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Years Complete Nutrition System

Type of food

Complete wet fresh

Dog types

Pet dogs

Breed sizes

Suitable for toy breed dogs
Adult weight 1-4kg. e.g. Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Yorkshire Terrier
Suitable for small breed dogs
Adult weight 4-10kg. e.g. Beagle, Dachshund, Jack Russell
Suitable for medium breed dogs
Adult weight 10-25kg. e.g. Border Collie, Staffie, Springer, Vizsla
Suitable for large breed dogs
Adult weight 25-45kg. e.g. Boxer, Labrador, Greyhound
Suitable for giant breed dogs
Adult weight 45kg+ e.g. Bernese, Great Dane, Mastiff

Dog ages

From 12 months to old age

Pack sizes

400g packs


400g packs = £3.15


Years is a 'tailored plan' food so pack sizes and prices can vary. The price per day here is calculated using the price per kilo for an average, healthy 14kg adult dog and is for comparison purposes only.

AADF rating


At a glance

Natural: Free from added artificial preservatives, antioxidants, colourings, flavourings or other controversial synthetic ingredients
High meat content: Contains at least 30% meat ingredients (on a dry matter basis)
Hypoallergenic: Free from wheat, maize, dairy products, soya products and artificial additives
Clearly labelled: Each ingredient is clearly and individually stated and there is at least a reasonable indication of the percentages of the main ingredients
Certified nutritionally complete: This food complies fully with the complete food nutrient tolerances as recommended by FEDIAF and/or AAFCO

Price per day

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Mixing bowl:

Skinless Chicken Leg 23% (Chicken Thigh 16.8%, Chicken Drumstick 11.2%), Chicken Gizzard 22%, Chicken Heart 15%, Sweet Potato Diced 12%, Red Pepper 9%, Spinach 5.3%, White Quinoa 5%, Rosemary-Infused Sunflower Oil 4%, Cold-Pressed Hempseed Oil 1.2%, Red Quinoa 1%, Dried Apple 1%, Vitamins and Minerals 0.75%, *Psyllium Husk Powder 0.35%, Herbs and Botanicals 0.3% (Oregano, Chicory Root, Kelp Seaweed, Cleavers, Ginger, Turmeric, Black Pepper, Echinacea), Taurine 0.25%, *Spinach Powder 0.17%, *Green Lipped Mussel Powder 0.11%, *Beta Glucans (Prebiotic) 0.06%, *Omega 3 Powder 0.06%, *L-Carnitine Powder 0.05%, *E Faecium (Probiotic) 0.0023%, *Egg Shell Membrane 0.00013%. * Based on an 8g Superfood Supplement Serving Per 1kg of Diet. Will Vary Depending on Your Dogs Breed, Age and Lifestyle.

As fed (BETA):

Nutritional additives (per kg)

Taurine 2456 mg, Calcium 2171 mg, Phosphorus 1118 mg, Zinc 30 mg, Copper Chelate 2.5 mg, Vitamin B1 2 mg, Vitamin B2 5 mg, Vitamin E 200 IU, Vitamin D3 500 IU, Vitamin B12 50 Mcg, Choline 520 mg, Iodine 450 Mcg.

Typical Analysis

Protein 10.7%, Fat 6.6%, Fibre 1.3%, Ash 1.3%, Moisture 75.2%.

Dry weight nutrients

Above average


Below average

* NFE carbohydrate level (i.e. not including fibre). Level estimated from available data.


400g packs RRP


Grams per day


Cost per day


Approved supplier:


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Company info
Name: Years.com 88 Years foods listed
HQ: Nottingham, UK
Manufacturer's product description

" Fresh. Wholefood. Grain free meals with the goal of helping your dog live a longer, healthier, happier life with breed (and mixed breed) specific nutrition.

Pug? Cockapoo? Mixed breed? They're all different so their nutrition should be too.

You will receive in every order:

1. 60% human quality meats, wholefoods, cruciferous vegetables, seeds, fruits, herbs and essential oils

2. Breed specific tailored nutrition from Green Lipped Mussel to support joints to L-Carnitine to support an healthy heart (ingredients change depending on your dogs breed or mixed breed status)

3. Probiotics and prebiotics - up to 400 million CFU per serving tailored to your dog. "

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Vicki Bradshaw 3 days ago

I've been cooking food for my four dogs for a while. I want them to live the longest happiest lives possible!

I've just swapped to Years and I'm thrilled with it. It's a similar cost but a lot less faff! I was cooking daily because they have a kilogram of meat and 750g of veg between them. I also added lots of supplements which I no longer have to buy.

My only concern is the weight of food im giving them is lower, and much lower for my maltichon and I'm not sure why that would be?

Great food though, smells amazing and great that you can see every ingredient in it when you open the pack.

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Years team Vicki Bradshaw yesterday

Firstly wow - cooking for four dogs is no mean feat, true love! :-)

Our feeding guidelines have been put together by a Board Certified Nutritionist and we have the highest level of personalisation within our guidelines compared to any other fresh or other dog meal provider - so hopefully that gives you a bit of comfort.

But I would personally love to check this for you, if you could email yap@years.com and we can take a look. It could be to do with activity, age, breed - because we consider all of these :-)

Ultimately every dog is unique and if we need to tweak the guidelines, we can do this with you :-)

Lastly THANK YOU so much for being part of the Years family :-)

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Mark Antrobus 20 days ago

Just had my first order and overall very impressed! My dog loves it! I’ve been feeding raw complete since I got my pup 2 years ago and whilst he’s thrived I’ve been concerned re rock hard white poop and the transit risks of feeding a raw diet. Immediately the white poop has vanished and his excitement levels at mealtime have gone through the roof! Only downside at the moment is the variety of proteins available and their delivery partner .,,, just showed up rather than giving a time slot as to when your delivery was arriving like DPD do.

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Years team Mark Antrobus 14 days ago

Mark thank you so MUCH for the feedback! And so happy your liking it and your dog too :-)

Means the world to me and the team.

You will be able to choose DPD on future orders from Monday next week - just adding them as an option for you :-)

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Years team Mark Antrobus 9 days ago

DPD is now live.

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Years team Years team 9 days ago

You now have the choice in your account area to choose DPD or EVRI :-)

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Years team 20 days ago

Hi Mopsy,

Great question :-)

You will receive a bigger pack size than 400g. You feed your dog the number of sections required from that bigger pack size on the first day, and then pop in the fridge and feed the remainder the next day :-) We provide Stay Fresh lids for when it is in the fridge too :-)

Hope that helps - you can also email us yap@years.com if you need anything :-)

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Mopsy 22 days ago

Having given you my dog’s details you say she will need 420g a day. Will the food be packaged as 420g, or will I need to feed her the normal 400g size plus a tiny bit from another pack - which could get extremely fiddly.

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Years team Mopsy 16 days ago

Hi Mopsy,

Great question :-)

You will receive a bigger pack size than 400g. You feed your dog the number of sections required from that bigger pack size on the first day, and then pop in the fridge and feed the remainder the next day :-) We provide Stay Fresh lids for when it is in the fridge too :-)

Hope that helps - you can also email us yap@years.com if you need anything :-)

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Claire and Luna one month ago

My chihuahua absolutely loves this food, clean bowls every day! Just a couple of comments, I like the new portion size packaging however I think the lid is quite tricky to fit on, also on the website could the log in be at the top of the page as there's a lot of scrolling right down to find it. An app would be really useful just to make it a little more user friendly

Thanks, Claire and Luna ❤️ xx

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Years team Claire and Luna 27 days ago

Claire and Luna big thank you for taking the time to feedback on here - makes us SO SO HAPPY!!!

The lid is a pain in the bum, and lid 2.0 is due hopefully by December and will be sent to all subscribers free of charge :-) Thanks for your patience with that.

