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Taste of the Wild Adult

Taste of the Wild Adult

Taste of the Wild recently began importing into the UK from the USA but have already made a big splash amongst natural feeders. As the name suggests, Taste of the Wild is formulated to recreate what our dogs' ancestors might have once eaten in the...

Conatins at least 30% meat (on a dry matter basis)
Contains no common allergy causing ingredients
Free from all cereal grains
Ingredients list is clear and leaves no room for misinterpretation
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Peas and lectins and what they mean for your dog

By David Jackson, AllAboutDogFood.co.uk

Peas and lectins and what they mean for your dog

Peas: a good source of natural nutrients for your pet or the cause of wide ranging health problems from arthritis to diabetes? I have been doing a bit of digging to give you what I hope will be a definitive guide to peas in pet food.

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Sodium hexametaphosphate

low grade ingredient
Sodium hexametaphosphate

Sodium hexametaphosphate (also known as sodium HMP or E452i) is added to some dog foods because of its effect of softening and reducing tooth tartar. Although it is relatively effective at this,...

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27 Oct 2014

Listed: Hill's Ideal Balance
Listed: Hill's Ideal Balance

As more and more dog owners start to look for better foods for their dogs, manufacturers are attempting to meet their demands with new releases left right and center. Hill's new Ideal Balance range is one such release but is it really a step forward or more of the same? Click on the link to see how we rate it.

26 Oct 2014

Join the big dog food discussion!
Join the big dog food discussion!

If, like us, you are all about your dog's food and health then we've got the perfect place for you! Drop by the new All About Dog Food Forum to share your doggy questions, comments and experiences or just to chat with likeminded folk. We'll see you there!

22 Oct 2014

Evolution Naturally released
Evolution Naturally released

After all the build up, Pets at Home's new grain-free, 70% meat range is finally available. See how we rate it on the link above and if you've already given it a go, please let us know how it went down in the comments section.

14 Oct 2014

Naturea is back!
Naturea is back!

After an unsuccessful bash at the UK last year, Naturea are back for another try but this time through one of the UK's biggest wholesalers, Vital. Made in Portugal, Naturea's high-meat, grain-free foods already have a good following on the continent but only time will tell whether they can crack the already crowded British market.

23 Sep 2014

James Wellbeloved Adult updated!
James Wellbeloved Adult updated!

James Wellbeloved continues to be the nation's number one natural brand but is its position at the top spot still justified after all of the recent recipe changes? Click here to find out.

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The Pet Shed (brighton) Ltd in Brighton

The Pet Shed (brighton) Ltd

The Pet Shed is Brighton's best new independent pet food and accessories shop. As well as stocking familiar good quality brands we are keen to promote and support local suppliers and products that are ethical, organic and kinder to the...

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