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Like so many commercial pet food producers, Pure claim that their foods are as close as you can get to feeding raw or home-cooking without actually going the whole hog. The difference is, Pure might actually be right.

Pure is one of only two British, dehydrated (or air-dried), complete dog foods on the market (the other being Robbies). Because dehydration avoids the harsh processing and high temperatures involved in the manufacture of most wet and dry pet foods, Pure, in theory at least, retains a lot more of its natural nutrients and is therefore a lot closer to the elusive "ancestral diet" of the dog. I say in theory because scientific evidence is sadly lacking at this stage.

Although Pure is certainly a heck of lot more convenient than home-preparing food, it does still need a tad more work than most commercial foods since it has to be re-constituted with water (3ml water for every gram of food) before being fed.

Chicken delicious contains around 45% very high quality meat, liver and egg. Although this doesn't sound very impressive, on a dry-matter basis this would actually equate to a similar meat content as you'd find in a conventional 70:30 dry or wet dog food.

Pure's one minor let-down is the slightly high percentage of potato. White potato, of course, isn't going to cause any problems but neither is it going to provide very much in the way of nutrition. In larger amounts like this we regard white potato as an unnecessary filler.

In any complete food, you want to see a good range of nutritious vegetables and fruits and although Pure's fruit and veg list isn't perhaps as extensive as it could be (carrot, parsnip, green beans, apple and cabbage), the quality is undeniable and the fact that they have been dehydrated rather than heavily processed should make them much more beneficial for your dog.

At £54.99 for 4kg, Pure does seem ridiculously expensive but once the water has been added, what you're really getting is 16kg of top notch wet food which is not a bad deal at all.

Conclusion: One of the few real, convenient alternatives to home-cooking or raw and fairly affordable to boot.

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