Based on your feedback we have now added the log in button to the top of the site and top on mobile too :-)

APP = hopefully! Definitely want to do this, but no current date on this one yet.

Thanks again Claire & Luna - Darren Years.com :-)

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Jade2 Years team 26 days ago

Omg I've just realised that's a lid you sent in our trial pack haha! I've been using it as a mat for the bowls 😂

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Stephen one month ago

My dog is a cross between a border terrier and a cocker spaniel, a rare but stunning cross, would I put down border or cocker on my profile?

I also read as you get more well known you’ll try to lower the price, everything seems to go up and this is already over my limit but for the dog I’ll do anything

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Years team Stephen one month ago

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for considering Years, it makes me happy! :-)

You can put mixed or lead with Border Collie would be my suggestion. We are adding functionality which allows you to add 2 breeds (e.g tell us the mix).

Yep we certainly hope to bring the costs down, we are very small at the moment (but growing quick!) and with that comes economies of scale and we aim to pass these savings on - why? Because our vision is to help more dogs live longer, healthier, happier lives.

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Years team Stephen one month ago

You can email us with any other questions - yap@years.com :-)

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wag wan one month ago

Started this 3 weeks ago and doggo loves it. Can I ask is the stool size supposed to increase? Our dogs stool is absolutely mahoosive now, when it used to be tiny before

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Years team wag wan one month ago

Hi Wag Wan,

It sounds like your dogs gut microbiome is working well now and fibre levels are good! :-) Hope doggo is loving it, the poos will get smaller over time too once fully used to the new food and Superfood Supplement.

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Penny Harris one month ago

Just in the middle of transition week and Lana is loving it so far she has been recommended 420g but presently has 500g of fresh from frozen so similar type of food.

My query is what tray sizes do they come in i have seen 400g so do i have this in my box or 500g to be sure so use 2 over 4 days.

Thanks in advance

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Years team Penny Harris one month ago

Hi Penny,

If you pop an email to yap@years.com then the team can look at this for you and report back.

Our meals are very nutritionally dense using wholefood ingredients rather than processed mince/meats :-)

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Jellynelly one month ago

Hi I've just ordered my 7 day trial and have subscribed for every 4 weeks but how do I pick the food

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Years team Jellynelly one month ago

Hi :-)

You can login to your account area (from footer) and in there you can choose from any of our meals :-) Your first trial order, if you have not selected by the time we dispatch, we usually select the most popular for you :-)

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Richard Shah 2 months ago

Giving this a 7-day trial, although not sure if I should be transitioning (dog and never been sensitive and has consistentl good stools, just very fussy). Will also be trying this for with and without freeze-dried raw mixed in as my dog seems to really like his and I want him to have something harder to crunch on for his teeth and for texture.

I think the breed selection is a bit lacking though. It offers some mixed breeds but not all (understandable but random), and you can only choose one option. So had to settle for "mixed", even though I know mine is a corgi-pomeranian and there are many mixed dogs that are totally different!

Would it be an option at some point to specify more than one breed? That would surely land a more personalised response than simply "here's a bit of everything because your dogs mixed"?

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Years team Richard Shah 2 months ago

Morning Richard :-)

I would always suggest you transition, this will ensure your dog gets used to eating fresh :-)

We will add corgi-pomeranian and I love your idea of being able to add what breeds your dog is mixed with - this is definitely going on the road map.

Really appreciate your feedback - we will act on this!

Hope your lovely dog enjoys Years and if you have any questions ping us a message yap@years.com :-)

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UN1992 2 months ago

I have tried close to a dozen different foods ranging to Different Dog, Butternut Box to Innocent Hound, and my dog would as always turn his nose up at it.

I’ve switched him to Years and finally found a dog food he will eat, and he even licks the bowl clean.

For me personally, I love not having to sacrifice freezer space for dog food.

The only suggestion I have, is that it would be great if Years offered treats/chews similar to Butternut Box, so I can get everything I need in one place.

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Years team UN1992 2 months ago

Thank you! Thank you!! This is amazing and means so much to us - thank you so much for leaving the comments.

In terms of your suggestion, I have good news - by the end of the month we are hoping to launch 7 new treats on site :-) There being produced now and if tech is ready they will be launched by month end.

Again THANK YOU - we really do live and die by our customers and their dogs feedback.

If you need anything ping us an email yap@years.com

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VickyC 2 months ago

My dog does like this food - I'd even go as far as to say he loves it as he wolfs it down, but sadly, it does not fill him up and I have to top up his daily food with other brands. It shows a decent amount of food and carbs on the ingredients, but the carbs are (I think) quinoa and just not substantial enough for him. I don't think we'll continue because the cost is too high once you consider the tops ups

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Years team VickyC 2 months ago

So happy he likes < no LOVES Years :-) It is unusual for a dog not to be full up on Years but let's try and sort this. Can I send you some of our new Pork Shoulder & Apple Stew and Salmon & Pollock meals to try? They are higher in calories so might do the trick :-)

Ping me an email darren@years.com and I will take a look at your account also, to make sure everything is calculating right.

Lastly - THANK YOU!!! Years is new and we are learning every day, your support is very much appreciated.

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Jojo1 2 months ago

It’s a very good food and my raw feeders (13) have this twice a week. We also give it to some of our boarders. I hate the subscription service though, so we have to guess what we will get by making up two dogs! Also their website does not enable people to see what meals they provide unless pretending to enter into the subscription service. This has put a few people off. I understand the economic principle of doing iso but a similar food, Different Dog does give you the alternative choice of picking what and when you want. Only one dog turned this down ( a known fussy feeder) but there have been zero gut issues with feeding it from young ones to a 15 year old. It’s good and practical, not overly expensive for what it is and the dogs keep good weight on it.

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Years team Jojo1 2 months ago

Jo Jo thank you so much for trying Years - it is brilliant to get feedback, and we will continue to take it onboard and improve! :-)

We are only 5 months old, so lot's still to do - including your suggestions:

-> Placing one off orders is something we are setting up, a few months away but it will be possible. It is a little more complicated than it sounds because every order is personalised so we need the survey information to prepare the Complete Nutrition System.

-> Our site does allow you to see the meals we have on here: https://www.years.com/pages/meals-page with the new Salmon & Pollock Cauliflower Bake and Pork Shoulder meal just added :-) We are also adding a pricing page which will give you the information on pricing per pack size prior to doing the survey.

Please keep any more feedback coming.

Not sure if you noticed but we JUST enhanced our recipes with the help of our very own fine dining, ex luxury Yacht Head Chef Luke Alkemade working in collaboration with Mike Davies, RVCS specialist in Veterinary Clinical Nutrition - adding offal and a range of botanicals :-)

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Jojo1 Years team 2 months ago

It certainly goes down extremely well with the dogs and no additional carbs are needed which some very active dogs do need with raw food.

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Jojo1 Years team 2 months ago

I should add that experienced dog owners wouldn’t need you to tailor the food for them so would be quite OK buying your food and supplements from your online shop.😊.

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Years team Jojo1 2 months ago

Another great point, give us a little time and this will definitely be available. Every day we are listening to the feedback and changing - after all you know better we do most of the time :-)

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Patckr Jojo1 one month ago

I agree with all Jojo1's comments. I have placed an order for a trial but I really like to see what my options are from what is on offer and what the full price is without being tied into a subscription service.

Surely it is possible to keep a record of 'personalised' food preps / requirements and then make them up when orders come in?

I've stopped ordering from another (also very good supplier) just because of this restriction.

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Kate Lettie 3 months ago

My trial box arrived & looking forwards to starting my Boston terriers on it after being recommended by a friend. I used to feed kibble but have realised how important fresh food & nutrition is lately for our dogs in order to help them live long, healthy lives. Looking forwards to the new recipes coming out too :)

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Years team Kate Lettie 3 months ago

Hi Kate,

Thank you! Your support is very much appreciated - can't wait to hear how your dog is doing after a few months with us :-) The new recipes are on course to land this week, 1st September, exciting times ahead!

