Author Topic: Do you have what it takes to an AADF Forum Moderator?  (Read 1298 times)


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The All About Dog Food Facebook page is well used and usually quite busy.  The admin team would like the forum to be active too so we are looking to increase the number of moderators to see if that might add some variety and interest to the life of it.  With this in mind, David has posted this on our Facebook page:

Do you have what it takes to be an AADF Forum moderator? Of course you do!

We're looking for new moderators to help keep our forum the best place for honest, friendly pet advice on the internet. You don't need any moderator experience, just a passion for dogs and some time to spare.

If you would like to get involved, just reply below or message me directly.

I'm posting it here in case members are not Facebook users or perhaps missed the thread.

For people who are concerned by the technical aspect of running a forum, David, Tinyplanets and myself will do our best to help and guide you - it is not really difficult.

We are looking for people who have an interest in canine nutrition and who are willing to spend a bit of time answering queries. However, I have to say that I sometimes spend a fair bit of time trying to give a considered answer only to receive no response from the original poster so any potential moderator does needs to accept that this will probably happen.  I have tried to make members who post for advice aware of this but it doesn't always work.  We know that the forum gets a lot of web traffic and hits so perhaps all is not lost because even if the original poster doesn't provide feedback, one can never know whether the advice is reaching others and leading to better canine nutrition.

Both David and the current two moderators (Tinyplanets and myself) feel that a flexible, open approach is best.  Members often say 'what should I feed?' or 'what is the best food?'.  We try very hard to give unbiased advice and to avoid recommending any one product.  Our aim is to educate pet owners rather than dictate so if you are in sympathy with this view, then please get in touch.
Your post and comments may be helpful to others. Please remember to update your thread. Feedback to the forum is appreciated.

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