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Natural Instinct Adult

Natural Instinct Adult

Over the last few years, the raw feeding movement has made enormous headway in the UK and one of the major reasons for its rapidy growing popularity is the emergence of readily available, pre-prepared, complete raw foods like Natural Instinct....

Contains at least 30% meat (on a dry matter basis)
Contains no common allergy causing ingredients
Free from all cereal grains
Ingredients list is clear and leaves no room for misinterpretation
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The big question: What do you feed?

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Feeding Dogs with Pancreatitis

By David Jackson, AllAboutDogFood.co.uk

An inflamed pancreas can mean anything from extended periods of digestive problems and discomfort for your dog to hospitalisation and, in extreme cases, even death. Diet is the foundation of both prevention and cure and in this article, we tell you how to get it right, right from the start.

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Rosemary is sometimes used in dog foods in its whole form which has a number of uses in herbal medicine, but more often its oil is used as a natural preservative. Rosemary oil (or as it is also...

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04 Mar 2016

Raw galore!
Raw galore!

Raw pet food has been around for... ever but over the last couple of years it has taken off in a BIG way. The latest raw additions to the dog food directory include some fantastic foods from Luna & Me, Cotswold Raw and West Fife Raw Foods.

19 Feb 2016

Treats to bark about!
Treats to bark about!

With toxic treats once again on the radar, it's more important than ever to make sure what your feeding is as healthy as possible. Fortunately the Dog Treat Directory is awash with top notch treats made right here in the UK including new listings from Green & Wilds, Akela, Millies Wolfheart, Pure, Tribal, Skipper's and Treats2Sit4.

16 Feb 2016

Chinese jerky treats killing British Dogs
Chinese jerky treats killing British Dogs

The Animal Health Trust are reporting a recent spate of pet health problems, including some fatal cases, linked with the consumption of meat jerky treats imported from China. Our advice - look for high quality treats that are clearly labelled as made in Britain. If in doubt, contact the manufacturer and if you have any difficulties, let us know.

13 Jan 2016

Are pet food multinationals brainwashing our vets?
Are pet food multinationals brainwashing our vets?

These incredibly revealing letters between The Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies at the University of Edinburgh and Pedigree leave no doubt as to how intertwined certain pet food companies have become in the education of our vets. Full article coming soon...

02 Jan 2016

Pet food can be scary
Pet food can be scary

This new report from the Cornucopia Institute exposes cheap ingredients, carcinogenic additives, deliberately deceptive labels and, in some countries including the US, the possibility of euthanised pets finding their way into pet food!

21 Dec 2015

Good on you Gelert!
Good on you Gelert!

Gelert's recent recipe changes have seen their ratings shoot up from 0.3 to a whopping 3.1 out of 5! No more ridiculously vague labelling, no more derivatives and most importantly, no more artificial additives!

07 Dec 2015

New foods on the block
New foods on the block

New foods are coming out all of the time but the recent run of releases from some of the dog food industry's newest kids on the block like Guru, Amala, Benyfit and Essential are quite remarkable. Hit 'rank by recently added' on the directory to see the full line up.

19 Nov 2015

5000 Facebook Likes!
5000 Facebook Likes!

Thank you all so much for your support! With your help more and more dogs are moving over to better foods and are living longer and healthier lives as a result! Please keep spreading the word and let us know if there's anything we could be doing better.

16 Oct 2015

Tails dog food now online
Tails dog food now online

A sample of some of the bespoke formulas from Tails are now on the Dog Food Directory but do they live up to the hype? Click on the link above to find out...

06 Oct 2015

Forum moderators wanted
Forum moderators wanted

Do you have what it takes to be an AADF Forum moderator? Of course you do! We're looking for new moderators to help keep our forum the best place for honest, friendly pet advice on the internet. You don't need any moderator experience, just a passion for dogs and some time to spare. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch.

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Alan's Pet Shop in Dundee

Alan's Pet Shop

Alan's Pet Shop all began when Alan Roger first opened his Crieff shop in 1983. Since then 'Alan's' has been independently owned and family run with the joining of his two sons, Graeme and Stuart. Expansion came in 2010 when 'Alan's' opened a second...

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Re: Microchipping Adverse Reactions

Sadly, as with all things, there will be cases where dogs become sick or even die after microchipping. Some of this will be caus...

Kiren · General dog chat · Yesterday at 20:41

Re: Hello

Sorry about taking so long to respond- I've been wrapped up in real life studies, a house move and all but forgot about this for...

Kiren · Introductions · Yesterday at 18:45

Re: Vegan, Vegetarian or Meat

Lily's Kitchen are to launch a Vegetarian wet dog food "Wholesome Veggie Feast". It will be very interesting to read the reviews...

Seaweed · General discussion · Apr 28, 2016, 18:34

Re: Recipes for home made treats.

Thanks for your reply, Dottie. Just seen your other thread about feeding treats and that someone else bought a dehydrator, so wi...

Doodlebuzz · Dog treats · Apr 27, 2016, 21:54

Re: The big question: What do you feed?

I just started feeding a new raw diet  because meat was very expensive. So far my pups  are doing very well. Poops are small and...

akita2015 · Dog foods · Apr 27, 2016, 19:11

Re: Markus Muhle and other cold pressed dog food

AFAIK the only two companies who manufacture cold pressed foods are the one in Germany (Lupo Group) and the other in the Netherl...

Dottie · Dog foods · Apr 27, 2016, 12:51

Re: Recipes for home made treats.

Thank you for posting about your dehydrator and home made treats.  I can see this machine as being very useful, in particular fo...

Dottie · Dog treats · Apr 27, 2016, 12:39

Guide dog bath properly

In previous articles we have guided you the basic techniques to care for your pet at home, such as brushing technique, oral care...

ngantran · Grooming · Apr 27, 2016, 08:18

Re: Warning about Kong toys

I have used Kongs for many years. My old Border Collie, Zak, never had food in his as he would never bother to get it out so it ...

Doodlebuzz · Dog treats · Apr 27, 2016, 03:10

Re: Recipes for home made treats.

Hi, thereMy first post!I also bought a food dehydrator as another way to store my home grown fruit and veg, and to give the kids...

Doodlebuzz · Dog treats · Apr 27, 2016, 02:47

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