:-) Thanks again for sharing. Really does help a small company like us grow.

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Fern123 3 months ago

I've been feeding Years to my rescue bichon cross for almost 2 months. He loves it, but he's a real foodie and loves everything I give him. Initially I tried Forthglade, Lily's Kitchen and Edgard Cooper's, but he got a terrible stomach upset, and only settled when I fed him gently cooked mince meat, and nothing else. But I thought that long term that kind of diet would be lacking important nutrients, so I was looking for something as close to home made food as possible. I gave Years a try and it's been going well, no tummy issues. The Years portions seem a bit small, but I also give him minimally processed treats like dried meat, fried liver, a bit of fruit and veg, and the like. He was underweight when I got him, and he has put on weight (I weigh him every week) and has tons of energy, so clearly he's getting enough food.

So far, Years seems to be the second best after home made.

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Years team Fern123 3 months ago

Thanks Fern - really appreciate your great feedback!

Year is nutritionally incredibly dense, hence the portion sizes can be smaller than other ways of feeding but the nutrition and calories are definitely there (algorithm is all Board Certified Nutritionist approved).

Our meals improve even further from 1st of September (52% less packaging and 60% less cooking times) which means they retain even more nutrition :-)

Any questions please email us yap@years.com and welcome to the Years squad! :-)

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Fern123 Years team 3 months ago

Hi Years, it's lovely to hear you're looking for ways to improve, even though you're already doing a great job 🙂 I spent a lot of time on this and other websites trying to solve the mystery of nutrition for my poorly pup. I am happy to have found you, and I wish you every success.

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Years team Fern123 3 months ago

Thank you so much! Look out for announcements on the 1st of September. The meals are moving up a LEVEL! :-)

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Tom R 3 months ago

Hi, how come the rating has gone from 97 - 94% but the website is still showing it as 97%? What's the reason for the rating being lowered?

Also, I've entered our dogs details into Years' website and it's come out with him needing 665 calories and a 400g per day serving. I'm comparing this with Different Dog and Butternut Box as we're looking to switch from Orijen.

Different Dog have him needing 840 calories and 500g per day.

Butternut Box says he needs 694 calories and 500g per day.

How come these figures are so different between each company? We've fed our dog on Butternut Box in the past however we switched as he was always so so hungry and scavenging a lot, we didn't feel it was filling him. He is a greedy Cocker Spaniel though. I'm concerned if we switch we'll be back in the same position with him seeming constantly hungry.


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Fern123 Tom R 3 months ago

I have a hungry dog too. I'm still learning about feeding him, because my previous dog was very fussy, and he always had his dry food in a bowl, so I knew when he was really hungry (would start eating the kibble) or when he was just hunting for treats. But my current dog will eat anything and everything he gets, or finds, or steals 😆

I'm feeding him Years plus treats. He was underweight when I got him, and he has put on weight since, so I know for sure he's getting enough food.

He gets Years morning and evening, and I noticed that if I give him a lick mat midday, rather than something he would consume in seconds, he seems more satisfied. On the mat I give him a bit of plain yoghurt or cream (he's crazy about clotted cream), a bit of peanut butter, some crunchy treats, a couple of pieces of liver or other real meat, a couple of prawns, sometimes a few bites of an apple or carrot - it's not always the same foods, but I always try to give him a variety of flavours and textures. It takes him a while to finish, especially the licky parts.

I know we got used to believing that dogs are okay with monotonous food, and perhaps some dogs are, like the picky eaters. But I can't help thinking that eating is a source of joy and entertainment for dogs, possibly even more than for humans, so giving them some variety of really tasty bites could potentially benefit them psychologically, not just in terms of nutrition.

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Years team Tom R 3 months ago

Great questions and I will do my best to answer for you - but if I miss anything or you want to know more than email yap@years.com and the team will get back to you or arrange a call :-)

- Rating. AADF updated all their ratings and our 94% rating for our adult meals is the highest fresh food rating of all brands and our 95% rating on the Puppy Range is the best for any puppy range. There isn't a brand with 97% on AADF now. Our website is being updated this week.

Found this article which might help: https://www.innerwolf.co.uk/blog/allaboutdogfoodcouk-updates-rating-algorithm-lets-take-a-closer-look-at-the-changes/

- In terms of the algorithm which calculates the calorie requirements, all I can tell you is our algorithm was put together with a Board Certified Nutritionist and all our meals are in a right calorie range. This means we are very confident in how our algorithm works; albeit we use AI to combine the Board Certified Nutritionist data with customer feedback. This means, in our view, our algorithm is the most accurate of any out there (but of course we would say that!)

To further emphasise that though, on the 1st of September we launch even more pack sizes and personalisation making us by far the most personalised and tailored dog food on the market.

Hope that helps :-)

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Fern123 Tom R 3 months ago

Just to add: I think the feeding guidelines are really only a rough guide. Those companies can't possibly know how much food every dog needs, because dogs have different metabolism, activity levels etc. Monitoring the weight is probably the best way to make sure that the dog is getting enough. And I personally don't worry about every single calorie, I don't believe in calorie counting for humans and I'm not going to count them for my dog.

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Years team Fern123 3 months ago

Very true Fern - spot on!

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Ruth Sallinger-Ellio 3 months ago

It's a shame the meat content isn't actually 60% as the quinoa takes up a much larger percentage after cooking. It's a bit misleading and meat content under 60% in this price range is a little disappointing.

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Years team Ruth Sallinger-Ellio 3 months ago

Hi Ruth,

The meat content is definitely 60% at a minimum in every meal and is from proper whole cuts of meat like Chicken Thigh and Steak - not processed mince/reformed meats.

I understand your point and I want to ensure you that we take the meat juices which marinate into the Quinoa (seed) into consideration when doing this calculation.

The Quinoa does dominate the appearance because of how it expands and sticks to everything, plus our fresh meats we dice small for all sizes of dogs.

There is definitely 60% at a minimum in every meal - just doesn't look like brown mush like the others!

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Ruth Sallinger-Ellio Years team 3 months ago

I completely believe that there is a 60% meat content in every meal. It's just that it's 60% before the quinoa is cooked. The dog eats the cooked food, therefore it's the cooked meal percentages that are relevant. Obviously, when it's cooked and absorbs water (or meat juices, which would not have a huge nutritional value and would not be the same as meat) the quinoa percentage would be much larger, which means the meat percentage has to be smaller. It's impossible for the ratios to be the same after cooking the quinoa. Or, if the meat content is 60% after cooking, then what is it before?

I love the idea by the way - I don't have much freezer space and would love to be able to feed my dog something that's proper food without having to buy a second freezer. It's just a shame that the meat percentage is relatively low for this price range.

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Years team Ruth Sallinger-Ellio 3 months ago

I understand your point for sure Ruth but we calculate the same way everyone else does. So if your comparing like for like on meat % then a 60% meat meal from us is the same as a 60% meat meal from someone else.

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Radish 3 months ago

Does anyone know where they source their ingredients from? I’ve seen a connection to a Namibian meat export company for one of their directors. Does anyone know if they are EU or non EU particularly on their meat?

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Years team Radish 3 months ago

Great question - all our meats are sourced from UK or Europe depending on which supplier meets our specifications at the time of purchase. We don't use MSM or "mince" but prime cuts of meat including Chicken Thigh, Forequarter Steak and Turkey Thigh.

Our new fish meal also includes the finest Salmon and Pollock - launches end of the month :-)

We specify precise fat levels required and lab tests our meals too.

Hope that answers your question but you can email us yap@years.com or post on here and we will reply in detail too.

