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If you find a complete food that we're not yet listing, don't worry, you can still get an idea of how we would rate it with our handy Instant Review Generator. Scroll down for our guidelines.



In order to get the most out of the Review Generator, it's best to stick closely to the following guidelines:

In general, as long as the ingredients list is entered exactly as it appears on the packaging or on the manufacturer's website, the generator should provide a good idea of how we would rate it.

We are, however, still working on this tool and although we are confident that it can cope with almost all ingredient formats, some errors may still occur. If in doubt, please make sure the ingredients list follows these criteria:

  1. THE GENERATED RATINGS ARE ONLY APPLICABLE TO COMPLETE FOODS and should not be used to rate treats, complementary foods, mixers or individual ingredients.
  2. The generator is only suitable for UK ingredient lists. Since ingredient definitions vary from country to country, our interpretation of an ingredient list may not be applicable overseas.
  3. Ingredients must be separated by commas.
  4. Ensure you double check spelling as any errors may lead to an inaccurate rating.
  5. Ingredients must be listed in order from highest percentage to lowest. If you have taken the ingredients directly from the food's packaging or from the manufacturer's website, this will usually be the case but it's always worth double checking.
  6. Nested brackets (brackets within other brackets) may cause errors and should be removed. For example, "30% Chicken (Fresh Chicken (20%), Chicken Meal (10%))" should be replaced with "30% Chicken (Fresh Chicken 20%, Chicken Meal 10%)".
  7. Not all ingredients necessarily need to be declared on the ingredients list. Some additives, for example, can be listed elsewhere on the packaging like on the 'nutritional additives' panel. If you spot any suspicious looking ingredients outside of the ingredients list, just add them to the end of the ingredients list (separated by commas) before clicking 'go'.
  8. Other ingredients including some fairly controversial additives don't need to be declared at all so the only way to get a full picture is to contact the manufacturer and ask for a full ingredient breakdown including any undeclared additives.

If you notice any errors at all, please let us know


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