within the correct weight ranges for their breeds. 

I would be grateful for your advice on what other raw dog food manufacturers allaboutdogfood.co.uk would recommend or something similar to Butternutbox (which I know is cooked and not raw) but not at their prices which might not be possible. 
Thank you.
Supplements / Re: Michael Lazaris Canine Prime supplement
« Last post by Tori72 on May 16, 2022, 10:35 »
Hello Can I ask how you got on with the Canine Prime? Thanks
On Thursday, 19th May at 6.30pm My Pet Nutritionist is hosting a live Facebook video discussion on Best Diet for Liver Shunt in Cats and Dogs.
These videos are available after the live event and usually there is a blog at a later date. This is definitely one for owners of dog breeds that are susceptible to this condition.

Breeds More Commonly Affected by Liver Shunts
Dog breeds that develop liver shunts more commonly than other breeds include:

Yorkshire terriers
Cairn terriers
Irish wolfhounds
Raw feeding / Re: My Dogs have gone off Luna and Me
« Last post by Dottie on May 13, 2022, 14:06 »
Hello Rodie. Welcome to the forum. Luna and Me has a high nutritional rating on the Dog Food Directory - Luna and Me Adult.  I cannot understand why your dogs have both gone off the food and why one is vomitting when given beef. I suppose that the dog could have developed an intolerance of it but the vomitting is occurring very soon afterwards and you don't say that there are any other issues apart from not liking the food.

Do you want to continue feeding raw? If so, maybe try another brand? There are many good quality ones on the market. The other thing that occurs to me is overfeeding. Is it possible that you are giving too much all at once? Some people feed their dogs once a day and there has recently been something on the news about this being good for dogs but personally I prefer to split meals. How much do your dogs weigh and how much are you giving?

Please write back and let us know if you would like to change food and if so, what type of food you prefer. There are so many on the market that it is is impossible to advise without some information.
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