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Radish Years team 3 months ago

Thanks! We’ll give it go!

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Dogslave 4 months ago

How long does a pack last once opened.Thanks

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Years team Dogslave 4 months ago

Can be stored into the fridge for up to 5 days safely.

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Years team Dogslave 4 months ago

If you need anything else just email us yap@years.com and team will get back to you super quick :-)

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Julie C 4 months ago

Brinkley his loving his new year's food, just loving it. He licks the bowl empty every time and sits there looking at me with eyes screaming 'can I have some more please!' 😍 It's the first time I have been able to get him to eat each day consistently since I bought him home 5 months ago! His sensitive stomach is also loads better and he is generally a happier and more energetic puppy! I am so happy and relieved, I can now enjoy my time with him rather than worrying he's not getting the nutrition he needs.

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Years team Julie C 4 months ago

Julie this makes me so happy. Thank you so much for sharing. His nutrition will be met plus some more too :-) Please share a photo of you both to yap@years.com :-)

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Honey The Hound 4 months ago

Another month,

another pouch,

I feel so fit,

I’m off the couch.

This food I’ve got,

It’s great to taste,

I eat so well,

There is no waste.

The flavours I’ve tried,

Too many to choose,

So get on board,

There’s nothing to lose.

A meal so packed ,

With everything good,

It’s serves me well,

Like good food should.

So take my advice,

And look at this site,

Ninety four percent rating,

In every big bite.

Honey and Daz.

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gydoggs Honey The Hound 4 months ago

Does Darren Wilkinson not work for Years?

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Years team gydoggs 4 months ago

He is an unpaid moderator on the Years Insiders community and his dogs eat Years - but would be fair to say he is a tad biased for sure :-)

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Rebecca Harris 4 months ago

Well after almost 10 weeks of having my Shetland Sheepdog on YEARS, I noticed he lacked energy (which is not like him at all), and his coat was duller. I actually took him to the vet to make sure he was ok. Because he does have some lumps which I was told by the vet after biopsy in October were fine, nothing to worry about. But his lack of energy worried me so I took him to another vet for a second opinion and paid for another biopsy on lumps on his chest. Still absolutely fine. And giving a full bill of health.

I switched him back to Naturo over space of a week and within a short time his coat all shiny again and he is back to having lots of energy, and really enjoying his breakfast and dinner.

Another problem with YEAR... It's supposed to be once open use within 48 hours stored in the fridge. But I notice a marked degradation in appearance and texture within less than 10 hours.

All in all, seeing my Sheltie actually likes it a lot less, makes his coat dull and has a negative impact on his energy levels, I am canceling my YEARS subscription.

Naturo all the way for Barnaby. Glad to have my bouncy boy back!

It shows even with ratings, it's good to explore what actually works in reaility for your dog. Because what might seem better on paper might actually not be.

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Years team Rebecca Harris 4 months ago

Hi Rebecca,

Thank you so much for trying Years and sharing your experience - it will help us. One of the team will drop you a message to chat further if you have a bit of free time to do so? It is so important we listen to not just the good but also the not so :-)

You are right that every dog is different and although thousands love Years and our rating is good - it didn't work out this time for Barnaby. Team will be in touch shortly and THANK YOU again for your feedback.

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Jenny Di Felice 4 months ago

Hi. Can unopened trays of Years dog food be frozen please?

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Years team Jenny Di Felice 4 months ago

It can be yes - but it can also be stored in the cupboard until the use by date on the pack :-) Doesn't require a freezer or fridge if unopened :-)

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Debbie C 4 months ago

After doing lots of research on dog foods, I'm now transitioning my 2 greyhounds over to Years. It couldn't be easier, no upset tummies at all. Although I am following the transition instructions closely. My hounds literally love it, although they are not fussy eaters. I love the fact I didn't have to go out and buy a freezer to store unopened packs. The Years website is also easy to navigate and control my subscription, delivery days, meal selections etc. I look forward to giving my dogs excellent nutrition that they seem enjoy very much, for many more "Years" to come.

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Years team Debbie C 4 months ago

Debbie thank you so much for the amazing feedback. We are incredibly happy to be feeding your dogs. I have good news for you too - 2 new recipes will launch very soon and an even better account area :-)

Need anything - just email us yap@years.com

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Suzanne Benjamin 4 months ago

First-class! I have recommended this to many of

my friends, and they all agree.

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Years team Suzanne Benjamin 4 months ago

Thank you so much for sharing - so happy we get to feed your dog and your friends :-) New meals coming very soon too.

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Ivan Tsonev 5 months ago


We got our puppy three months ago, she is a cockatoo. We looked at Ava Cockapoo food for her and she was okay with this food for 3 months but we noticed recently she is not eating the whole bowl, she is leaving some. Could you please recommend us a high quality food which will be beneficial for her. We looked at your tiktok for Year's food, but not sure.

Thank you very much in advance.

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Years team Ivan Tsonev 5 months ago

Hi Ivan,

We do have a dedicated puppy range, which includes ingredients just for puppies to help them grow and thrive at Years. If she is leaving some, that is probably due to here being full/not needing the extra amount unless she is underweight it isn't a concern. Get in touch yap@years.com and the team can discuss with you - also got two new meals coming out very soon.

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Mozz1975 5 months ago

I have literally tried every top end dog food on the market ( well my dog has lol).

Won't touch raw, hated butternut box, likes poppys picnic cookable, but difficult to travel with that food, occasionally will eat kibbles like eden, akela and millies. He will go a couple of days refusing food. I've been searching for a food lord fussy pants will eat consistently and enjoy and which travels well on camping trips. Fingers crossed I've found it as so far he barks to get me to feed him his years menue. Long may it last 😆

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Years team Mozz1975 5 months ago


We are very happy to be feeding lord fussy pants!! :-) Thank you so much for letting us know - makes us very happy indeed.

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Beth Scott 5 months ago

We have one of the fussiest dogs on the planet. She will NOT eat anything processed and will ignore food she deems unsuitable and just not eat including all biscuits. I was cooking chicken, pasta, vegetables etc every day to get her to eat. Her favourite treats are raw red pepper, cherry tomatoes and carrot. Not your average canine. I'm so relieved to have found Years dog food. Admittedly I still have to add some fresh veg to tempt her in for the crunch but she's eating it 90% of the time. The staff are extremely helpful and, apart from the courier (Evri), I've had no problems at all. Can't wait for the new flavours too!

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Years team Beth Scott 5 months ago

Beth that is amazing news - thank you so much for sharing this with us. An Home Cooked dog is the hardest to convert so I am glad she is happy :-) Must be super, super healthy too not eating anything processed - I wish my diet was so good!

Thanks for sharing this review and for spreading the word. It means so much.

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JUNEPB 5 months ago

Do the meal trays travel for 4 days without being refrigerated please

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Years team JUNEPB 5 months ago

Yes! All our meals are Steam Fresh, which means they can be stored at room temperature for up to 3 months. Fresh meals gently cooked on average at just 78 degrees but with the convenience of being able to be stored in your cupboard :-)

You can try a 7 day trial from just £3 here: https://www.years.com/pages/trial-box

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Daz M 5 months ago

My little chihuahua is the fussiest eater you will find turns his nose up to most dog foods including butternut box, as soon as I put Years down the bowl is liked clean. Was a really easy process to transition him onto the food no upset tummy’s, best food there is for dogs.

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Years team Daz M 5 months ago

Daz this is brilliant news - so glad we got the opportunity to feed him :-) Great review and thank you so much for sharing :-) If we can do anything more for you ping us an email yap@years.com

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LindaMa 5 months ago

I would like to try a container of your food just to see if my fussy springer spaniel will eat it. He is 13 years old, still active but less so and 24kg. I will pay for just the trial container to begin with. Thank you LindaMa

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Years team LindaMa 5 months ago

That is brilliant news - simply go to https://www.years.com/pages/trial-box and try for 7 days from just £3 :-) Let us know please.

