What does Private label / White label mean in dog food?

White label pet foodIf you've ever thought the ingredients lists of two different brands of dog food look very similar, it might be because they are, in fact, the same food. Private label (or white label) pet foods are pre-formulated recipes that companies can order from certain factories (like GA, Cambrian and Pero) rather than formulating their own diets. They then put on their own label or packaging and retail to the public as their own brand.

Private label (sometimes also called white label) pet foods are extremely widespread, providing 'own brand' ranges for pet shops and online retailers up and down the country as well as making up at least part of some better known ranges like Europa, Lovejoys, Pawtions, Growling Tums, Pooch & Co, CSJ and many more.

It is important to note that private label foods are in no way inferior to 'normal' bespoke recipes. Just like companies that formulate their own recipes, there are both good and bad examples but the top end private label foods are certainly a match for many of the best brands in the country in terms of their quality.

In general, no recommended retail prices are provided by the factory so it is up to the individual companies to decide on their own pricing. For this reason, prices can vary enormously from company to company for exactly the same food but due to the very large volumes produced, the relatively small minimum orders, and the exclusion of the 'middle men', private label foods can present some of the best value foods on the market.


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