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Locust bean gum / carob gum in dog food

Locust bean gum (or carob gum as it is also known) is a thickener extracted from the seeds of the carob tree. It is used in conjunction with gelling agents to enhance their gelling strength.

Compared to some of the other thickeners out there, locust bean gum appears to be one of the safest with several authorities verifying its safety over the years [1].

Note, though, that according to our sources in wet pet food manufacturing, thickeners like locust bean gum are only ever used with gelling agents, some of which are somewhat controversial and do not need to be declared on the label. If in doubt, ask your wet food manufacturer what gelling agents they use directly.

  1. Re-evaluation of locust bean gum (E 410) as a food additive. European Food Safety Authority. 2017

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