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JulieB 6 months ago

We started feeding our labradoodle of 14kg Suky this food 3 weeks ago. She is VERY fussy but this is a game changer. She absolutely loves her food clean bowl every day and stools are firm and as good as on raw. We have tried all kibbles and all raw but Suky was never good and the fussiest dog ever. She loves this good and highly recommend. Happy pooch Happy pawparents!!!

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Years team JulieB 5 months ago

Julie this makes us SO HAPPY!

Thank you for sharing. So glad Sulky is enjoying the food and thank you for spreading the word. It means so much to a small, new company like us :-) THANK YOU!!!

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ChrisP 6 months ago

Either Years have given AADF false information, or AADF have made an error in calculation. This page says that it would cost £1.36 per day to feed Years to my 7kg, 9-year-old Lhasa Apso. But when I went to the Years website, I was quoted £39.90 for a 14-day box - £2.85 per day - twice the price! That £2.85 per day is for a 200g tray, so Years would cost me £1.43 per 100g. For comparison, a typical Amazon or Morrison's 400g ready meal for me costs between £3.00 to £4.50 - £0.75 to £1.12 per 100g. Do Years seriously expect people to pay twice as much for a doggy ready meal as for a human ready meal?

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Fiona N ChrisP 6 months ago

I have found the same. AADF estimate £1.36 for 185g a day but when I actually go on the website it's £2.85 a day for 200g. My dog is 2 years old and weighs 7kg.

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Years team Fiona N 5 months ago

Hi Fiona,

Really appreciate the feedback.

We don't have control over the AADF calculator and how it works.

It is factually accurate:

- You can buy 400g meal pack sizes for £2.90 on Years

- You can buy 1kg from under £6 per KG

But if your dog requires less, E.G 200g pack sizes then the costs per 200g pack size is different to that of a 400g pack size. This is simply due to the economics of producing meals, the bigger the pack size the more savings we can pass onto the customer.

The best way to get an accurate price is: https://www.years.com/pages/survey

Some ways you could try to make Years work for you:

-> Feed 50% of Years a day mixed with kibble (studies show this is still beneficial)

-> Order in bigger volumes through Years (we discount based on bigger orders because there are less courier costs etc)

-> Order bigger pack sizes and serve the order size you feel works for your dog. This is less personalised but will help you with cost.

Hope that helps and big thank you for taking a look at Years :-)

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Years team ChrisP 5 months ago

Hi Chris!

Really appreciate the feedback.

We don't have control over the AADF calculator and how it works.

It is factually accurate:

- You can buy 400g meal pack sizes for £2.90 on Years

- You can buy 1kg from under £6 per KG

But if your dog requires less, E.G 200g pack sizes then the costs per 200g pack size is different to that of a 400g pack size. This is simply due to the economics of producing meals, the bigger the pack size the more savings we can pass onto the customer.

The best way to get an accurate price is: https://www.years.com/pages/survey

Some ways you could try to make Years work for you:

-> Feed 50% of Years a day mixed with kibble (studies show this is still beneficial)

-> Order in bigger volumes through Years (we discount based on bigger orders because there are less courier costs etc)

-> Order bigger pack sizes and serve the order size you feel works for your dog. This is less personalised but will help you with cost.

Hope that helps and big thank you for taking a look at Years :-)

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Jojo1 ChrisP 2 months ago

You get what you pay for in the quality of the ingredients and the way they are processed although some foods like Royal Canin are expensive considering to poor ingredients. I have found that you don’t need as much of Years food as raw to keep condition on although I do feed mainly raw. I tried out feeding four dogs only on Years for a month and they needed 50 gms less a day than raw.

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Georgiana Hasca 6 months ago

There is barely any meat in this. All I can see in the food is quinoa , cranberries and extremely small morsels of meat. As a result my dog won’t eat it…. And I paid 140 for the pack.

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Years team Georgiana Hasca 6 months ago

Morning Georgina,

Every meal is 60% prime muscle meats - full ingredient information is shown on here prior to purchase: https://www.years.com/pages/meals-page

The meat is diced to around 15mm to make it easy for all size of dogs to eat it, but like mentioned every pack contains a minimum of 60% prime meat (no mechanically separated meats or cheap meats). Adding more meat is cheaper for us than adding more superfoods, cranberries etc but we are guided by what we believe will give your dog longevity, better health etc and our Board Certified Nutritionist.

Quinoa is roughly around 5% but because it is light and fluffy and sucks up the meat juices it does coat the meat.

Feel free to email us yap@years.com and we would be happy to receive your feedback and discuss further. Our meat content is the same or higher than other fresh food producers.

What % would you like to see? Let us know!

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Suzanne Benjamin Georgiana Hasca 4 months ago

I find this to be an odd comment. It is clearly high in meat content. Far better ingredients than Butternut Box. I actually have tasted it. It's delicious!

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gydoggs Suzanne Benjamin 4 months ago

Susanna Benjamin aka Darren Wilkinson lol

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Sarah Jane Spice 6 months ago

Your company has taken a whopping 176 quid from my account today absolute piss take i only ask for a trial please refund me immediately today, why is there no telephone number?????

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Years team Sarah Jane Spice 6 months ago

Hi Sarah,

I am sure the team have replied to you if you emailed yap@years.com and no doubt have already refunded you. In terms of the 7 day trial, this gives you the opportunity to try Years for a 7 day transition trial and then your dog receives their ongoing delivery (which you select at checkout) so they don't run out!

This is detailed in 8 different places during the sign up process - notably:

-> The landing page: https://www.years.com/pages/trial-box

-> The 7 day trial selection page it states:

You will automatically receive your next delivery after 7 days so Peter doesn’t run out. You can amend, pause or cancel future deliveries with just one click in your account.

-> At the checkout page you can't proceed without ticking a box which states:

I understand I will automatically be billed and receive my next delivery when my first order is due to run out. I can amend, pause, edit or cancel future deliveries with just one click in my account or email yap@years.com. Complete flexibility.

-> In the delivery you receive a letter which states above

-> There are also email communications but sometimes of course these could get stuck in spam filters.

We don't want ANYONE to feel like they wasn't aware that the trial proceeds to regular deliveries so sorry you feel this way. Once you transition a dog, you want to stay on that food (if they liked it) and not switch between foods because this can cause upset tummies - hence it is setup this way.

To be clear at any point before dispatch you could and can edit your delivery dates, cancel, edit meals or change frequencies :-)

Hope that explains but we are available at yap@years.com and yes a telephone number will come soon just increasing the team (we are only a few months old!) :-)

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Gabie Azzopardi 6 months ago

Years, how do you calculate the dogs daily calorie intake. seems questionable to me. According to the calculator on this website, my dog should intake around 638 calories but you've decided that my dog needs 430 calories. Butternut box determined the ideal calories is 540 with all the same criteria.

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D H Gabie Azzopardi 6 months ago

Not sure how they do it, my 21month staffy lost 2kg in 5 weeks. I got in touch and they said increase the tray sizes, then the price jumps up.I thought they'd work the correct calories out initially.

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Years team D H 6 months ago

Every dog is different and the algorithm which was created with our Board Certified Nutritionist accounts for lot's but it is just a guideline. Your feedback is being used though and all the information we receive is fed back into the algorithm - so thank you!!

We are only a few weeks old so the feedback is essential.

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Zinna Gabie Azzopardi 6 months ago

Agreed. When I put my dog as weighing 4.6kg it said she needs 80g a day. If I put her as 4.7kg she needs 160g a day? (And £10 more expensive). Makes no sense. I think they are trying to fit it to their pack sizes (so 1 pack or half a pack a day) so it’s easier to ‘portion’ out.

