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Feeding the right amount is just as important as feeding the right food. Studies have shown that keeping dogs at their ideal weight can dramatically improve their wellbeing and add years to their life.

While every dog is different and finding the right feeding amount for your dog is likely to need at least a little fine tuning, this tool is here to give you a good place to start.

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Please note:

As mentioned above, these figures are only intended to provide a starting point and since every dog is different, finding the correct amount of food for yours will likely require at least a little trial and error. Dogs' nutritional needs also change over time so be sure to recheck how your dog is doing regularly. Take a look at our guide to fine tuning your dog's feeding amounts here and if you are ever in any doubt, be sure to consult your vet.

Where do the figures come from?

The figures provided here are based on studies carried out by the Hummel & Trueman Hospital for Companion Animals in the US. You can find more information here.

What about the manufacturer's own feeding guidelines?

Of course, every pet food comes with their own feeding recommendations and in most cases they are perfectly valid. The trouble is, some manufacturers calculate their figures differently and in some instances they may even intentionally provide lower figures than they should in order to make their cost per day more appealing.


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hrutterADWCCC 3 months ago

My 3-year-old had put on weight due to breaking off her growth plate which was eventually discovered by another vet. She had to endure not going out, only for her toilet and on lead and walking slowly. This had caused her weight to go over the mark of 33kg. I'm pleased to say, that by trying Simply Grey Bag for less active dogs (wish I had seen this before!), her weight is now down to 28kg in less than three weeks. I gave her 100 grams of each feed three times per day. The only problem now is finding online the grey bag for less active dogs (she has started to walk well now - which helps with her losing weight. Yes, there are many shops, but when I look online, I haven't seen the colour of the bag nor where from.

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Lynne Gleeson 9 months ago

We have a Frenchie just over 1yr old intact low-normal activity but body shape is good. We have struggled with his diet and we have not helped by swapping it around, a few weeks ago he had really bad runs for 5 days and vet game him the biotic stuff to help and just chicken and rice which he loved he is now on chicken and sweet potatoes with Pooch & Mutt Bionic Biotic for digestion, skin & coat, he wolfs it down really fast he also has James Wellbeloved biscuits but we are concerned he is not getting the correct diet for vitamins and minerals etc. any advice would be great. We are going to get a slow feeder bowl today.

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