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James Wellbeloved Adult

James Wellbeloved Adult

James Wellbeloved was amongst the first of the natural dog food producers in the UK and has long been established as the biggest. Their extensive range has grown over the years to include numerous different adult varieties but their 'with rice'...

Conatins less than 30% meat (on a dry matter basis) or meat percentage is unspecified
Contains no common allergy causing ingredients
Contains some cereal grains
Ingredients list is incomplete or unclear
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Raw Feeding; blood guts and gore... or NOT?

By Judith Broug, Raw Feeding Rebels

Raw feeding is one of the hottest subjects in pet feeding right now but with no shortage of controversy and misinformation surrounding the subject, the road to raw can seem like a real minefield. But fear not! Judith Broug, founder of Raw Feeding Rebels, is here to dispel the myths and get you started on your raw feeding journey!

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Meat Meal

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Meat Meal

Meat meal is essentially ground meat (including offal, connective tissues and in some cases bones etc) which has been heated at high pressure until virtually all moisture has evaporated. The result...

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24 May 2015

Canidae now online!
Canidae now online!

The range of dry foods from US family firm Canidae is now listed. Simple, natural formulas intended to provide "A Healthier Today for a Longer Tomorrow"... see how they stack up on the link above and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section.

18 May 2015

We're mobile friendly!
We're mobile friendly!

The first of our 'mobile-friendly' pages are now online and will hopefully make it much easier to get your dog food info on the move. If you have a smart phone at hand and a few seconds to spare, please drop by the home page, directory and review pages and let us know what you think...

09 May 2015

Care about animal welfare?
Care about animal welfare?

We do too! That's why we're currently gathering information from pet food manufacturers on the welfare of the animals that go into making their products. This information, which isn't available anywhere else on the internet, will soon be accessible right here via the Dog Food Directory. Watch this space!

20 Apr 2015

4000 Facebook Likes!
4000 Facebook Likes!

Thank you all so much for your support! With your help more and more dogs are moving over to better foods and are living longer and healthier lives as a result! Please keep spreading the word and let us know if there's anything we could be doing better.

09 Apr 2015

We're back on the telly!
We're back on the telly!

Rip Off Britain's pet food piece, featuring AADF's very own David, is scheduled to air on April 22nd at 9.15am on BBC1! With over 1 million viewers, the programme has the potential to change the pet food industry forever but everything depends on what makes the final cut...

27 Mar 2015

Top marks for Natural Instinct!
Top marks for Natural Instinct!

The new Country Banquet range from Natural Instinct is about as good as commercial dog food gets. The perfect combination of fresh, raw, British meat and highly nutritious veg, fruits and botanicals and nothing else. No wonder it gets our maximum rating of 5 out of 5!

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Kennelgate Pet Superstores in Nottingham

Kennelgate Pet Superstores

With something for every pet, we stock all the leading brands, as well as those specialist brands who like us, have that little something extra to offer. With 22 stores nationwide, in store Grooming Parlours, Doggy Day Care and Puppy Training...

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