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Years team Zinna 6 months ago

Hi Minna,

Our website works in KG so it would either be 4kg or 5kg, we don't have decimal places. If you are unsure please email yap@years.com and we will help you.

Years is incredibly tailored and compared to the other fresh companies we have more pack sizes. That said if your dog does fall just outside of one category it can skew the algorithm slightly.

We would LOVE to chat with you and find a solution.

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Zinna Years team 6 months ago

No, I put my dogs weight as 4.7kg. Hence why I was able to find out the massive difference between the serving suggestions between 4.6kg and 4.7kg. More than happy to email you a screenshot of that.

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Years team Gabie Azzopardi 6 months ago

Thanks Gabbie - I think the team have responded to you on email but we will take a look at this and see what is happening. Thank you for letting us know - really appreciate it.

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Collie mama 6 months ago

Turkey thigh and cranberries:

My fur baby is absolutely loving this food , 🐶however I would prefer for this to have a higher meat content with not as much quinoa and potato , in my opinion that would make it perfect 👌🏻… as it’s better for dogs to have more meat 💚

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Years team Collie mama 6 months ago

Great feedback and your support is AMAZING - thank you!

Just so you know, we include quinoa is around 5% and we include because it includes all of the aminos needed :-)

Curious what you think the %'s should be between meats, veg, fruits etc? Would be useful. Thanks!

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The hairy ones mummy 6 months ago

We are new to Years but are really impressed by the quality of the food and the customer service. Our crossbreed rescue is loving the food. It looks and smells good. Very appealing googly eyes from our doggie at meal times - it really is rewarding to know he is getting a nutritional, balanced meal. Good to feed him fresh food, and no freezer space required. We Highly recommend.

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Years team The hairy ones mummy 6 months ago

Love your name on here :-) So happy that your crossbreed is enjoying the food, and thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review. It really does help and allows us to invest in making the meals better and better. More varieties are coming soon for the hairy one - including fish and pork :-) THANKS AGAIN!!

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WendL 6 months ago

Having tried several different foods for our Dalmatian, from dry to fresh frozen, and him either having upset tummy, rash or just not seeming to like it, we have now found this food, he loves it! He seems so much better on it. Plus it is convenient as can be kept out of the fridge until opened.

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Years team WendL 6 months ago

Wendy this is amazing to hear - thank you for sharing. Glad you like the fact it can be stored in a cupboard until opening - took a long time for us to perfect that and still use a gentle cooking process :-) If you need anything in the future just pop us an email to yap@years.com :-) THANK YOU!!

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Serga Collett 6 months ago

Hi, I am very impressed with the sound of this dog food, whilst not a nutrition specialist, it sounds to me a really balanced diet. I would be very interested in trialling it but would like to know a) how is it packaged, I try and avoid plastic trays due to the environmental impact and b) I am concerned that all parts are British sourced. I am keen to keep travel miles of what I purchase to a minimum and as I see your HQ is in Nottingham (I am in Cambridge), this seems a good option. I have two cockapoos who have been fed on Natures Menu (due to its lightly steamed process and its proximity with its factory in Norwich) However I was really disappointed when there was a recent shortage, that this was due to a supply problem of their packaging which they were obtaining from Munich in Germany!). Congrats on producing what looks like a great food. Looking forward to your answers.

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Years team Serga Collett 6 months ago

Hi Serga,

Great questions so let's get straight to them :-)

a) We package in recyclable plastic trays, which are also made from recycled plastic - made in Huntingdon UK. We have new packaging coming in 2 months which will also reduce the overall amount of plastic we use.

b) We are based in Nottingham :-) Many of our ingredients are sourced using local companies.

Within the next 3-6 months our production will also be powered by Solar Panels.

Hope that helps. You can try a 7 day trial of Years at: https://www.years.com/pages/trial-box

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Cait ONeill Years team 4 months ago

Just wanted you to know that I had decided NOT to go with your company after the trial only because of the amount of plastic you use. So I’m glad to hear this news!

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Years team Cait ONeill 4 months ago

Totally understand this - the new packaging reduces this by over 66%. Look out for the launch! :-)

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Leah Fellows 6 months ago

I’ve been following Years’ Facebook page for about 4 months now and ordered a trial box. The food smells lovely - can really smell the meat in it and visually nice to look at too. I am very impressed and at the size of the trays too; a lot bigger than I thought. I think I will be ordering in the future ! We have quite a bit of other food at the moment but Years is definitely something I am going to be looking at. I am all for feeding good quality. Lovely packaging too 🥰. 5 stars all round ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. Well done Years team !

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Years team Leah Fellows 6 months ago

Leah your review makes us so happy - it really does - thank you.

This is just the start, keep your eyes open for even more meals and even better packaging :-) THANK YOU!!!

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Paul Carter 7 months ago

My GSP is loving YEARS dog food - always a clean bowl after meal times .

Finn is really enjoying the selections and doing well on the food- it smells and looks great too!

Friendly customer services and great chat group on Facebook :)

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Years team Paul Carter 7 months ago

Paul thank you for sharing - really makes a difference to a new company like us. I am so glad your dog is enjoying it! Glad your enjoying the group too :-)

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Caroline Cross 7 months ago

My 5 year old large crossbreed loved this food. I find the young company Years very professional and engaging with their customers. It’s not the cheapest, but I believe that’s because it’s the best that we’ve tried, We have only tried beef and chicken so far, but clean bowl and even tray.

Would definitely recommend you try it if you have a fussy pooch, or even if you don’t! Well done Years

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Years team Caroline Cross 7 months ago

Caroline thank you for sharing this wonderful review :-) Like you said we are a young company and this is just the start, over the next few months hopefully we improve even further and give your pooch even more variety in their diet :-)

Thanks again for such a great review.

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Amanda 7 months ago

Where do I start? I have a cockerpoo, 13 months old! In the ten months I’ve had her I have been through every dog/ puppy food known to man! Some she ate a mouthful of some she wouldn’t even go near, including raw , different dog and better it box! All great food! Tried 15 kibbles! Spent most of my wages on the food! In the end I gave up starting cooking my own! She ate that but I work full time have a family and couldn’t sustain or afford to keep doing it. So I saw years and thought I’d give it one last try !!! She bloody loves it!!! Clean bowl every time!!!! I’m so happy, she’s so happy! The rest of the family are so happy!! Thank you years for making this lovely healthy food!! Looks good enough to eat myself!

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Years team Amanda 7 months ago

Wow. Wow. Wow! So happy we could be of help and thank you for spreading the word. Very much appreciate you posting this :-) Thank you!

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sha 7 months ago

My little dog is a night mare when it comes to dog food ,he will not eat any ,I have tried different dog ,he would sniff and walk away, I came across years food and it sounded brilliant so I gave it ago ,I am really pleased, he actually eats the range they prepared for him including the super food powder, his coat is looking healthier,and his poo is now normal,he was itching so much ,I tried various medicine but nothing worked it was all due to his food because since he has been on years food 2 weeks,he has hardly scratched a massive relief, years food looks tasty and smells like normal food,I am so pleased with results I will be carrying on using it

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Years team sha 7 months ago

Not exaggerating this made us very emotional. Thank you so much for sharing, we are trying every day to get better and better and this makes it worth it. THANK YOU.

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Beccy99 7 months ago

My dogs have been eating this for a few days and love it which is great however it is super expensive i have 2 toy breeds one is 3kg the other 1.7kg to feed them on this would cost me £120 every two months or £80 every 4 weeks which is far too expensive i pay around £50 every 1and a half months sometimes it can last 2 months and there current food is mcadams kibble and the other eats mcadams freeze dried (which i highly recommend) another issue i do have with this dog food is there misleading photos like the one on here it shows the food is quite bright and yellow in colour in reality it is not its brown very similar to different dog it has lots of veg and stuff in it but it does not match the photos at all. I like the fact it can be re heated it doesnt smell great i dont think this is the worlds best dog food. I may purchase again in the future as a food topper for my two dogs which is how im using it now one thing i really did like is the supplement that comes with it.

