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For most dogs, carbohydrates like RICE, OATS, BARLEY and POTATOES (excluding maize and wheat this time) are...

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Feeding an Elderly Dog: How a Dog's Dietary Requirements Change With Age

By Richard Cross, TheDogClinic.com

Just like us, our dogs can face some big challenges as they grow older but with some careful changes to your senior dog's diet, these challenges can be alleviated or sometimes negated all together. In this article, we’ll discuss five ways a dog’s dietary requirements change with age and by the end, you should feel more confident in meeting your senior dog’s nutritional needs.

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Insect Meal

high quality ingredient
Insect Meal

As our regular visitors will know, we are fans of meat for our dogs. We thoroughly believe that it is the best source of nutrition for dogs and therefore we have always insisted that it should make...

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22 Aug 2019

Filter foods by targeted conditions
Filter foods by targeted conditions

You can now filter the foods on the directory by the health problem they are designed to target. So if you have a dog suffering from a health condition, drop by to see what foods out there might help.

13 Aug 2019

Even more updates!
Even more updates!

The dog food directory is chock full of updates including Winalot, Nutriment, Naturediet and Wolfworthy and brand new listings from Harringtons, Fresco and several veterinary foods. To see how they rate, head over to the directory now and rank by 'recently updated'

30 Jul 2019

Freshly prepared meat - probably not quite what you'd expect
Freshly prepared meat - probably not quite what you'd expect

What do you imagine when you hear the words 'freshly prepared meat'? Probably not this. Take a look at our comprehensive ingredient break down to find out what FPM really is.

04 Jun 2019

New and Improved Nutritional Ratings!
New and Improved Nutritional Ratings!

The new rating algorithm is able delve far deeper into each food's true merits, examining factors like bio-appropriateness, bio-availability, and nutrient balance & synergy better than ever before. Drop by the dog food directory to see how your food scores!

30 Apr 2019

Poor diet is a killer
Poor diet is a killer

Scientists have linked poor diet to 20% of all human deaths worldwide. Bearing in mind that the low-grade, mass-produced diets that feed the vast majority of pets worldwide are way worse than even the worst human diets, you don't need to be a nutritionist to guess how 'big pet food' is likely to be affecting our pets.

04 Feb 2019

Credit where credit's due
Credit where credit's due

More updates and more clear signs that manufacturers are really starting to get the message! It's great to see so many companies pulling their socks up to provide better foods with clearer labelling. Well done Butchers, Eukanuba, Bakers, Iams, Dr John (Gold) and Bosch to name but a few!

10 Jan 2019

Six legged bugs for our four legged friends?
Six legged bugs for our four legged friends?

As meat production puts ever increasing strain on the environment, some pet food producers are looking for alternatives. Cue Yora who launch the UK's first insect based dog food this week!

24 Dec 2018

Christmas leftover do's and dont's for dogs
Christmas leftover do's and dont's for dogs

With only 3 sleeps left 'til Christmas please remember that not all of our festive foods are suitable for our furry chums. Here's a great article from dfordog.co.uk to help make sure your dog stays happy and healthy this Christmas.

23 Nov 2018

So many new foods!
So many new foods!

This week's new listings include Different Dog, Rocketo, Naturaw and Cobbydog. If you've tried your dogs on any of these foods, be sure to let us know how they went down in the relevant comments sections.

29 Oct 2018

Feeding Dogs with Kidney Disease
Feeding Dogs with Kidney Disease

When the kidneys aren't working properly the results can be disastrous. Diet can have an enormous impact on both the length and the quality of life of dogs with kidney problems and in this article, we tell you how to get it right, right from the start.

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TFM Countrystore in Lincoln

TFM Country Store provides feed and supplies for horses, dogs, cats, small furries, chickens, wild bird as well as cage and aviary birds. We specialise in dog supplies with a large section including Perfect Fit and Julius K9 Harnesses, Kong toys and...

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Dog food discussion...

Re: Help with choosing food

At that age it’s possible that her mouth is sore due to teething. However, it’s important not to allow her to become a fussy eat...

Dottie · Dog foods · Yesterday at 13:28

Re: Markus Muhle and other cold pressed dog food

It’s Dog Food has just launched three varieties of cold pressed food:Chicken and VegFish and Sweet Potato[url=https://itsdogfood...

Dottie · Dog foods · Yesterday at 13:16


itsdogfood, just launched. https://itsdogfood.com/https://www.petbusinessworld.co.uk/news/feed/---no-nonsense----dog-food-goes-o...

Seaweed · Dog foods · Yesterday at 12:50

A Huge Win!

A Huge Win! https://truthaboutpetfood.com/a-huge-win/

Seaweed · Dog news · Yesterday at 08:18

Re: Help with choosing food

Thanks for your reply Dottie! Lola is a 14 week old cavapoo - she wolfed down the last of the cats chunky food in gravy before I...

LisaMc · Dog foods · Aug 22, 2019, 23:13

My Itchy Dog

My Itchy dog have ceased trading. https://www.facebook.com/pg/myitchydogltd/posts/?ref=page_internal

Seaweed · Dog news · Aug 22, 2019, 19:00

Re: Help with choosing food

Hello and welcome to the forum. Please can you let us know how old your puppy is and what breed?  This could be something to do ...

Dottie · Dog foods · Aug 22, 2019, 07:16

Help with choosing food

Hi I’m looking for some advice on what to feed my puppy. She was raised on raw by her breeder but went off it and refused to eat...

LisaMc · Dog foods · Aug 21, 2019, 21:16


Hi EveryoneJust a quick note to let you know that notinthedoghouse.co.uk are offering members of this site 15% off their first o...

NotInTheDogHouse.co.uk · Classifieds · Aug 21, 2019, 20:26

Re: Introducing raw food

Hi. Thanks for the welcome and information. I’m trying to finish the rest of Barking Heads wet food atm as have quite a lot of i...

Pam501 · Raw feeding · Aug 21, 2019, 18:50

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