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Years team Beccy99 7 months ago

Great feedback - thank you Beccy :-)

We fully appreciate that everybody will have different budgets for this dog and we are only a few months old but the idea will be for us to bring down the price (without changing quality) when we grow. Thank you so much for your support so far.

You know this already but for the benefit of others reading, unlike other dog foods you mention, our price includes fresh wholefood meals with prime cuts of meat like Chicken Thigh and Steak plus Superfood Supplement (with ingredients designed for your dog) and of course prebiotics and probiotics.

Thanks for the feedback on the colour of the meals, your point is taken onboard. Version 2 of our meals launch soon and they are incredibly colourful too :-)

If you have any feedback on the ingredients which you think don't make us the worlds best dog food - which is our aim, then please let us know at yap@years.com. We want to improve, this is the start of the journey and ANY ideas you have will be amazing.

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Simone 7 months ago

Anything for puppies please? Getting a cairn pup soon and comparing foods


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Years team Simone 7 months ago

Hi Simone,

Great question. We do not believe in a "one size fits all" meal that is the same for puppies and adults - they require different nutrition. Therefore our puppy meals are not quite ready yet but will be week commencing the 5th of May and they will be for puppies, designed for their specific health needs :-)

Hope that helps!

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OB Joyful 7 months ago

Hi, Can you please tell me if you use bonemeal on your dog food? Many thanks

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Years team OB Joyful 7 months ago

We do not use bone meal. We prefer premium cuts of meat like steak, chicken thigh and turkey thigh :-)

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geodoggy5 7 months ago

I was curious about this food as I have a background in food manufacturing/importing and import a lot of shelf-stable meals for convenience stores (such as the Polish brand 'so food' or Rustlers). These foods are, understandably, not considered 'fresh' or 'nutritious' but simply pose an option for rushed commuters who need a quick meal without the time to make fresh food. The reality here is that this food is not 'fresh' and should not be labelled as such, as it can be stored on the shelf and therefore is more akin to a wet dog food. That is not to say that the food is to be shunned, but there is a legitimate concern for the responsibility of AADF and the advertising of Years to be misrepresenting this food as 'fresh' when anyone with a background in manufacturing knows the difference.

I also find the Years comparison on their website, comparing their food to Butternut and Different dog (amongst others) to be incredibly distasteful and verging on a marketing misrepresentation of information which could open them up to being sued. If you go on their website you'll see pictures of competitors' food which is presented in such a way as to look unappealing compared to Years - does Years seriously think Different Dog looks like bad dog food? Anyone can take a picture of food in a pack and make it look less appealing, and I'm not sure Years would like it if competitors took unappealing photos of their food and put it on their website to suggest it's a bad food. The Years branding, for me, is therefore distasteful.

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Years team geodoggy5 7 months ago


Firstly thank you for taking the time comment!

If you are a customer then please provide an ORDER ID so we can take a look and call you to discuss further. If you are then you will see our meals really are, in our view, a class above any other product on the market. Plus of course you get the Supplement, prebiotics and probiotics too!

I think you probably are not so below is an answer to your points :-)

1.) We Steam Fresh cook our meals which means we cook at temperatures same/similar to all the "Fresh" providers on the market. We also only use wholefoods and proper cuts of meat which are minimally processed which in our view is a step up on the other fresh providers.

A apple is fresh, a banana is fresh which are both stored at an ambient temperature and can be for a period of time without "going off". Many people wouldn't consider a frozen product to be fresh, but the "fresh" companies including Different Dog that you mention are a frozen product.

We follow the principles of the Dr Gerrard Lippert study and provide fresh, wholefood ingredients, that are minimally processed using a Steam Fresh process which is unique to us.

The important point here is no rubbish, no preservatives, just wholefood ingredients providing the maximum possible nutrition - which surely is the most important point for your dog? Rather than whether it is stored in a freezer, fridge or cupboard?

However you should note the following:

-> The product can be stored in a cupboard for up to 3 months, not indefinitely or years like the products you refer to.

-> Once opened the product must be stored in a fridge

Our Steam Fresh is AMAZING - giving such a benefit rather than having to defrost etc but it isn't magic and the product will perish once opened.

Again the most important thing is NUTRITION and MINIMAL PROCESSING.

2.) AADF asked a lot of questions before deciding on the category of our product.

3.) Every photo on the product comparisons is an actual photo of the competing product. But I don't think it a surprise that brown mush looks worse than Years does - because again we use proper ingredients not "mince" or "mechanically separated meats". If you can make some of those products look better on a photo then please do and please email us yap@years.com and we will change the comparison image.

4.) We do have a comparison to competitors just like Different Dog and others do also (only referencing them because you did too) Different Dog are a brilliant company and share our vision of helping dogs to live longer. We chatted with them about the photo comparison and although it was of an actual product, not doctored in anyway, we made the decision to remove it. Why? Because like you said, it is a top product. Obviously we think ours is much better still and we offer prebiotics, probiotics and Superfood Supplement on top but we always we think that way.

I don't expect to change your mind but I hope that at least goes someway to explain.

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geodoggy5 Years team 7 months ago

Couple things here - many other companies offer supplements/probiotics. Yours is included 'free' but your food is generally at a much higher price point and therefore you are compensating for the 'free supplements'. I don't want to dwell on this point, but it certainly seems unfair that your AADF rating includes the supplements as a core part of the meal as most companies can offer supplements and who's to say most users aren't putting them on the food anyway, which seemingly improves the AADF rating. Perhaps your food needs supplements as it lacks nutrition in other areas? Who's to say.

You mention the Dr Gerrard Lippert study a lot - what precisely are the principles of the study that you are following? Nowhere in the study does it reference 'steam cooked food with a 3 month shelf life' - it only mentions (vaguely) home-cooked food. I think you'd fall at any legitimate line of questioning with relation to the use of that study in your marketing. I doubt you'll stop using it though.

Finally, I am very curious (and I smirk as I write this) that you took the photo of DD off your website. It seems that you knew you were wrong there and, again, fell at the first hurdle when they questioned you on it. When you say that 'brown mush looks worse than Years' - what 'brown mush' are you referring to specifically? Are you brave enough to name names? I have used Butternut Box (who I believe you may be referencing) on many occasions and believe it to be a great dog food - you will find many product photos on their instagram that you could use to compare it to Years honestly. I believe Years, in fact, looks like mush ladled with Quinoa to absorb the moisture when you steam cook the food.

Ultimately my issue with yourselves is your distasteful marketing and copyright alongside misrepresenting very basic and fundamental points about your food.

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Alexandra Brown 7 months ago

Hi there

I have a very, very fussy Shih Tzu and wondered if you do any trial packs. I previously bought Butternut and he wouldn't touch it so don't want to make another expensive mistake.

Many thanks


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Years team Alexandra Brown 7 months ago

Hi Alex,

We will be launching trial packs in April - just finishing the process now. The early feedback is fussy dogs are LOVING Years. Thank you so much for your interest!

You can see many happy fussy dogs right here by the way: https://www.facebook.com/groups/yearsinsiders

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Oskar 7 months ago

I’m a 3 year old GSD and my owner was insistent on feeding me raw…but I DID NOT like it…so I suggested she buy me some Years. She did and I am SO happy. I wolf it down like never before and I’m now loving life AND food. So thank you mum, and thank you Years. 🙏🏼

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Years team Oskar 7 months ago

No - thank you! So much for giving us a try, it really does make a huge difference to us. You are a super star - thank you.

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Julie Garscadden 7 months ago

After being lucky enough to get some taste tester trays my dogs Izzy and Millie absolutely loved Years! I finally placed my first subscription order yesterday.

I will admit that I ummed and ahhed for a while whether to switch to Years. It is more expensive than my dogs current food which still also gets a pretty decent rating on here.

However when I properly worked it out it really wasn't that much more expensive to purchase years compared to their current food because it isn't always on offer in the supermarkets (butcher's 150g pate trays is what they currently have at dinner time). It works out at an extra £10 a month (£5 per dog) for years compared to the normal price for the butchers. I plan on still giving Izzy and Millie their usual dry food in the morning and years in the evening. Allaboutdogfood has helped me recently find a more nutritious and actually cheaper dry dog food recently too.

The butcher's trays I get score 89% on here whereas years is 97% so a difference but not a huge huge amount compared with other brands.

However, for all my dogs devour both years and butchers, Izzy will shout (bark) at me for more of the years as she loves it so so much! She also jumps higher in the air when I'm putting years down to them. Millie loves it too but is a little more calm and relaxed although her tail does wag quicker for years!

Also, the butcher's food, to me, stinks, not overly, well sometimes very much so! Years however smells good enough I'd actually be tempted to eat it myself! I also like that with years I can see all the different ingredients rather than them being blended into a paste.

What I like about years is I know exactly what is in their food and they are tailored individually to both my dogs needs giving them the best possible nutrients.

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Years team Julie Garscadden 7 months ago

We are blown away at the response and customers like you Julie. I think your way of doing morning and afternoon food differently is a fantastic idea and we will be suggesting this to others too.

Amazing. And thank you so much for leaving a comment on All About Dog Food.

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Kirstyaj2404 7 months ago

This food is amazing it was initially bought for my frenchie willow but she shared with her fellow pups and they all woofed it down, so it’s safe to say they all loved it 😍

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Years team Kirstyaj2404 7 months ago

Kirsty you super star - thank you for sharing. Sounds like Willow had her food stolen eeeeek! :-)

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Tillydog 7 months ago

Years Dog Food stands out from other dog food companies in their commitment to providing fresh, real food for dogs. The meals are prepared in small batches, and are never frozen or preserved with artificial ingredients. This means that each dog receives a meal that is tailored to their specific needs, and is made with only the freshest ingredients.

The company offers a variety of meal options, including chicken, beef, and turkey, as well as vegetarian and grain-free options. Each meal is formulated with a balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates, and is free from fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavours.

However, it's important to note that this type of freshly cooked dog food can be more expensive than traditional kibble or canned food. Additionally, the meals must be kept refrigerated once opened and have a shorter shelf life than other types of dog food. But for dog owners who prioritize high-quality, fresh ingredients for their furry friends, tYears Dog Food is definitely worth considering

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Years team Tillydog 7 months ago

Tilly thank you for taking the time to write all that. Totally agree with you on every part. And yes it may cost a little more than kibble/some wet foods but because it is so so so much better in our view. You also get so much more like you mention.

Thanks again Tilly.

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Heaneb 7 months ago

All three of my pups (including a very choosy Japanese chin) are loving years food, they get excited about the delivery and live the taste. I'm happy as it's a complete nutrition system with superfood supplement and I don't have to worry that their diet isn't right as this is balanced and personalised to their needs. I can see the individual, wholefood ingredients and know it's doing them good

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Years team Heaneb 7 months ago

Wow! What a lovely review. Covers all our selling points so might screenshot and use for our marketing :-) Seriously though THANK YOU - your support is incredible and appreciated.

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Darren Wilkinson 7 months ago

Darren Wilkinson

just now ▾

I’ve been searching for a change of dog food,

That’s simply just unique,

Ive tried all the other brands out there,

But Years you cannot beat.

The look and the colourful texture,

Makes it such a worthy winner,

A meal so delicious and healthy,

Ideal for any dogs dinner.

A trio of tasty flavours,

Turkey,chicken and succulent beef,

It’s good for my total wellbeing,

It’s ideal for my skin and my teeth


I can use this food as a topper,

Or simply all in one meal,

But either way I eat it,

I’m certainly getting a good deal.

Ive heard there’s fruit and vegetables,

The supplements and oils are great,

So check out Years Insiders,

And see how their meals rate.

Honey and Daz.

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Years team Darren Wilkinson 7 months ago

Our first Poem review! We are delighted to be feeding Honey - thank you Daz.

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Darren Wilkinson Years team 7 months ago

And I’m delighted and grateful to be fed this wonderful food.


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Lisa68 7 months ago

My dogs are dogs that will eat or leave, but with years dog food they clean the bowl and look for more, it’s the best dog food by far from any other brands, I can even use it as a topper if I liked or as a whole food, I can warm it up for them to, it can be stored in a cupboard or in a freezer all in all I give this dog food 10000 percent on there dog food well done years about time an amazing dog food was brought out perfection

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Years team Lisa68 7 months ago

Well 10000 percent is certainly a good score - we need to petition All About to increase their rating! Really appreciate your time writing this review. What do you think to the supplement which comes within the full nutrition system?

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Lisa68 Years team 7 months ago

I love that it’s catered to your dogs needs, and for free not many company’s give anything for free, our dogs need to be supplemented, as there domestic animals so we need them to live longer

Thank you again for the amazing food and supplements, never known a food so nice

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Years team Lisa68 7 months ago

Pleasure is all ours.

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Tracy F 8 months ago

Best dog food so far. I had fussy dogs. Not any more. They absolutely love Years One even seems happier in herself and has more energy. So pleased we discovered this. Storage is great too. No freezer required.

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Years team Tracy F 7 months ago

Tracy thank you for taking the time to leave a review on here. The team are working so hard at the moment and these type of reviews make it worth it. Our goal is to help every dog live longer and to do so by creating the World's Best Dog Food. The adventure just started so thank you so much for your support! :-)

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Years team 9 months ago

Do you have any questions? Would you like to know if Years would suit your dog? Any questions just let us know :-) Years.com is tailored to your dog, including their breed/mixed breed traits and of course FRESH! :-)

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Leigh Russ Years team 8 months ago

Do you have plans for any other recipes? More non-poultry options would be good for the allergy sufferers. A fish one would be ideal. Cheers

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Years team Leigh Russ 8 months ago

Yes the next 2 meals we have coming are:

- Friday Night Fish

- Slow cooked Pork

Plus puppy recipes at the end of April.

We do also already have Steak Hotpot on the menu.

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Linda and the boys Years team 7 months ago

Yay we love your food and can’t wait for Fish 🎣

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Years team Linda and the boys 7 months ago

Thank you Linda that means so much :-) The fish recipe, is looking like the best yet :-)

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Ian Jones Years team 7 months ago

Interested on the reasoning for the slightly controversial Enterococcus Faecium additive? Any concerns for antibiotic resistance?

Also can you tell us the lipid levels of the green lipped mussel as currently using a 12% lipid version which should deliver 1500mg daily for my 20kg dog? Thanks

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Years team Ian Jones 7 months ago

Great questions.

Enterococcus faecium is a stomach bacterium that is used as a probiotic in many dog supplements including YuMove. This bacterium is normally found in the digestive systems in dogs and other animals already.

More info on this here: https://petkeen.com/enterococcus-faecium-dogs-benefits-side-effects/

And study here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12903867/

Green lipped mussel is included in some of our recipes depending on the breed and size of the dog. Our meals are tailored. This tends to be with smaller dogs so I don't think your recipe will include it but please go to www.years.com and fill in the survey to see your results.

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Ian Jones Years team 7 months ago

Thanks for the super prompt reply

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Years team Ian Jones 7 months ago

Pleasure :-)

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